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B&O PLAY by Bang and Olufsen Earset 3i Headphones Review in 2016


B&O PLAY by BANG & OLUFSEN - Earset 3i Headphones, White Review

This headphone is definitely for people on the move. It is ultra lightweight design takes comfort to a whole new level. You can wear this earphone for hours without even realizing. The materials used in this earphone are scratch resistant and also impact resistant. Their design is nothing short of state-of-the-art. The earphone comes with an integrated button that you can use to answer or end calls. This same button can also be used for several different functions like skip, pause and play etc. The loudspeakers are mounted on telescopic bars and allow you to enjoy music on the go.

However, since these earphones are designed for the people on the go, they will not entirely cut you off from the outside world. You will still be able to hear ambient sounds that are loud enough in order to commute safely. The small ear pads have a very soft feel and, therefore, are very comfortable for your ears. They can easily adapt to any ear shape and size. The headphones have been tuned by Bang & Olufsen’s acoustics department to perfection. The high signal-to-noise ratio will reproduce music very clearly with crisp notes. The headphone has been designed to be ultra light and adjustable to facilitate wearing during daily commuting.

The headphone comes with a 2-year limited warranty from the manufacturer. However, for this warranty to be valid, you have to purchase it from authorized dealers on Amazon only. The earphone is constructed from brushed aluminum and special soft touch rubber coating. This earphone fits any ear very easily due to its sleek and ergonomic design. The earphone also features an inline remote system and a microphone for answering calls.

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Our Best Pick
B&O PLAY by BANG & OLUFSEN - Earset 3i Headphones
B&O PLAY by BANG & OLUFSEN - Earset 3i Headphones
Earset 3i Headphones

- The Price is high but is perfect for any commuter.
- I love the design and also satisfied with the soud quality.
- The sound so great. But the bass, feel a little disappointed.

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  1. Equipped with an inline remote and inbuilt microphone for answering calls which are really great for a product like this
  2. Comes with one touch control for various functions like answer/end calls and for accessing music functions. Extremely useful and effective
  3. Bang Olufsen headphones tuned sound quality that is unmatched in this price range
  4. The ear buds provided with the product are very comfortable ear buds which can fit into any ear size or shape
  5. On the go design enables you to enjoy the music without being completely cut off from ambient sounds
  6. Earphone design features a sporty look which is very desirable

B&O PLAY by BANG & OLUFSEN - Earset 3i Headphones, White Review 2

The sound quality of this earphone is simply excellent. B & O has designed this earphone to absolute perfection. Other earphones in the market do not even come close to what this earphone can deliver. The extra money is, therefore, worth spending.

This earphone also comes with a three-year warranty provided you purchase it from a recognized dealer on Amazon. It is really wise to opt for the replacement policy as the connection cord is not very sturdy and can get damaged from daily rough use. Cords that get damaged within the period of warranty get replaced by the manufacturer for free.

This earphone also works with the iPhone and iPod. Unfortunately, these earphones do not sound as great with the iPhone. The bottom has heavy bass and the treble is slightly weak. The mid is not very impressive too. Therefore, I would not recommend this earphone in case you have an iPhone. However, these earphones are excellent with other devices and smartphones.

The sound quality is just fantastic. It will definitely blow your mind away. Its sound can be compared even to the best of headphones in the market. It is really a great honor for an earphone to be compared to headphones. The wrap around design is extremely comfortable and you do not have to insert it in your ear in order to fit it. This is great for most people who do not like to have in-ear earphones.

B&O PLAY by BANG & OLUFSEN - Earset 3i Headphones, White Review 3

The new EarSet 3i earphones have an included controller that can control the volume. This button can also be used to skip tracks in either direction. The overall stability, comfort, and sound quality are great. This is topped by the rock solid build. This is a big requirement for on the go earphones as they undergo a lot of unintentional rough use during daily commuting. This version sounds much better than the previous version and has three different controls.

The bass is clear and there is not even a hint of muddiness as with other earphones. The treble and mids are very well balanced and sound extremely crisp and clear. The sound quality is good enough to please any audiophile. This earphone is also suited for any genre of music, be it rock and roll, jazz, blues, or funk etc. However, it gets beaten when it comes to country music.

This is a great piece of craftsmanship that is durable, looks great, and delivers great quality music. The only apparent drawback is the quality of the cord. However, if you opt for the three-year warranty you can rest assured. This earphone is priced at about $169, but it is worth every penny. The fantastic quality that it delivers is well worth spending that extra money on. Its audio quality is comparable to any good headphone in the market and that says a lot about it. If you are an audiophile and a daily commuter, this is definitely the earphone for you as it offers the most bang for your buck!

B&O PLAY by BANG & OLUFSEN - Earset 3i Headphones, White Review 4


  • Awesome sound quality and clarity
  • Does not cut off ambient sounds completely and, therefore, can be used outdoors safely as well!
  • Build quality is tough and the material is scratch resistant
  • Three different controls make it easy to access music and call functions
  • Look is fantastic and sporty making it one of the most desired products in the range.


  • Cord is flimsy and requires replacement after a period of rough use
  • Price is a bit on the higher side

Though the cons are something which you can easily ignore on this product as it is nothing major!

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