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Best iPhone 6S Plus Fisheye Lens


Best iPhone 6S Plus Fisheye Lens

Latest smartphones pack cutting-edge camera hardware that can do all sorts of things when it comes to capturing photos. However, for photography lovers, sometimes they want something more. One of the fun and sought-after effects loved by many photographers are the Fisheye effect. If you own Apple or Android smartphones and would like to purchase a brand-new fisheye lens for your phone camera, here are some of the best iPhone 6S Plus Fisheye Lens worth for you to consider. After putting hours of research, we found out that MPow 3-in-1 Clip-on 180-Degree Supreme Fisheye Lens is the best fisheye lens out there.

Table of Contents

1What Makes A Good Fisheye Lens?
2The Best Pick - MPow 3-in-1 Clip-On 180-Degree Supreme
3Runner-Up - Aukey 3-in-1 Clip-On Fisheye Lens
4Also Good - GoGo Photo Fisheye Lens
5Comparison Table

What Makes a Good Fisheye Lens?

When searching for the best fisheye lens for your brand-new iPhone 6S Plus, there are several criteria that make a lens a top choice.

Best iPhone 6S Plus Fisheye Lens 2

  1. Lens Length – The length of the lens shows how wide it can cover. Fisheye lens normally has a length somewhere between 4.5mm and 16mm. The lower the length, the wider it can cover.
  2. Attachment Methods – You should also consider how the camera attaches to your smartphone. Clipper, magnet, and direct stick are some of the methods.
  3. Versatility – Some lens focuses mainly on fisheye effect. There are also several products that can do multiple other features such as zooming, auto-focus, and light adjustment.
  4. Compatibility – Before buying a lens, make sure it suits well to the brand of your smartphone. Some other lens can work with multiple smartphones or tablets while some others can be quite restrictive.

1. MPow 3-in-1 Clip-On 180-Degree Supreme Fisheye

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Our Best Pick
Latte Delite 2-in-1 Lantern Bluetooth Speaker
MPow 3-in-1 Clip-On 180-Degree Supreme Fisheye
Our Best Pick
0.67X Wide Angle+ 10X Macro Lens For iPhone 6 / 6 Plus

- If you want to raise the quality of those image taken by your phone, you'll need it. The cheaper way than buying a DSRL
- It's small, you can put it in you bag and go anywhere. It's not easy to broken, don't worry
- You can install and slip off easily, it doesn't damage your phone. But I don't think it suit for all kind off mobile phone

[amazonprice id="194"] on Amazon

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MPow 3-in-1 Clip-On 180-Degree Supreme Fisheye 1

The 3-in-1 Clip-On Supreme Fisheye lens from MPow is the best fisheye lens available out there. It can transform your camera on iPhone 6S Plus into a professional camera lens. Firstly, we love the design of the lens. It looks slim and sleek with the shining glass lens. It features a three-glass element. The high-quality design does not stop there. The body looks shining with a metal ring and MPow also attached a small rubber on the back of the lens that acts as a soft cushion. It protects your iPhone’s screen from any scratches. The clip is long and flexible. It does not attach permanently to your smartphone, so you can easily remove it when not in use. The supreme fisheye lens works for both front and rear camera. With the purchase, you will get a small cloth to clean off fingerprints from the lens’ glass. When you attach the Mpow supreme fisheye lens on your camera, you will notice how the lens covers the flashlight.

MPow 3-in-1 Clip-On 180-Degree Supreme Fisheye 2

As far as the lens performance goes, it does produce a great 180-degree fisheye effect that you want. The photos are amazing. The image quality is great with little to none distortion at the end. You will also notice how this particular brand discards the common black background produced by other brands. The fisheye camera has a lens length of 15mm and can also work with other smartphones with a 13mm-diameter lens. Some users commented that the lens should be in the center of the camera eye to produce great shots. They also loved the beautiful packaging. It is neat and classy, which makes it a perfect gift. Some users also commented that the lens can be quite flimsy. You need to take off the casing for it to attach to your camera securely. Plus, the focus can be too slow and cause blurriness. However, with steady hands, you should be able to capture sharp fisheye photos.

MPow 3-in-1 Clip-On 180-Degree Supreme Fisheye 3

2. Aukey 3-in-1 Clip-On Fisheye Lens

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Aukey 3-in-1 Clip-On Fisheye Lens

[amazonprice id="195"] on Amazon
Runner Up
180 Degree Fisheye Lens/ Wide Angle Lens/ 10 X Marco Lens

- Easy to use, you can take the close-up picture with wonderfull details
- All three lenses can work very well and the result's really good
Runner Up
180 Degree Fisheye Lens/ Wide Angle Lens/ 10 X Marco LensAukey 3-in-1 Clip-On Fisheye Lens[amazonprice id="195"] on Amazon

The runner-up for this best iPhone 6S Plus fisheye lens review is the good-looking and top-performing Aukey 3-in-1 Clip-On Fisheye Lens. One of the things that will capture your eyes is the solid and neat construction of the lens. Although it does not boast any Zeiss glasses, the HD glasses optics looks professional enough for a smartphone lens. The well-thought design features metal enclosure on the body of the lens with rubber feet and ring on the lens. They offer firm grip between the lens and the camera of your smartphone. The clip is of a plastic material, but it looks sturdy and quite flexible in case you want to attach it to a different smartphone. Just like the MPow lens, this particular lens also works with any smartphone with a 13mm-diameter lens. It also requires a proper alignment between the lens and the camera’s eye for a nice result.

Aukey 3-in-1 Clip-On Fisheye Lens 1

The price point of this Aukey fisheye lens is a bit higher than our top pick, but it is for a good reason. Besides the sleek and ergonomic design, this lens can take a full fisheye shot without any dark circles on the corners. The middle shot looks clear and vivid while the corners can be a bit fuzzy. However, it offers quite a satisfying depth of view and wide, hemispherical images. The zooming and focusing feature is also quick and accurate. Just like the MPow lens, you should remove your casing before attaching it to your smartphone. However, some users reported that they could apply the clip without removing the casings for their other brands of smartphones, for example, iPhone 5S. Because of the glass lens, it captures quite a fingerprint. You will need to use a cloth to remove the prints to get a clear photo. Overall, the Aukey lens does not disappoint with the nice and clear photos. At such a price, we think it will be a great buy for you.

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3. GoGo Photo Fisheye Lens

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GoGo Photo Fisheye Lens
[amazonprice id="196"] on Amazon

Also Good
Macro & Wide Lenses for More Beautiful Mobile Photography

- It's easy to use, and easy to apply to the phone
- It really cool! I feel like my pictures were taken by a DSRL
Also Good
Macro & Wide Lenses for More Beautiful Mobile Photography - Compatible with Any SmartphoneGoGo Photo Fisheye Lens
[amazonprice id="196"] on Amazon

Here is the third pick for our review – GoGO Photo Fisheye Lens. Manufactured by GoGo Robots, this fisheye lens is a great contender for iPhone 6S Plus fisheye lens. It boasts a durable glass and aluminum materials for the lens body. Unlike another lens that can appear too big or bulky, this particular product is very compact. The lens is small and lightweight. You should not find it difficult to apply it to your phone. A designated cap comes together with the lens to protect it from dust and dirt. It features a special SoftGrip technology that offers a sturdy grip. All you need to do is to screw the lens onto the clip. Once attached to the clip, the lens stays in place. The portability of this GoGo Photo Fisheye Lens is also excellent as the packaging packs together a black velvet carrying bag.

GoGo Photo Fisheye Lens 1

When it comes to the lens performance, the lens can produce photos with great clarity. However, since it is small in size, it takes quite an effort to notice dramatic alteration. The fisheye lens sure produces fun, rounded photos. However, there is a black background that makes images appear smaller than normal. Regardless of that black circle, the fisheye effect is still wide enough to the liking of amateur photographers.

Comparison Table

Black BackgroundNoNoYes
Image QualityExcellentGreatAverage
Fisheye EffectExcellentGreatGreat
Warranty18 months18 months30 days
Amazon Rating (stars)
Our Rating (stars)


A high-quality fisheye lens should be able to produce dramatic, wide photos. If you would like to buy such a great lens, consider one of the products above. They have a great build, take great shots, and do not cost a fortune!

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