Home Office Products Actiontec Mi424WR Router Review: Able partner for Verizon FiOS

Actiontec Mi424WR Router Review: Able partner for Verizon FiOS


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Actiontec Mi424WR Router features

The Overview of Actiontec MI424WR

There are many friends of me who giving request of Actiontec MI424WR review to have the in-depth knowledges of this Verizon OEM’d Product.

In my review, we will see how it compares to Netgear WPNT834 and D-Link DGL4300 and DIR-655.

The board and functions of Actiontec are same with the old-style router.

The front panel with light indicators and the rear panel with 4 connectors are shown in the images below.

Actiontec Mi424WR Router specs

Actiontec Mi424WR Router login

This is a product that is supporting the MoCA networking, and I have tested and it is appear to be ECB1500 MoCA to Ethernet adapter with the test client connecting result. And the Rear panel is supporting with MoCA WAN and also the LAN connections. And all of other technology in the Actiontec MI424WR box can use with gigabit switch.

And below are the images of the 424’s boards.

The five 10/100 ports (one WAN, four LAN) are given by the Kendin (now Micrel) Ks8995. My Googling additionally uncovered that the memory size is 32 MB.

Actiontec Mi424WR Router firmware actiontec mi424wr 14


This is the Main page that is a clean and attractive design interface. This page shows the Verizon branding and Actiontec homepage link.

The My Network symbol looks blameless enough, however, in the event that you’re dauntless and tenacious with clicking on symbols; you’ll discover numerous kinds of concealed characteristics in the maze-like route structure. The Network Status page (Figure 8) shows symbols for associated customers alongside connections to things you may get a kick out of the chance to do. Anyhow clicking the Access Shared Files interfaces only hurled 404 Not Found pages.

Actiontec Mi424WR Router login


The 424 is become the one of top routers with 100 Mbps WAN connections that has down and uplink throughput of 93 and 92 Mbps respectively. The Ixchariot plot with pleasantly matched and stable throughput in both headings with 126 Mbps absolute throughput.

There is one disappointment point of the MI424WR that is P2P users.

I didn’t do any remote testing on the 424. Be that as it may I wouldn’t want marvels from its 802.11b/g radio that fails to offer any exclusive throughput improvement choices.



The Mi424wr has enough speed to handle the quickest Verizon Fios 30 Mbps down/ 5 Mbps up administration with throughput to extra. Its list of capabilities is far reaching, yet could be tricky to get to through a client interface that is not difficult to lose all sense of direction in and often irritating with its ineffectual cautioning/bother screens. Nonetheless, its firewall port sending and sifting characteristics will handle practically any situation that you could need and you get Qos controls, as well.

Its principle dissatisfaction will be to P2p fans who need to utilize all that data transfer capacity as a greater straw to suck down gigantic measured media documents. The Parental Controls additionally leave a considerable measure to be wanted since they might be effectively skirted and don’t legitimately log endeavors to get to blocked destinations. I likewise wish that I could have perceived how Moca systems administration performed. At the same time that will need to hold up for an alternate day.

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