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Best iPhone 6S Armbands for Walking & Excercising


The iPhone 6S smartphones are trendy and cutting-edge gadgets desired by many. Suitable to the prices and exclusivity, it is only wise for you to find the best protection casing to protect it from damage. We have carefully selected ten best iPhone 6S armbands that you can consider wearing while walking or exercising.

1. Tribe iPhone 6S Sports Armband

Tribe iPhone 6S Sports Armband

With the comfortable neoprene material, full-screen coverage, reflective strip, and sweatproof features, it is no wonder to see it considered as Amazon’s number-one best-selling product. Your iPhone 6S will suit nicely inside this casing, and the anti-slip surface secure it firmly in the casing. There are also slots for the buttons and cables for easy access. It makes a great armband for a gym session as the covers protect the screen well from sweats or rain. Even with the plastic cover on top of the screen, the touch screen is still responsive. The manufacturer has so much confidence in their product, to the extent that they offer a lifetime warranty!

2. AmazonBasics Running Armband

AmazonBasics Running Armband for iPhone 6S

Here is another comfortable armband for your Apple smartphone – AmazonBasics Running Armband. Firstly, it has a nice size that is suitable for normal size arms. The straps also work for large, muscle arms. It is super easy and quick to adjust to extend it.  It also uses Neoprene material for a flexible texture. For a tight closure, there is an adjustable Velcro strap for you to use. Plus, it also comes with a key slot. You can slip your home’s key in this armband before going for a run in the park. The body is slim, and it will not appear bulky, even if you are to wear a long-sleeve shirt.

3. SoundWhiz Sweatproof Armband

SoundWhiz iPhone 6S Armband

If you have an active lifestyle and would like to have water- and shock-resistant armband for your iPhone 6A, you should also consider SoundWhiz Sweatproof Armband. It has an exclusive and sleek look that can be appealing to the professional adults. The neoprene material gives a soft touch to it, and you will enjoy full comfort while placing it on your arms. It also comes with an adjustable strap for you to adjust according to your arm size. It also features similar additional features like key slot, reflective strap, and cut-outs for the buttons, earphones, and charger.

4. MediaBridge Armband for iPhone 6S

Mediabridge Armband For iPhone 6S

The ladies might prefer this colorful silicone casing armbands. It comes in bright shades of blue, white, and pink. At the back of the casing, there is a soft elastic strap that you can stretch to fit your arms. Unlike the armbands above, this MediaBridge casing has an all-open front surface. There is no plastic to cover the screen. However, to minimize the exposure to water, the casing fully covers the camera, fingerprint scanner, and sensor. It provides total access to the screen, slots and buttons for your convenience.

5. JOTO iPhone 6S Sports Armband Case

JOTO Apple iPhone 6S Armband

If the ladies might prefer the MediaBridge armband, the masculine men might love this JOTO iPhone 6S Sports Armband Case. The all-black body looks very tough and with the sweatproof neoprene, it is very sturdy. This particular armband is also versatile as you can fit in cash notes, cards, and a car key into the small slip compartments. The Velcro strap makes it easy to wear it on your arm – you can use single hand to strap it. It is also lightweight at only 2.4 ounces and feels very comfortable on your arm.

6. FRieQ iPhone 6S Armband

FRiEQ iPhone 6S Armband

Stylish and rugged are the two words that we can use to describe this FRieQ armband. It features a white-and-black striped pattern on the strap that can attract the attention of the lookers. It is also super slim and rests well on the arm without feeling too bulky. You can wear it while jogging and not feeling any substantial burden on your hand. The interior side is also non-slip so your phone will not move while you are bouncing and running. The strap and the case are detachable. It is quite convenient because you can remove the strap if you wish to have it just as stand-alone protective casing.

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7. Ubegood Sports Armband

Ubegood Sports Armband For The iPhone 6S

Ubegood Sports Armband is another sleek looking armband for your iPhone that you might love. The material is of a combination of lycra, neoprene, and nylon. It is sturdy and built to last. It can withstand water. A little bit of sweat after a rigorous workout session should not wear out this armband. While the casing is sweatproof, your screen is not since it features open design. Besides than the usual card and key slots, there is also a compartment to hold your earphone. The size also fits well for Samsung S6, S5, and S6 Edge.

8. Ionic Pro Sports Armband

Ionic Pro iPhone 6S Armband

Having too much of a slot or feature might be too much for some users. If you are a minimalist, you can consider this simple yet stylish Ionic Pro Sports Armband. It comes in several color options. The casing is of a breathable fabric material. Meaning, when you wear it while exercising, your sweat can get through the fabric and dampen the screen. Still, it is also wearable for running and jogging since it can hold your smartphone well. It is lightweight, comfortable, and easy to wear. A perfect armband for those who want to have a reliable protective armband!

9. Supcase iPhone 6S Running Armband

Supcase iPhone 6S Armband

The Supcase iPhone 6S Running Armband is another affordable holder for your smartphone that does not look cheap at all. We love how the cover is slim and neat. The strap is also flexible as you can stretch it around your arm to find the perfect fit. Around the strap, there is a reflective mark that will glow in a dim lit environment. It provides safety while running in the outdoor. The strap is also detachable from the casing, and you can wash it by hand whenever you wish. Around the case, there are cut-out slots for quick access to your buttons, charging and earphone slot. It is very comfortable to wear. While it fits well for iPhone 6S, it is not large enough for 6S Plus.

10. MPOW Sports Sweatproof Armband

MPOW Sport Armband for iPhone 6S

With a cost less than $10, you can also purchase this MPOW Sports Sweatproof Armband. The casing holds your iPhone smartphone nicely. The adjustable strap also comes with a sturdy Velcro strap that does not wear off easily. The combination of lycra and neoprene material on the casing makes it highly water-resistant. You can use it while jogging, running, biking, hiking, and even kayaking. Plus, it is also easy to clean. The plastic cover on the front protects your screen from any harm and yet, does not affect the responsiveness of your touch screen.

Indeed, there are many options of the best iPhone 6S armbands out there. Make sure you choose the one that can protect your smartphone well, features a comfortable design, lightweight and not too bulky. They are all priced at a very reasonable rate, so you do not have to worry about the budget at all!


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