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Best Underwater Headphones For Swimming In 2018


Best Underwater Headphones For Swimming In 2018

Swimming is an invigorating exercise that can do wonders to your physique and health. But it can become tedious when you are underwater for an extended period of time. Having a set of good quality headphones that you can use underwater will turn your monotonous fitness session into a lively and enjoyable one easily.

But looking for a set of genuine waterproof headphones is a difficult task at best. There are many factors to consider like proper fit, good audio and waterproof quality. Fortunately there are plenty of options present now in swim friendly waterproof headphones.

Instead of browsing through the entire lot, we have made the task easier by lining up our best underwater headphones for swimming in 2018.

Before going into the list of best headphones here are a few considerations that you should keep in mind before you choose a suitable headphone:

Is it waterproof or water resistant?

Some headphones are just water resistant and cannot be used for swimming. They can withstand only water splashes like when it is raining or when you are sweating and these are not for water sports. Waterproof headphones are the ones you should look for as these can be submerged fully in water like when you are swimming or in the shower.

Does it perform well?

This is a significant factor to look for. The headphones should be able to produce top quality sound and have a compact design that does not interfere with your swimming. It should not provide any water resistance. This is important, if you are into competitive swimming.

Is it convenient?

The headphones should be designed to fit snugly without causing any discomfort.  Improperly fitting headphones will disturb your concentration requiring you to make constant adjustments.

Irrespective of whether you are swimming for recreation, as a fitness routine or competitively, having a good pair of waterproof headphones will make your swimming time exciting, enjoyable and fun. Moreover research reveals that hearing music will make you feel less tired so your activity level will be more intense and the results more beneficial. Here is a guide on our best headphones.

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Swimbuds Sport Waterproof Headphones

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Our Best Pick
Swimbuds Sport Waterproof Headphones
Swimbuds Sport Waterproof Headphones

Our Best Pick
Swimbuds Sport Waterproof Headphones

- Audio hardware is of good quality
- The seal is tight and does not leak
- Sound quality is good underwater
- Fit is very comfortable

Sweat-Proof and Water-proof Tested. Designed for workout activity. Very comfort.

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The Sport waterproof headphones are ideal for use under water as they have best pool friendly features. The different types of ear tips and attractive colors along with easy clip design make them comfortable and easy to wear. Here are some of the feature highlights of Swimbuds Sport headphones.

Swimbuds meets IPX-8 standards and withstands submersion to 10ft.


Swimbuds SPORT Waterproof Headphones reviewSwimbuds headphones are designed to meet all the essential needs in customers including better fit, good comfort and sturdy design. There are four different ear bud styles to choose from including tree, fin, mushroom and ergo tips. You can easily find a size that fits your style perfectly. The short cord of 40 cm is ideal for use underwater without interfering with your swimming. For those who need a longer cord, the extension cord of 1m helps in providing full versatility. The dimensions of the product include 8 x 8 x 5 inches and it is light in weight, weighing just 8 ounces.


The rugged design of Swimbuds headphones feature top quality material, strong cord and an ergonomic design ensuring you can enjoy uninterrupted audio underwater. The clip design allows you to use the headphones unobtrusively.  The Hydrobeat third generation TM sound provides great quality audio.


Swimbuds SPORT Waterproof Headphones review online

The Trees shaped buds in Swimbuds Sport is designed to provide superior seal. This assures undistorted and crystal clear audio. The quality material used also helps in keeping the water out and ensuring better listening experience.


  • Audio hardware is of good quality
  • The seal is tight and does not leak
  • Sound quality is good underwater
  • Fit is very comfortable


  • The cord is too short for wearing with audio player attached to mask while the extension is too long
  • Wire sheath  turns stiff after using for  few times and starts to crack
  • Tips are very weak and made of low quality material
  • Is not comfortable to wear with swim cap
  • Price is expensive

Bottom line

Swimbuds Sport is a must have headphone set, if you are a frequent swimmer and like to hear music while swimming. It can also be used for biking and running too.  Other than minor complaints about poor quality wiring and buds, the good seal and clear audio make it an awesome addition that adds fun to your otherwise monotonous swimming sessions.

Runner Up: HydroActive Short-Cord Headphones

HydroActive Short-Cord Headphones

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Hydroactive Headphones from Underwater Audio is our runner up in this list because of its simple design and good waterproof feature. If you are into water sports such as kayaking, SUP, canoeing, swimming and other such activities the Hydroactive headphones are an ideal choice. Let us look that some of the important features of the headphone set.

Hydroactive meet IPX-8 waterproof standards.


HydroActive Short-Cord Waterproof Headphones (wired 3.5 mm jack) with 11 Earbuds in 4 Styles - See below under Special Offers and Product Promotions for discounts review

The short cord Hydroactive headphones are designed for easy and simple usage. You can get it on and remove it easily. The wrap around headphone design is ideal as it does not interfere with your head gear while swimming.  The headphones are available in 4 styles and the package includes 11 ear buds and a wired jack of 3.5mm.


This is another essential factor that most swimmers consider when they are searching for a waterproof earphone. Since these earphones have a rechargeable battery, swimmers would incline toward an earphone battery that can last any longer than their swimming or exercise session. Subsequently, the more drawn out the battery life, the more famous it will be among swimmers.


The Hydroactive as the name implies works amazingly when used underwater. You get top quality sound and without shelling out too much money. The one year warranty further ensures the product is built to provide high efficient and durability. The main reason behind the high audio performance in the phone is the multiple chambers for protection that provide a tight seal. Thus you can hear un-muffled and crystal clear sound.

One thing that the HydroActive swimming earphones gets right is keeping water out of the ears – the earbuds remain agreeable in the ear all through the swimming lap. No water gets into the ear and this is basically to keeping the sound clear. To put it plainly, the plan of the HydroActive earphones is essentially top of the line and truly outstanding for dynamic swimmers. In the event that you need an arrangement of dependable earphones that will convey quality sound execution with no issues normally connected with swimming earphones, the HydroActive earphones will take your breath away.


  • Sound quality is good and does not diminish over time
  • Good bass output without any static
  • Water tight seal works effectively
  • Swimming cords are fastened securely with headband
  • No loose ends so adjustments are minimal while using the headphone


  • Water tight seal takes some time to work
  • Sound gets disturbed when you do flip turns underwater
  • The plastic ear buds are too rough on the ear

Bottom line

With candid and clear audio, comfortable design and good performance, the Hydroactive audio headphones are ideal, if you are looking for an exceptional audio experience.

Also good:  H2O Audio 100% Waterproof Headphones & Waterproof iPod Shuffle Case Swim Solution

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Sport Headphones supported by H2O Audio are ideal headphones to use both inside water and outside water. The features in the headphones are really decent making them snag the also good spot in our list. Here are some of the outstanding features of the product.

H2O Audio Headphone come with highest waterproof IPX rating of IP8 enabling superior quality sound in and out of water up to 12ft/3.6m


The headphones are able to withstand well to a depth of 12 feet inside water. The Surge Sport has a patented waterproof mechanism that makes the headphones survive wet conditions including heavy sweating for unlimited span of time. The waterproof feature makes it easy to rinse the headphones clean whenever needed. The dimensions include 6.5 x 1 x 4.5 inches and the headphones weigh 2.1 ounces.


H2O Audio 100% Waterproof Headphones & Waterproof iPod Shuffle Case Swim Solution , Superior Sound and Construction includes 1 Year Warranty reviewThe headphones & case has 5 sets of earplugs made of elastomer that are comfortable and fit snugly for use during swimming and other activities such as working out and running. The sheared shape ensures perfect fit resulting in superior sound and minimal drag when in water. The hydrodynamic design also ensure you get top quality audio that is amplified and of improved quality with its sound isolating design. 8 mm drivers made of neodymium ensure you receive dynamic bass and warm sounds effectively.

This is critical when playing out any activity, including swimming. The earphones ought not be cumbersome or substantial. They ought not feel ungainly in the ears, and they ought to be exceptionally agreeable. Waterproof earphones are worthwhile in light of the fact that they don’t assimilate any water. In this way, they won’t turn out to be substantial and strain the neck of the swimmer. The earphones ought to be light and simple to fly into the ear. All things considered, they should fill their need without hindering the swimmer’s exercises.


  • Treble and bass sounds are great
  • Lasts for more than 200 laps of swimming
  • Comfortable to wear
  • Sturdy design


  • The cord is too long
  • Difficult to maintain proper seal
  • Poor quality material

Bottom Line

H2 Audio audio’s Surge Headphones are ideal, if you engage in activities like swimming, running, triathlon, snowboarding and more.  The sound isolating device, good audio quality even when present deep underwater  and 5 different ear tips along with comfortable and simplistic design make the product a moderately good one. Other than minor drawbacks such as long cord and quality concerns the headphone is a good choice for underwater use.

Presumably the most vital thing about earphones for swimming after the waterproofing. What we found is that these earphones have a portion of the best quality sounds from every one of the earphones we tried. The bass submerged was immaculate and it hit highs and lows easily.

Rating: We give these earphones a 4.5 rating since they convey a standout amongst other music encounter for swimmers. The mix of the waterproof earphones and iPod is wonderful. These are the sort of earphones that make a swimmers life less demanding.


Now that you have gone through our lineup of best underwater headphones for swimming in 2018, you are sure to gain the perception needed to make a good purchase.  When you pair up the headphones with the right MP3 player, you can have uninterrupted music listening experience that will remain unparalled.

And you get to enjoy benefits such as not having to keep your phone close by, if you have headphones with Bluetooth connectivity. With longer lifespan and great sound quality these headphones are able to provide a great listening experience during intense workouts, running or swimming sessions.

The resistance offers by the headphones make them a definite addition to have as they are not only good when you are underwater, but also serve well in other above water situations too. And with the proper selection you can be assured of a worthwhile investment that encourages your fitness sessions while keeping you entertained.

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