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Best Passive 3D Glasses Review in 2016


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3D is the latest technology in the electronic and multimedia industry that gives one of a kind experience to the users. Passive 3D TV Glasses is one of the advanced tools that allow you to watch movies with objects that are flying out of the screen towards you. This passive 3D TV glasses review will enlighten you about what’s new and cool with some product recommendations for you to consider. Where to buy 3d glasses? They are very affordable, boast comfortable and durable materials and have a great 3D projection quality, you can purchase directly from Amazon. With a single purchase, you will get several pairs of glasses, and each one comes in different sizes to suit any types of audience – adults and kids.

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1What is Passive 3D TV Glasses?
2Why Buy A Passive 3D TV Glasses?
3How Does The Glasses Work?
4Passive 3D TV Glasses Reviews
4a.The Best Pick - LG AG-F216 Cinema 3D Glasses Family Pack
5Comparison Table

What is Passive 3D TV Glasses?

So, what are passive 3D TV glasses? You might have heard of 3D glasses before but this might be your first time hearing the passive term. You should know that there are two types of 3D glasses for the TVs. They are active and passive glasses. The passive ones are much cheaper, lighter, and highly compatible with many TV sets. Unlike active 3D glasses, it does not require any technology setup. All you need to do is to wear it on and watch the movie. It has a similar look and feel to the glasses that you wear in the cinemas. Quality wise, passive might not be as great as the active glasses. You can notice some jaggedness or black lines in the image if you are to sit too closely to the television. You should also note that it does not work with plasma TVs or projectors. Nevertheless, due to excellent ease of use and affordable prices, many users prefer to buy passive 3D TV Glasses and use them with their LCD or LED LCD TVs.

Why Buy A Passive 3D TV Glasses?

Best Active 3D TV Glasses

3D TV glasses are wearing tools that project 3D images on your TV screen. It can kick off your adrenaline with a flying car or a lifelike splashing of water from the screen. It makes TV watching an active activity rather than just a mundane and boring activity of sitting and watching. With top-performing passive 3D glasses, you will move and jump around on your couch out of excitement. These days, you can buy a single eyeglass that work with several brands of TV. It saves you tons of money as you will not have to purchase different 3D glasses for your various brands of television sets. Plus, they are also not as expensive as few years ago, so you should be able to afford this new TV gadget. It will not break your bank account and meant to last for a very long time.

Would you prefer the Active 3D glasses instead of below passive glasses review? Check out our posts on how to pick the best value Active 3D glasses.

How Does The Glasses Work?

The passive 3D glasses have a unique design whereby it feeds different images to each eye screen simultaneously. It applies a polarized type of screen and relies heavily on basic optics technology. Firstly, the TV that features a passive system would have a coating. This coating would then polarize the light produced by the alternative scan lines on the screen. The television will then interlace two different images, ready to submit it to the screens of your glasses. When you wear the 3D glasses, the polarization in the glasses will try to match to the coating on the TV screen to create moving images.

Passive 3D TV Glasses Reviews

1. LG AG-F216 Cinema 3D Glasses Family Pack

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Our Best Pick

LG AG-F216 Cinema 3D Glasses Family Pack
Our Best Pick
JGlasses Family Pack for 2011 and 2012 LG Cinema 3D HDTVs, 6-Pairs

- I really like the family pack because is very convinient, however, children size too small for who older than 7 years old.
- The quality is good, cool style, I love the comfortable that the glasses bring back.

[amazonprice id="220"] on Amazon


LG AG-F216 Cinema 3D Glasses Family Pack 1Why buy one when you can buy a whole pack at a low price of only $35? The best passive 3D TV Glasses that we have picked for this review is the LG AF-F216 Cinema 3D Glasses Family Pack. At such price, you can get six of these glasses and share it with your family, relatives, and friends for a fun 3D movie night. The LG passive 3D glasses come in several sizes, shapes and color options like black and white. Two of them are suitable for small children and the other two features clip-on glasses. It is very lightweight and comfortable to wear at only 0.6 ounces per glasses. The clip-on glasses have a strong grip and attach nicely on your regular eyeglasses. Since there is no synchronization needed with this type of device, there is no need for any batteries. It saves your money further, and it does not go out of power. The LG 3D glasses is not only comfortable but also produces high-quality 3D images. Make sure that you have LCD or LED LCD television sets with passive technology. On the specification, it mainly states that the glasses can work with any 2011 and 2012 models of LG 3D TVs. If your TV does not support this technology or it is a plasma TV, you might not be able to use this glasses. Cleaning cloth and carrying case comes together with the purchase.

  • Pros – Lightweight, versatile with several different sizes for the whole family, very affordable, sturdy clip-on glasses, highly compatible with many passive-supported TV sets.
  • Cons – Some users have complained about a faulty unit where it fails to project any 3D images.

2. Panasonic TY-EP3D20U Passive 3D Eyewear Glasses

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Panasonic TY-EP3D20U Passive 3D Eyewear Glasses

[amazonprice id="221"] on Amazon
Runner Up
Panasonic TY-EP3D20U Passive 3D Eyewear Glasses

Runner Up
Panasonic TY-EP3D20U Passive 3D Eyewear Glasses
Panasonic TY-EP3D20U Passive 3D Eyewear Glasses
[amazonprice id="221"] on Amazon

If you would like to pay less than $20 but enjoy comfortable and pleasurable 3D experience, you should consider the runner-up in this passive 3D TV glasses review. We have picked Panasonic 3d glasses TY-EP3D20U as the second best product. The purchase includes two pairs of glasses that you can wear with your loved one.  The Panasonic glasses boast a shining body that looks stylish and exclusive. It has a regular size that should fit well to any average size of heads. It might have quite a thick frame, but it is very lightweight. It does not hurt your nose or your ears due to a heavy frame or tight handles. You can purchase this passive 3D eyeglass and use it to watch movies on your Panasonic TVs or any other brands with passive technology. The quality of the projected images is on par with the quality of 3D screens that you watch in cinemas. It might lower the brightness on your TV screen, but this is a normal trait of a passive glasses. If you have the latest models of televisions, the TV should increase the level of brightness automatically to adjust the lighting when the passive mode is on.

Panasonic TY-EP3D20U Passive 3D Eyewear Glasses 1

  • Pros – Low price, stylish design, lightweight body, not too tight with a large frame, can project a great quality of 3D images.
  • Cons – It might fail to work with some TV brands.

3. Sony TDG-500P Passive 3D Glasses

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Sony TDG-500P Passive 3D Glasses

[amazonprice id="222"] on Amazon
Also Good
Sony TDG-500P Passive 3D Glasses
-Sony is the brand that I always trust. This 3D glasses like the one they use in theater, I like it.
-The style of this product is great, and very comfortable to wear, this 3D glasses also lightweight, high quality.
Also Good
Sony TDG-500P Passive 3D Glasses
Sony TDG-500P Passive 3D Glasses

[amazonprice id="222"] on Amazon

If you have a Sony LCD TV and would like to experience entertaining 3D movies, I am presenting to you the best passive 3D TV Glasses for your television – Sony TDG-500P Passive 3D Glasses. Just like the Panasonic device above, you can own this passive 3D eyeglass at a price right below $20, and you will not only get one pair but two of them. The style of this wearing device is unique. The eye screens are not directly connectable to the handle. There is a little bit of space between them. You might find this a bit awkward at first, but after several times of usages, you should get familiar with it. When placed on your nose, the lightweight glasses do not put a heavy burden on your face. It feels very comfortable to wear, even for a long continuous session of movies. The Sony glasses do not require any synchronization with your TV set. Plus, it is battery-free. The quality of the 3D images is also great. It is compatible with many models of Sony LED-LCD TVs, and that include Sony KDL-R550A, KDL-W802A, and XBR-X900A series. ( with products review from Cnet )

Sony TDG-500P Passive 3D Glasses 1

  • Pros – Lightweight, fashionable, affordable, highly compatible with many Sony TV series, can wear over regular optical glasses.
  • Cons – The lenses might be too far from the frames and requires some pressing for them to hold onto the frames.

Comparison Table

 LG Passive 3D GlassesPanasonic Passive 3D GlassesSony Passive 3D Glasses
Number of Included PairsSixTwoTwo
Weight0.6 ouncesN/A0.3 ounces
Image QualityExcellentGreatGreat
Amazon Rating (out of 5)4.754.3
Our Rating4.84.84.5


Overall, passive 3D TV glasses are cool accessories for your TV that gives you an entertaining 3D experience. You can purchase it to complete your personal home theater system. It is much lighter than the battery-operated active TV glasses, and the price is way affordable. Consider one of the devices above and enjoy seamless and fun movie experience right in the comfort of your home!



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