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BlueAnt Pump Review – Good Wireless HD Sportbuds


BlueAnt Pump HD Sportsbuds 1

Many athletic person feel uncomfortable because they could not attempt to listen to their favorite songs on their smartphone while running. That’s why stereo Bluetooth was generated to fit perfectly for active people.

Not long time ago, Bluetooth headphones are not supported to work well with sweat or water. Because the salty liquid could ruin the electronics components very quick.

Aussie organization Blueant Wireless is attempting to conquer these impediments with its Pump HD sportsbuds. Shaking Bluetooth 3.0 for fresh, stereo sound and a waterproof, over-ear outline, the Pumps are made for runners and different competitors who would prefer not to manage the inconveniences of wired earphones.


The advantages/disadvantages of BlueAnt Pump


  • Great sound – Music is awesome
  • Great Comfort
  • Good Battery
  • It’s ease to use
  • Good fit
  • Water-resistant and dust-resistant with sweat-proof coating


  • Huge product
  • The “stabilizers” will make you painful after a while


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BlueAnt Pump HD Sportsbuds 1

The Pumps aren’t exactly revolutionary in terms of design – we’ve seen other behind-the-ear Bluetooth headphones before.

In terms of design, the Pumps are not the pioneer because we already saw the behind the ear of Bluetooth headphones one time.

BlueAnt Pump HD Sportsbuds 4

But it does not matter. Because the behind-the-ear is making the comfortable with slender expansions associating with the earbuds that go in your ear openings themselves.

The tangle-free cable that are connecting the two earpieces is little short and flat that allows you to store or transport the headphones easily.

BlueAnt Pump HD Sportsbuds 3

The Pumps are avaiable in many colors to provide the good looking and performance that are attracting many athletic people.

BlueAnt Pump HD Review

These waterproof headphones are built with teflon and kevlar and a smooth rubberise exterior that provide the fairly comfortable while wearing.

There are three control buttons and a single covered Micro-USB port that are located on the right earpiece to charge and doing everything else.

Since sound quality from in-ear buds comes generally from how well the buds fit in your ear, Blueant has stuffed the case the Pumps accompany loaded with ear buds of diverse sizes.

BlueAnt Pump HD Sportsbuds 2

The external sound would not be blocked out by four large attachments, medium, small and a couple of “awareness tips”. With the stabilizers in design, the earbuds will place in your ears securely.

But this is a considerable achievement that allows athletic getting more enjoying while using them.

The outer sound would not be shut out by four vast connections, medium, little and a few “mindfulness tips”. With the stabilizers in plan, the earbuds will put in your ears safely.

In any case this is a significant accomplishment that permits sports getting all the more appreciating while utilizing them.

The stabilizers do make getting the earpieces in your earholes a touch more troublesome, however the security of never needing to stress over them dropping out is certainly worth the trouble.

Likewise in the container is a link tie for the rope behind your head. It would appear to be an unnecessary consideration given the link is decently short in any case, yet the certainty its in the crate is a welcome expansion.

These additional connections are imperative however, as having the right earpieces appended is fundamental. On the off chance that you select an earpiece measure excessively little, the buds are prone to go verging on excessively profound in your ears.

Sound Quality

BlueAnt Pump HD Sportsbuds 12

The design with good fit is just half of reason you have known of these earbuds. The other half is the sound quality. You can enjoy your favorite music while wearing these Pumps because the fit is great for all day long with the quite good song quality.

BlueAnt Pump HD Sportsbuds 8

A decent seal is made with the Comfort Seal tips, which makes the bass significantly more responsive (and discernable) than with the Comply Awareness tips. Shockingly, however, there’s still a discernable measure of bass with the recent set of tips, however its far less characterized. Commonly, treble and mids live up to expectations obviously paying little respect to tip.

Talking about, the parity with these buds is phenomenal. There’s sufficient bass to keep the lows solid without making everything excessively sloppy, and the mids and highs are fresh without being cruel. They’re not going to supplant your $300+ in addition to set of earphones, however they’re damn useful for working out or casual use.


At last, an incredible activity Bluetooth that wont pass on me.

Used so much cash, had utilized Jaybird, Motorola, Jabra, and one gadget or an alternate passed on me following 3 months, issues dependably the common, battery can’t hold charge, or something like that called water safe, or sweat confirmation, however can’t deal with my sweat. Need to be completely forthright here, I truly sweat, after every workout, my towel would be soaking….hahahaa.

Presently, this Blueant, in spite of the fact that the name is not known where I dwell, btw, I am from Singapore.

Also with exceptionally sticky climate, sweatproof is a MUST. This item can truly take sweat, perhaps cos its secured with Kelvar.

So I am so content with this item. Just thing I stress is the guarantee, since I need to send back the distance to US Amazon.



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