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Avantree Jogger Sports Bluetooth Headphones with Microphone Review


Avantree Jogger Sports Bluetooth Headphones 5

If you want to enjoy listening to your favorite songs while being outdoor sports, then I will introduce one inexpensive and high quality product. But before you decide to buy it, please read to the end of my in-depth review of this waterproof headphones product – the AvanTalk Jogger Bluetooth Headset. First of all, we should know about the currently price that is $37.29.

Firstly, we will open the box to check what’s inside. Of course, the main important thing is the Headset itself, then you will receive two different sets of tips to aid the design further comfortable. And there are also a small and large set to fit your ears. Likewise a USB charging link is given to charge your headset. At last, a little draw string convey pocket is given to you to ensure and bear your headset.


The advantages/disadvantages of Avantree Jogger Sports Bluetooth Headphones


  • Comfortable, easy to pair, and affordable price
  • It is very simple to setup to work with smartphone
  • Fits very comfortably
  • Easy to use control 


  • Sound quality was not a big deal. Great highs and mids, yet fail to offer somewhat on bass. General clarity was fine

The Design

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We start to have the look at the build quality, at the first time when I saw these headphones on MobileFun website, I was dissapointed because the representation picture is false.

Avantree Jogger Sports Bluetooth Headphones Review

These headphones come with high gloss black plastic or matte black color, in real, you will see the much better aesthetically. I don’t know why they made images that make the headset look very cheaply made with lower quality of materials. The whole development of the headset is produced using plastic, This is both a positive and negative, Because, the plastic makes the item light which is a paramount variable when utilizing these for outside games like running. Be that as it may additionally you can end up being to a great degree precisely when putting these on and taking them off, due to the plastic necklace is very adaptable, which it needs to be, however now and again it appears to over flex.

Avantree Jogger Sports Bluetooth Headphones 7

You will find the number of buttons on each side of these headphones that are controlling separate operations. Also, you can easy to see the volume rockers, a connect,On/Off button or the other a next/previous song option.

All of the buttons give very good response and you can feel when you are actually pressing the buttons. These come straight out from the middle of every driver unit, They are molded much the same as another pair of ear telephone acknowledge simply a little larger(to fit the elastic tips), They have been done off extremely, i was anticipating that there will be little edges where the plastic has been cut and paste, yet i didn’t discover this and this makes them exceptionally agreeable to wear even without the elastic tips. The really driver which creates the sound isn’t specifically in the tip, it is situated back about 5mm, which implies that you aren’t going to be having ear infection through long times of tuning in.

The Sound Quality

Avantree Jogger Sports Bluetooth Headphones 1

You should not forget that this is a bluetooth (Wireless) with price is $37.29, that’s why this product is not produced with a high level of sound, as many other high tech product with costs hundreds. But it’s ok, because you can still connect these headphones to many other devices with majority of Bluetooth to play sound. In my opinion, the sound quality is good enough for general listening. The bass is little loss while listening through these compared to your usual headphones. The highs are at a decent level and stay clear and sharp and the high volume limits

Avantree Jogger Sports Bluetooth Headphones 12

But, sometimes, if you listen to the sounds that have some instrumental pieces, it’s seems that we get one high pitched sound. And if you listen to a lot of heavy bass, such as Grime/Hip-Hop/Rap, you will be definitely noticed by the sound quality, as a result of the shifting sound there appears to be a fluff out of sight which practically seems like something it vibrating in the unit or inside the drivers. However saying the majority of this, the sound quality is superbly sufficient for you to delight in your music while running or cycling…, Also the volume level on the headset it useful for the size, and even through an Ipod Touch which doesn’t give out a huge yield. Which is great in the event that you are close to any occupied streets or double carriage ways.


Incredible for running, simple to clean, simple to utilize, extraordinary sound, that is everything you need to know!

The earphones worked consummately and fitted extraordinary and agreeably the length of they kept going which was around 3 months. Presently sadly I can no more turn it on the grounds that the force catch doesn’t work. The light goes ahead whilst charging so i know its not a force issue.

I do sweat a considerable measure when i work out so perhaps this is the issue and I’m cheerful to assume the best about it in view of the value line yet I’ll not be purchasing an alternate set which is really an incredible disgrace.



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