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Best Headlamp and Best Rechargeable Flashlight 2016


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In this best flashlights and best headlamp reviews, we compare several products and evaluate their reliability, functionality and durability. They come from various price points and extensive lighting features.

Plus, these top lighting tools are from reputable companies that have years of experiences in manufacturing cutting-edge products. Check out this review to the end and perhaps one of the superior specs might entice you to purchase one of these rechargeable led flashlight and rechargeable headlamps.

Flashlight and headlamps are great hands-free sources that assist in brighten up a dim-lit environment on our behalf. We can use them to do tons of activities at night or during a cloudy winter day. While flashlight can be a great tool to direct a strong, powerful lighting in a specific direction with our hand, headlamp provides a readily available light source without us having to hold onto it.

Most Popular Headlamps

For night activities that require you to use your hands and cannot hold any brightest flashlight , headlamps is a more suitable lighting device for you. We have prepared four best headlamps that can free your hand and provide top-notch lighting resources for a very long time.

1. Northbound Train Ultra Bright LED Headlamp

Our Best Pick

Northbound Train Ultra Bright LED Headlamp
Ultra Bright LED Headlamp Flashlight-Lifetime Guarantee! Light & Comfortable With Dimmable White Light, Red & Strobe Light Ideal For Camping, Running, Reading, More! Water Resistant With 3 AAAs Incl!<br />

Our Best Pick

Northbound Train Ultra Bright LED Headlamp
- Design: 9.0
- Brightness: 8.5
- Features: 8.5
- Value: 9.0

Price is average, light is excellent. Dimming feature Is one of the best features. Headband is also comfortable.
Performance – If you need a lighting source, but your hands are too busy to hold a flashlight, Ultra Bright LED Headlamp is a great product to consider. Hundreds of users have purchased this model on Amazon.com, and 80% of them rated it as a 5-star product as best headlamp for hunting. If you are to wear it at night, you can see up to 30 meters ahead, thanks to the super bright light that it produces. This LED headlamp offers five modes for you to use in any types of situation.

They are Dimmer, High Beam, Low Beam, Red Light, and Strobe. With the IPX4 rating, you can take it along with you during a white water rafting or kayaking trip. You will need to apply three AAA batteries for it to start functioning.


  • 30 meters of beam distance
  • Powers on three AAA batteries
  • Five modes are available – high, low, dim, red light, and strobe
  • Water resistant with IPX4 rating
  • $24.97 on Amazon.com
Northbound Train Ultra Bright LED Headlamp with Red Light.
Northbound Train Ultra Bright LED Headlamp with Red Light.

How do We Pick the Best Rechargeable Flashlight and Headlamp?

Two of the prominent criteria when it comes to choosing the best flashlight and headlamp are convenience and flexibility. They should be easy to handle, durable enough to provide hours of lighting sources and flexible to the extent that we can use it anywhere and anytime. With these two key features in mind, we then select several models from top-rated brands and assess them accordingly.

We also test at the brightness level, beam distance and control, spotlight capability, convenient weight, and battery hours. Plus, the functionality is also important in a flashlight and headlamp. They should be useable for general use as well for specific purposes such as hiking, biking, running, and camping.

As a result, we come up with the final list of the best led flashlight and best headlamp that are available in the market. They are not only versatile and comfortable but also inexpensive.

2. Energizer 7 LED Headlamp

The Runner Up and Budget Pick

Energizer 7 LED Headlamp
- Design: 9.0
- Brightness: 9.0
- Features: 7.5
- Value: 8.5

Cheap price, good trail finding, comfortable to use but short batteries life.
The Runner Up and Budget Pick

Energizer 7 LED Headlamp
Best Headlamp and  Best Rechargeable Flashlight Energizer 7 LED Headlamp
Performance – Energizer Headlamp 7 LED  is one of the best running headlamp that can help you to see better at night or in a dark area. It provides four useful modes (e.g. spot, flood, night vision and strobe). It powers on three AAA batteries and offers a run time of 5.5 hours. The lumens capability is pretty impressive at 115, and the beam distance can go as far as 25 meters. Thinking of going for a night jogging or best headlamp for backpacking ? Consider this Energizer 7 Headlamp!


  • Powers on AAA batteries
  • 5 hours and 30 minutes operating hours
  • 25 meters of beam distance
  • Four light modes are available
  • Water resistant and shockproof
  • Adjustable strap
  • $15.00 on Amazon.com

Best Headlamp and Best Rechargeable Flashlight Energizer 7 LED Headlamp 2

3. Black Diamond Spot Headlamp The Best Camping Headlamp 

Black Diamond Spot Headlamp

Also Great

Black Diamond Spot Headlamp

Come with many nice features such as batteries indicator. The red Leds and dual LEDs are really nice. However, batteries life isn't so good.

  • 130 lumens of brightness
  • Battery power meter is available to show battery status
  • Power Tap Technology for easy change of mode with a tap of your finger
  • Powers on three AA batteries
  • Water resistant with a rating of IPX4
  • $34.04 on Amazon.com

Performance – Black Diamond Headlamp looks neat and stylish with its all-black finishing and tiny light bulb. Besides than looking nice, this LED headlamp is also capable of producing bright lighting with the 130 lumens setting and Power Tap technology. This patented technology provides a fast and simple transition from full to dimmed power with a tap of your finger on the touch-sensitive housing make it a best headlamp for running. Plus, there is also a three-level power meter that conveniently indicates the current status of the battery (it powers on three AAA batteries).

Other famous product from Black Diamon : Black Diamond Storm Headlamp

Best Headlamp and Best Rechargeable Flashlight Black Diamond Spot Headlamp

4. Xtreme Bright Pro Series X55 Headlamp

Xtreme Bright, Pro Series X55 Headlamp - Camping, Biking, Power Sports Headlamp/Tactical Flashlight Tool-350 Lumen LED Light (3 Settings) -Illuminates Up To 500 Ft For Optimal Night-Time Safety

Also Great

Xtreme Bright, Pro Series X55

Lightweight and fully adjustable fit. Very bright and waterproof. But sometime it get hot overtime.

  • 350 lumens of brightness
  • 500 feet of beam distance
  • 25 hours of run time
  • Three lighting modes are available
  • Best waterproof headlamp and shock resistant
  • Adjustable nylon head strap
  • $32.77 on Amazon.com

Performance – Xtreme Bright is an expert in making stylish and top-performing lighting products. The Pro Series X55 Headlamp is one of the company’s innovative invention that aim to make your job easier. It boasts 350 lumens of brightness and up to 500 feet of light beam. Together with its powerful lighting capability, this headlamp is also very comfortable. It has an adjustable nylon strap that makes it ideal for just about any size of heads. It requires four AA batteries and provides 25 hours of constant lighting. Xtreme Bright support page at xtremebrightlights.com if you do need any support.

Most Popular Handheld Flashlight

I have carefully picked several flashlight, rechargeable batteries and headlamp models for you to consider.

1. Energizer Weather Ready Compact Rechargeable LED Light

Our Best Pick

Energizer Weather Ready Compact Rechargeable LED Light
Energizer Weather Ready Compact Rechargeable LED Light

Our Best Pick

Energizer Weather Ready Compact Rechargeable LED Light

It has lifetime manufacturer's guarantee. Weather Proof. Very Bright. Cheap for any home users.

Performances – Energizer LED flashlight has an automatic setting that let it lights up your room whenever the power goes off. To activate this feature, you will have to keep it plugged into the power outlet and set it to the “ON” setting. There are two power modes available for you to toggle, and with the NiMH rechargeable battery, it can run up to two hours when set on a high mode, and 15 hours in a low mode.


  • Nichia LED
  • Built-in and rechargeable NiMH battery
  • Automatic turn-on feature during blackout
  • Two modes are available – high and low mode
  • 8 lumens of brightness
  • 2 hours and 45 minutes of operating hours
  • $11.77 on Amazon.com

2. Streamlight 75458 Stinger DS 120-volt AC/12-volt Charger.

Streamlight 75458 Stinger DS LED HL Rechargeable High

The Runner Up

Streamlight 75458 Stinger DS LED HL Rechargeable High

Good Investment because it very solid and strong light bright ever, for use as police flashlights or security.
Performances – Streamlight rechargeable flashlight LED is the premium flashlight that can serve all your lighting needs. The duration provided by this product is splendid, what with the 50,000 hours of runtime. It blasts up to 640 lumens of brightness and comes with three different modes. It also boasts a beam distance of almost 300 meters as rated most powerful flashlight. With the water resistant and shockproof ratings, you do not have to worry about dropping in into the river or on the cold hard rock.


  • Aircraft aluminum body with non-slip rubberized grip
  • 640 lumens brightest led flashlight
  • 297 meter of beam distance
  • Three lighting modes are available with an additional strobe mode
  • 120V charger with one rechargeable NiMH battery
  • $139.99 on Amazon.com

Best Headlamp and Best Rechargeable Flashlight Streamlight 75458 Stinger

3. OxyLED MD20 LED 14500 Rechargeable Tactical Flashlight Li-ion Battery

Best Headlamp and  Best Rechargeable Flashlight OxyLED MD20 LED Flashlight14500 Rechargeable Li-ion Battery

Also Great

OxyLED MD50 Cree 500 Lumen Bright LED Flashlight Torch, Light Lamp for Emergency

The OxyLED construction is strong solid build and great features waterproof IPX-6
Performances – If you need best tactical flashlight that can fit well in your hand but does not compromise the lighting ability, OxyLED is another great option. There are three brightness levels and adjustable focus zoom that provide flexibility and meet different needs of lighting. Plus, with the IPX-6 rating, you can use this OxyLED under the rain while hiking or trekking.

It also powers on both rechargeable battery and three AAA batteries.


  • Powers on three AAA batteries and one rechargeable 18650 Li-ion battery
  • Cree LED with a lifespan of 50,000 hours
  • Three level of brightness at 500 lumens
  • Adjustable zoomable focus with Strobe mode
  • Waterproof with a rating of IPX-6
  • $13.99 on Amazon.com

4. Refun Flashlight 2000 Lumen with Water Resistant Camping 18650 Battery Charger.

Best Headlamp and  Best Rechargeable Flashlight  Refun Flashlight 2000 Lumen with Water Resistant Camping 18650 Battery Charger

Also Great

Refun Flashlight 2000 Lumen with Water Resistant

This is a very good small quality flash light that will last for years with 1000 lumens.
Performances – Refun Flashlight is another compact flashlight that comes with several handy features. It allows you to toggle the light brightness using one of the modes – high, medium, low, strobe and SOS. It powers on a rechargeable battery 18650 and a charger. . Another great feature of this product is the water-resistant feature.


  • 2000 lumens of brightness
  • Powers on rechargeable 4000mah battery
  • Five modes are available – high, medium, low, strobe and SOS
  • Water-resistant and skid-proof
  • Adjustable focus range
  • $17.99 on Amazon.com

5. Decaker Tactical LED Flashlight Kit (TK501B): Bright LED Flashlight with 500 Lumens, 5 Light Modes

Best Headlamp and  Best Rechargeable Flashlight  UltraFire Decaker Tactical LED Flashlight with 500 Lumens

Also Great

UltraFire Decaker Tactical LED Flashlight

This could be the smallest flash light you will ever have with bright lumens light and also very cheap.
Performances – UltraFire is the number-one, best aa flashlight on Amazon.com with a star rating of 4.7. It has up to 300 lumens, and the lighting output is super bright. Plus, the focus range is easily adjustable, and this makes it quite versatile and flexible. There is a high and low mode, as well as flood or spot zoom lens. Besides than being compact (it can fit in your pant pocket), it is also durable with the aluminum alloy casing. This flashlight uses a 18650 3.7V Rechargeable Li-ion Battery, and some users claimed that it can run up to 48 hours!


  • 7W power consumption
  • 500 lumens of brightness
  • Powers on one AA battery or 18650 3.7V Rechargeable Li-ion Battery
  • Five lighting modes
  • Aluminum allow body material
  • $17.99 on Amazon.com

Why Should You Trust Me?

As an outdoor goer who loves to spend a few nights in nature, I have quite an extensive experience in using flashlights and headlamps. I have tried several lighting products from various manufacturers. So I have quite a good sense of what are the features that make a great flashlight and headlamp. Plus, before assessing a particular headlamp or flashlight, I seek for expert headlamp reviews especially from the already-established ones such as Outdoor Gear Lab and Gear Junkie. With my experiences and research, I have prepared for you a long list of versatile and reliable flashlights and headlamps to consider. Go ahead and read the next section in this best flashlight and best headlamp review to learn more about some of those options!

Recommended Batteries For Your Lighting Devices

1. Streamlight Lithium Batteries

Streamlight is one of the reputable manufacturers in the lighting industry. The company also produces high-quality batteries that are highly compatible with many types of gadgets. The 12-pack Streamlight Lithium Batteries offer long ten years of shelf life and way economical than other lithium batteries. It is a great option for you if you wish to have an affordable set of batteries.

Best Headlamp and Best Rechargeable Flashlight Streamlight battery

2. Outlite Lithium Batteries

Best Headlamp and Best Rechargeable Flashlight outline lithiumFor those environmentally conscious folks who wish to purchase rechargeable batteries, Outlite lithium batteries are one of the great options out there. It is compatible with many LED flashlights and headlamps. It has a capacity of 3600mAh and charge two batteries simultaneously. The charging port has a light indicator that informs you when the charging is done (the light turns green when fully charged).

3. ThorFire Li-ion Batteries

Best Headlamp and Best Rechargeable Flashlight ThorFire 3000mahIf you need power-packed batteries for your flashlights, ThorFire is another brand that you can trust. This particular 3V lithium battery has a 3000mAh capacity and 500 times cycle life. It can brilliantly avoid short circuit, discharge or overcharging, thanks to the built-in PCB protection technology.

4. Eachine Li-Ion Batteries

Best Headlamp and Best Rechargeable Flashlight EachineEachine Lithium-Ion batteries are other reliable batteries that you can use to light up your headlamps or flashlights. This 3.7V battery is very easy to charge and can last for hours with the 3000mAh power capacity. The brightness produced by these batteries is excellent, and you will find no need to purchase disposable batteries anymore.

How to Choose the Best Flashlight?

The flashlight is a preferred handheld lighting tool that provides strong beam and easy control of the lighting. With the emergence of LED, the flashlight is now more durable and affordable. If you are considering purchasing one of the top-performing flashlights, there are several steps on how to choose the best flashlight. You should look at the following five factors:

  • Size and Weight – Since you are to hold it with your hand, it is only wise to select the one that is compact and light enough for you to handle. There is a keychain flashlight for you to choose or the largest of them all, search lights. Everyday carry flashlights include pocket lights, tactical-style lights and pen lights. Duty Flashlights are relatively bigger than the everyday flashlights, and they usually have a longer hours – it is ideal for professional night shift job.
  • Battery Life – The best flashlight should have long battery hours to provide continuous and undisrupted lighting source. This factor is especially important if you are to go hiking or cycling at night.
  • Light Output – Light output is one of the major elements of this product. The output is measurable by the provided lumens. Lumens indicate the intensity of light that comes out from the flashlight. It can range from 20 lumens, which is great for book reading, to a super bright 3500 lumens.
  • Beam Distance – You should also look for the beam distance specification. It is usually in meters metric, and it depends on the brightness setting of the product. For outdoor purposes, a long range beam should be your top choice.
  • Functionality – Most importantly, you should consider the purpose of your flashlight. If you wish to have a single product that can serve many purposes, try to consider the one with programmable lightings. It allows you to adjust the many brightness levels – tactical mode, dimming, high power, low power, strobe, and SOS.

Why Should You Buy A Headlamp?

Headlamps popularity has been surging lately, and it is because of a good reason. Headlights has several significant advantages over other types of lighting resources such as the light on your mobile app, lanterns or even, flashlights.

  • Hands-free Capability – For certain types of outdoor activities, having a hands-free tool is very important. Sure, the lantern can also provide such hands-free capability as you can place it on the ground. However, a headlamp gives you a quick extra light in a direction that you like with a swift movement of your head.
  • Durability – Most of the latest headlamp models feature robust material, sleek design, and waterproof support. Some of them can survive even when dipped in water up to a meter depth. Therefore, it is an ideal tool to bring along if you are to embark on an adventurous cross-country journey during a wet season.
  • Compact and Lightweight – Most headlamps nowadays have small light bulb casing with a foldable head strap around it. It fits in your backpack easily, and you will not even notice the weight.
  • Long Beam Distance – With an approximate cost of $30 and above, you should be able to get yourself a headlamp that comes fully equipped with a spotlight mode. It casts a long beam, and this is convenient if you are to do a night searching or to walk back to your campsite after a night walk.

Rechargeable or Disposable Batteries

An ideal battery should be able to support an all-night-long operation. Flashlights and headlamps can come in two battery formats – rechargeable and disposable. For the latter, it has longer run times. Plus, the price is also relatively cheaper compared to rechargeable batteries. However, for camping or backcountry hiking activities, it is incumbent upon you to bring along a stash of batteries as backups. Once the current battery drained out, you can simply replace it with the fresh ones.

As far as the rechargeable battery is concerned, it also has its specific pros and cons. It is typically more powerful as it can cast a beam twice as far, but the impressive capability also drains the battery power. It can run about five hours before needing a recharge. Plus, the cost is also higher than the disposable ones.

With or Without Removable Batteries

When it comes to choosing the rechargeable flashlights, you should also consider the one with removable batteries and the ones without. Followings are the pros and cons of each type.

With Removable Batteries

  • Pros – Provides unlimited runtime as long as you have backup batteries, easy replacement, more reliable especially during an emergency.
  • Cons – If you happened to take it out and lost it, you would have to purchase a new one, and it usually comes with an expensive price.

Without Removable Batteries

  • Pros – It prevents you from using cheap and unsafe replacement batteries that can damage the whole product.
  • Cons – You cannot use a secondary battery to replace the drained, non-removable battery. You can only use the flashlight again if you have a charging facility nearby.

 Last Words

There you go! We hope that you have managed to get some clear ideas on some of the best flashlight and headlamps that are currently available on the market from this review. We have also included some of the great choices of batteries for you to purchase together with the lighting device. Remember to select the one that fits well with your needs and budget!

Our Best Pick

Northbound Train Ultra Bright LED Headlamp

Best To Buy.

Price is average, light is excellent. Dimming feature Is one of the best features. Headband is also comfortable.
Our Best Pick

Northbound Train Ultra Bright LED Headlamp
Ultra Bright LED Headlamp Flashlight-Lifetime Guarantee! Light & Comfortable With Dimmable White Light, Red & Strobe Light Ideal For Camping, Running, Reading, More! Water Resistant With 3 AAAs Incl!<br />


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