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Best Waterproof Bluetooth Headphones in 2015


Best Waterproof Bluetooth Headphones in 2015

best waterproof headphones
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Today, we can easily get a waterproof and wireless headset in the market and use them while running in the rain or swimming in the pool. Are you looking for some great options of waterproof headsets? Well, you are lucky because we are going to take a look at some of the best waterproof Bluetooth headphones in 2015 and compare their features and performances!

 Product Overviews

The best waterproof Bluetooth headphones in 2015 that we will check out today are JLab Epic Wireless Sports Headphones, Plantronics BackBeat Fit Bluetooth Headphones, and VProof Bluetooth Headphones. First, let us take a look at the features.

1. JLab Epic Wireless Sports Headphones – It is a sweat-proof headset that features Crystal Clear Clarity technology that provides clean manufacture by Jlapaudio, rich and balanced range of sounds. The product is lightweight at 18g.

Our Best Pick

JLab Epic Bluetooth 4.0
JLab Epic Wireless Sports Earbuds Headphones 2
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Our Best Pick
JLab Epic Bluetooth 4.0

- Design: 8.0
- Sound Quality: 8.5
- Features: 7.5
- Value: 8.0

JLab Epic are well designed for workouts-focused and 100% Waterproof. Worth to buy.

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With the 135mAh battery power, the battery life is as long as 10 hours. It utilizes Bluetooth 4.0 technology and provides a wireless range up to 30 feet away. With up to 10 hours of brain blowing sound between charges, Epic Bluetooth Earbuds have 60% more battery limit than competitors*. You can get a week of workouts, right around three marathons or a round trip flight from Seattle to Miami. Discuss stamina. Additionally the battery marker on your cell phone will guarantee you know to what extent you have.

The neoprene, Eco-calfskin cell phone case is stretchable, lightweight and can be changed over to a belt cut for simple telephone access while you’re utilizing your Epic Bluetooth Earbuds.

The headset is available on Amazon.com at a price of $99.99.

In the packaging, you will receive sets of the silicone gel ear buds, ear hooks, a smartphone casing, a USB cable, and a 1-year warranty. More detail reviews of this product here. Also if you do have any question or warranty issues, you can contact Jlapaudio official address.

2. Plantronics BackBeat Fit Bluetooth Headphones – BackBeat Fit weighs around 22g, and it features a stylish design and bright color options. With the Bluetooth V3.0 technology, you can enjoy wireless streaming up to 33 feet away from your smartphone. The headset provides up to 8 hours of music with its lithium-ion battery. There is also a Deep Sleep Mode that will save the battery when the headset is inactive. With its P2i coating technology and sweat proof design, BackBeat headset can withstand a jet of water. It is available on Amazon.com with a price of $86.00.

Agreeable, stable, and fabricated for activity, BackBeat FIT elements a dynamic outline that fits easily and stays put for all levels of activity. The effortlessly open on-ear controls let you continue moving while you control your music or calls, while the included neoprene armband easily secures your cell phone. When you’ve completed your workout, the BackBeat FIT overlays up and can be put away in the armband.

Stay informed regarding the battery life of your BackBeat FIT earbuds with a helpful headset battery meter that consequently shows onscreen for iPhone and iPad. For Android cell phones and tablets, the free Plantronics Battery Meter application shows a headset battery meter and can give on-screen alarms when your battery is low or completely charged.

Detail reviews and comparison of Plantronics BackBeat with other waterproof headphones.

Plantronics BackBeat Fit Bluetooth Headphones

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3. VProof Bluetooth Headphones – These Style Waterproof headphones feature an ultra-slim design, and fit securely into any ear. They work great with your iPod, iPhone, Zune, Sansa, or any other MP3 player or Cell Phone with a standard 3.5mm headphone jack.

VProof Bluetooth Headphones are also affordable headsets that are suitable for active folks out there. It is a waterproof headset that can endure a heavy stream of water. It features a noise-cancellation technology and provides loud and clear audio quality. The Bluetooth 3.1 provides a wireless range up to a maximum of 33 feet. The product also features a sleek sports design that makes it very comfortable to wear when running or jogging. Use these with your waterproof media player for the ultimate maritime audio experience.. The product is available for $24.99 on Amazon.com.

VProof Bluetooth Headphones

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Product Performances

When it comes to finding the best waterproof headphones in 2015, we will have to compare the performances of each product. We will take a look at several criteria that are as followings.

style and comfort while wearing headphones Style and Comfort

All three headphones boast sleek, light, and sporty designs. The JLab Epic headset features an ergonomic earbuds design that will ensure them to fit securely in your ears, Measuring just 17-18 grams, the EPIC Bluetooth Earbuds are so smooth you’ll forget you have them on. The earbud lodging augments common solace with a 45-degree line to-earbud-point that ergonomically fits ears. Dissimilar to others, there are no stout gadgets standing out of your ears – simply the sleekest, lightest Bluetooth in-ear earbuds eve. Plantronics headset boasts a premium look and high-quality materials, which suits well to its price.

The VProof goes more towards the minimalist design with its simple shape and color. When it comes to the style and comfort, the Plantronics headsets prove to be better looking with its bright color options, exclusive look, and comfortable sports earbuds.

 Audio Quality

With the C3 technology, JLab Epic headset produces deep bass and vibrant high, much to the liking of music lovers out there and C3 (Crystal Clear Clarity) innovation conveys a clean, fresh, immersive sound with dynamic highs, mids and a pumping bass through immaculate elite 8mm drivers, which are up to 50% bigger than the opposition. Rock it out!.

The Plantronics headset focuses more on providing safety to its wearers. The earbud designs will allow you to hear a little bit of sounds from the traffic while running in the street. You’ll appreciate a week of workouts with up to 8 hours of listening time. At the point when the BackBeat FIT is out of reach from your telephone or tablet, the DeepSleep force sparing hibernation mode kicks into keep the earphones energized for to six months.

The manufacturer makes it up by pumping louder bass and vocals to provide clear sound despite hearing the external sound. The VProof provides decent sound quality but may not be able to satisfy the hearts of audiophiles out there.

t is obvious that the Plantronics headset is the winner in the audio quality as it provides balanced audio sound together with its outdoor safety feature.

 the Plantronics headset is the winner in the audio quality as it provides balanced audio sound together with its outdoor safety featureBattery Power

In the battery power department, the JLab Epic beats the other two wireless headsets as it can provide a maximum of 10 hours of music streaming! Both BackBeat Fit and VProof headsets only have 8 hours of battery life when fully charged.

Wireless Range

The JLab may have long battery hours, but it has the shortest wireless range at 30 feet. The Plantronics and VProof are better in providing great mobility as you can move from your smartphone as far as 33 feet away!

 Price Comparisons

The VProof headphones are the cheapest and the most economical at a price of only $24.99. The BackBeat Fit or Jlab are the most expensive ($86.00 – $99.99) as it has a better build quality as well as enhanced sound and security technology!

 User Feedbacks

In order to help you find the best waterproof Bluetooth headphones in 2015, we will also share with you several helpful feedbacks from the buyers.

  •  Feedback on JLab Epic – Carlton Hobbs said that the headset had a deep and powerful bass. The audio clarity is impressive, and it is very comfortable to wear too.
  • Feedback on BuckBeat Fit – Jones said that the sound on the headset was deep, rich and amazing! Plus it fits perfectly in her ears and features helpful voice notifications.
  • Feedback on VProof – Dustin Ferreira said that they are cool headphones but are not so waterproof. You can use it under the rain but not in the swimming pool.

 Product Summaries

If you love to run in the park and always seem to get stuck in the rain, perhaps, you want to consider one of these best waterproof Bluetooth headphones in 2015. From the comparisons above, you can see that they are capable of providing high-quality audio sound, durable materials, stylish design and long battery life!

JLab Epic BuckBeat Fit VProof
Sound Quality Good Excellent Average
Bluetooth Range 30 feet 33 feet 33 feet
Design Good Excellent Minimalist
Battery Life 10 hours 8 hours 8 hours

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