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Anker Bluetooth Sweatproof Soundbuds Review


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Sports headphones are available in different varieties. Amongst the most favored units by the athletes are the in-ear buds. These devices offer incredible comfort and convenience especially if you are to use them on-the-go. They are also good at blocking ambient noise and keeping your music in without disturbing other people around you. They do this by creating a seal in your ear.

If you’re amongst those who like blasting some tunes while you work out, Anker Wireless Soundbuds are a must have. These earphones should also top your list if you’re searching for headphones that will allow you to make or receive calls without hauling your mobile phone from one room to the other.

Anker Soundbuds have about everything that you would be looking for. For instance, they are fairly priced given their great quality. They also offer a comfortable fit and an excellent battery life.

These 2 features make Anker a perfect choice for the casual around-the-clock music lovers. Besides being perfect for sports and fitness, you’ll also enjoy using them in office and for commuting. They are also ideal for studio recording; a reviewer who happens to be a Live Sound Engineer confirmed that.

Anker SoundBuds NB10 Bluetooth Earbuds Sweatproof 2

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Anker Bluetooth Sweatproof Soundbuds Honest Review

What’s in the package?

This package coming at slightly over30 bucks has SoundBuds Sports NB10 Sweatproof Wireless Headphones, 3 pairs of EarTips, a detachable micro USB charging cable, 2 Fit clips, and a welcome guide. All these are then fitted in a deluxe soft, fabric pouch. This a squeeze-to-open carry bag with a sturdy and durable construction.

Notably, several previous buyers noted that it doesn’t offer the much-needed protection. However, they also applauded it since it has enough room for the entire package and can comfortably slide into your pocket without being overly bulky.

What makes Anker in-ear Headphones the best?

To answer this question, we subjected this pair of headphones to a thorough testing. We also compared it to several other well-known brands.

Most importantly, we heavily relied on what previous users had to say about it. We identified users who used the headphones in different circumstances in a bid to capture its real performance in terms of stability and sound quality. This is what they had to say about it.

  • Design

Anker SoundBuds NB10 Bluetooth Earbuds Sweatproof 3

Anker SoundBuds are available in black and green and black colors. They have a decent look which makes them ideal for any time any place use. Past reviewers highly favored its design which offers a decent fit.

Firstly, they are wireless. This means that you’ll not constantly be fighting with wires as you run, jog, or lift weights. Again, this is an incredible relief from cords that keep on pulling the headphones out of the ear.

Secondly, these headphones are fitted with several tips that offer an excellent fit and thereby improve your comfort. These tips prevent the in-ear headphones from constantly working their way out forcing you to push them back now and then.

Again, the tips ensure that the earbuds stay put even in vigorous activities. The package comes with small, medium, and large tips. The buds come fitted with the medium sized tips. However, be sure to test all of them to find out the one that offers you the best comfort.

Thirdly, this pair weighs only 0.03 lbs only. This weight is almost unnoticeable. It allows you to have your headphones in place for long hours without causing unnecessary discomforts. One of its users proclaims that he had the earbuds in his ears during a 4-hour workout marathon and they stayed put all along. Again, just like other users, he states that he didn’t feel any sorts of discomforts throughout the activity.

  • Construction

Anker SoundBuds NB10 Bluetooth Earbuds Sweatproof 5These in-ear buds boast a decent build quality. Besides being light, Anker has also made them dense so as to withstand a few drops without them losing their performance integrity.

The earbuds and in-ear fits are sufficiently smooth and decently finished to prevent them from causing unnecessary pains. The connecting cable has been rubberized to prevent cracks. It also has a great smooth finish and feels comfortable on your skin.

Several athletes confirmed that it doesn’t cause any irritation or itchiness even after sweating. The audio cable is also fitted with a small clip that you can use to tighten them up for a personalized fit. Some users noted that the cable was unnecessarily longer which is, however, not anything much to worry about since it doesn’t cause any inconveniences at all. This, in fact, makes it a universal device that can be used by people with different sizes of heads.

  • Portability

Anker SoundBuds NB10 Bluetooth Earbuds Sweatproof 6If you’re need of sports headphones, portability is amongst the leading factors that you’ll most likely go for. You don’t want a device that will feel unnecessarily heavy on you. You’re also likely to favor a pair that requires a small footprint when the headphones are not in use or when you don’t want them dangling over your neck.

Anker earbuds score high in terms of portability. Besides being wireless, these headphones also fold up easily into an extremely compact format. This makes it easy to store or carry them in your pocket, bag, or purse with ease. Again, their earpieces are magnetized.

This means that you can hang them around your neck when you’re not using them. The magnetic earpieces form a ‘necklace’ which prevents them from sliding off. This means that you won’t accidentally lose them or trample on them as you jog or run.

  • They are in-ear buds

Unlike the full-size headphones, Anker earbuds fit perfectly well in your ear. This, therefore, means that you are not restricted to their usage no matter your hairstyle or the size of your head. You’ll also love them if you feel uncomfortable with the over-the-ear headphones. They are a perfect pick especially if you have ears that stick out or wear glasses.

  • Control Buttons

Anker SoundBuds NB10 Bluetooth Earbuds Sweatproof 1Strategically positioned control buttons are amongst the key features that we assign high scores to. Anker headphones score highly, especially because it has several buttons each dedicated to a certain function.

They offer independent call/music and volume up/down buttons. There is also a multifunction button used to turn the device on/off and to activate Bluetooth for pairing. Previous buyers found the buttons placement quite simple and efficient. The users also loved how easy it is to get accustomed to the controls making it straightforward and convenient to use the earbuds in sports.

The buttons also have a flat design that doesn’t add to the size of the earbuds. However, some users noted that the buttons had been positioned in the path of their fingers. This made them change the volume accidentally.

On the other side, they appreciated that the volume never gets too annoying levels. There’s also no chance you’ll accidentally turn the headphones off since the on/off button needs to be held down for a few seconds before it can trigger a command.

  • Sweat-proof and water resistant

If you’re hunting for headphones to push you through your daily fitness activities, a pair that withstands profuse sweating should always top your list. Anker Earbuds feature IPX5 water-resistant shell. They also sport an internal nano-coating.

These 2 water protection layers allow you to use the headphones in the rain without hurting their excellent sound performance. This protection also makes these headphones a safe bet as you sweat it out through jogging or while at the gym. They are always protected from the sweat that may constantly bead off your head onto the headphones.

  • Wireless Connectivity

Wireless headphones differentiate themselves from their cabled competitors in that they allow you to blast your tunes even while away from the music source. You could continue listening to your favorite hits in the gym while your phone charges on the wall socket in the furthest corner.

Anker boasts Bluetooth 4.1, an advanced technology with crystal clear audio. Most of the users loved Anker’s universal compatibility. This means that you can pair the headphones with virtually any Bluetooth enabled device.

Additionally, they appreciated it’s effortless and super fast connectivity. Even better, you’ll like its strong and incredibly stable connectivity. They have an obstructed range of over 27 feet and 59 ft when the source is within the headphones’ line of sight.

  • Audio Performance

This feature caused mixed reactions amongst the reviewers. Some claimed that the device performed below average in terms of audio reproduction. On the other hand, other users found its performance quite impressive given its price tag. Anker has fitted these headphones with oversized 12mm drivers that offer super clear and consistent sounds in almost every volume.
Several reviewers noted that this device’s low end has excellent and coherent sounds.

At this point, your hits are filled with a rich base which is also experienced into the mid-range. However, others felt that the manufacturer had put a lot of emphasis on the bass pushing the vocals and instruments back in the mix. This has been found to affect the clarity of the audios resulting to an excessive boomy sound. However, this improves as you reach the mid range. Here, the punchy kick drum is still maintained.

The different subtype sounds are perfectly audible and have a smooth rounding. All this goodness is extended into the high range. However, the sounds start getting sort of noisy at the highest end. On the upside, this device will play a short tone to alert you of this possibility.

  • Harmonic Distortion

Anker Headphones score excellently in this niche. Total Harmonic Distortion is a common problem with several headphone brands. Where the manufacturer has done less to manage the distortion, the user experiences some weird frequencies that had not been intended. This results to the sounds being a bit muffled especially at higher volumes. However, this won’t be much of a worry if you’re going for Anker Headphones. Though the distortion tends to rise at high-end volumes, it remains to be unnoticeable except for the keen listeners.

Overall, like other users, we noticed that the sound quality wasn’t that bad to really raise a red flag for. In fact, Anker beats most of its rivals costing over 200 bucks.

  • Call Quality

Notably, these earbuds have the best call quality for headphones within its price range. Most earbuds are known to cause a lot of background noise which makes it hard for the person on the other end to get you clearly. Anker has left no stone unturned to minimize this. This device allows you to receive or make calls even while in vigorous work out activities without being overly noisy. The built-in mic comes in handy to allow you to make or receive calls hands-free. Confirming this, one reviewer testified that he had made several calls while cycling and didn’t experience any trouble.

  • Noise Isolation

What surprised us with Anker sound buds is their ability to offer incredible noise isolation. Though they are not fitted with any active cancellation technology, their in-ear fit construction design enables them to block external noise from seeping into the ear. They will, therefore, be of much use especially in noisy environments. In addition, they are also able to prevent any sounds from leaking out. This means that you can enjoy your music without disturbing the comfort of those near you. Excellent noise isolation capability is amongst the key factors you are likely to consider if you’ll be using the headphones in the office, urban commutes, and in airplanes.

  • The worry-free warranty

Anker is a globally renowned brand. They are highly respected for offering units that are affordable to everyone without compromising on the quality. They have so much trust on the quality of their items. Consequently, they offer amongst the best warranties. Their in-ear headphones, for instance, doesn’t shy away from this. It boasts an unimaginable 18-months warranty. This is highly irresistible given that most headphones will barely go past a year without developing some complications. Even better, Anker sets the pace by being easily reachable and by offering prompt support to its customers.

Final Word

Given its unbeatable price tag and high-end features, there’s no way we shouldn’t recommend this pair of headphones to you.

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