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Best 5 Advantages of Waterproof Bluetooth headphones


We are all addicted to listening music. We like listening to music everywhere, while driving, while exercising, while cycling and some of us like to listen music while studying. But there are people out there like me who can’t live without music while swimming in the pool and even on the beach. Now, regular headphones can’t be used in water obviously and regular mobile phones won’t work in water either.

Waterproof Bluetooth Headphones 2014

I found a solution of this problem by buying a waterproof mobile phone case which would let me use my iPhone in the pool or in the hot water tub. But again, the case would close the headphone jack of my iPhone which means no music while taking a shower. The answer to this problem is waterproof headphones.

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Now the main advantages Waterproof Bluetooth headphones

Waterproof headphones which are Bluetooth supported come in handy while taking a shower or taking a dip and you want to listen to your favorite music. They connect with Bluetooth so no cable is required which means that you can use them even without a water proof case for your phone or tablet or even laptop since you can stay away from your devices and still the headphones work wirelessly. How amazing is that!

Don’t need to keep your device close:

The most attractive benefit of having a waterproof bluetooth headset in your backpack is that you can go for a dip in the pool or beach and you don’t have to worry about buying a waterproof case for you iPhone or any other device that you listen music to. You can just keep your phone in your basket and put the waterproof headset on and jump into water without worrying about ruining your phone. Also you can take calls while swimming and won’t have to miss a single call. Bluetooth headphones can also come in handy when you have to walk in rain and you can’t put your phone in your pocket since you are soaking wet but still you want to listen to the music and don’t wana get bored, all you have to do is connect your waterproof headset via bluetooth and put the phone in your backpack.

waterproof bluetooth headset earbuds

Use any device for music:

Well if you don’t like the songs on your phone or your phone’s headphone jack is not supported by the headphones that you’ve got then your problem is solved by the waterproof bluetooth headset since it would connect with any device that had bluetooth in it and compatibility of jack doesn’t matter anymore.

waterproof bluetooth headset sony

Listen in rain:

There is a rainy day every week where I live and sometimes I walk myself home and the only thing I hate about it, is not being able to listen to music while I am walking since my regular headphones would get wet and ruined. Solution is waterproof headphones and since I got them I can listen to music and return calls while walking in rain, enjoying both the water and music at the same time.

Exercise friendly:

The bluetooth headphones that I’ve got are waterproof which means they are sweat proof too. So, that makes my workout fun since I can listen to my music while working out and don’t have to worry about any sweat sneaking into my headphones and ruining them. Workout becomes more fun than it already is. I can use them while I jog since they can’t be ruined by the sweat or rain so I can follow my jogging routine no matter what the weather is like, hot or rainy.

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Cable free:

Along with the cool features of waterproof bluetooth headset, the one thing I love about them the most is that they are cable free. There is no wire attached and it’s so comforting that I sometimes forget that I even had them on. Since there is not wire, I can freely wear them while cycling, swimming, running or even working in the garage. No more tangled wires to deal with and no more wires being tied up and stuck every time I take them out of my bag. Before having the bluetooth headphones, I used to have to untangle my wire headphones every time I take them out of my pocket and many timesI damaged the headphones while doing that. It was so annoying until I bought wireless bluetooth headphones

Overall, having a pair of waterproof headphones solves so many annoying problems that we all have in our daily routine. There are many companies that manufacture such headphones and they usually range from $60 to &150 depending upon the quality and brand of headphones you might choose. My experience of swimming and working out became much better after I bought a pair of bluetooth headphones and I would suggest everybody to get a pair.


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