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Brainwavz S0 IEM Noise Isolating Headphones Review

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For a sports enthusiast and active person like me, it’s a must that I have headphones that can withstand the different conditions as well as keep up with me during my workouts. I prefer using wireless earphones, those cord headphones are a thing of the past. That’s why I have chosen the Brainwavz S0 IEM Noise Isolating Headphones.

Product Description and Features

I’ve owned several wireless Bluetooth headphones so let’s see what the Brainwavz S0 IEM has to offer and does it stand out amongst its competition:

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  • Super bass for the best music experience.
  • Wireless design, Bluetooth technology for easy pairing with your gadgets.
  • Noise insulation technology to reduce noise by 80% so you can focus on your music.
  • Built in mic lets you hear the person on the other side while filtering background noise.
  • Made for sports: sweat proof, water resistant, tangle free wire.
  • Extended battery life.


  • Brainwavz S0 IEM Earphones
  • Earbuds frame piece replacements (adjustable size in: Small, Medium, LArge and 1 sport sets)
  • Charging cord
  • Manufacturer 1 year warranty will apply under the “Warranty Condition Guide”.

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What I think of the product

As a person who works out and has a very active lifestyle, I want to be able to concentrate on what I am doing; that’s why I listen to music with my headphones. It gives me more focus rather than just listening to the buzzing noise in the gym.

  • Comfort: The Brainwavz are pretty comfortable and the package includes different sets of ear buds to suit your ears. I have medium sized ears (in my opinion) and the medium ones fit snugly in my ears. The rubber is soft which is good, didn’t make my ears sore after hours of wearing it. Doesn’t move around, the ear hooks helped a lot with the stability of the headphones on my ears. I’ve worn it for a couple of hours and only made adjustments two or three times.
  •  Design: The headphones look sleek and not cheap.  The color available is black and green (more like lime green). The wire is flat so less tangles when you hastily place them in your bag. The cover of the headphones is made of high grade plastic and is IPX4 making it sweat proof and water resistant. The earphones also have additional ear hooks for added stability whenever you move.

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  • Durability: Remember that these headphones are just water resistant and not water proof. Don’t submerge them underwater. I have proven how sweat and waterproof it is while doing my usual jogging and cycling rounds over the weekend. The material on the headphones repels sweat and water so it’s great even when you use them during humid weather. With the flat wire it’s very easy to untangle even when you just stuff them into your bag after use. The wire seems thick enough which is good since accidental tugging is inevitable especially during outdoor activities.
  •  Versatility: Aside from being a Bluetooth headset, you can also use it to answer calls. It has a built in mic on the headphones and has built in control so you don’t have to reach out to your phone which includes pause, skip forward/back, mute, answer call, end call and reject call.
  • Pairing my headset with my device only took a few seconds and I was able to hear steady stream of music from my phone to the headset in no time. To test out the Bluetooth strength and connectivity, I placed my phone on my bedroom table and walked around, then went into the bathroom; I still have a strong connection with my phone.The primary reason I went with the Brainwavz S0 IEM is that I can have more freedom to move around and listen to music while I work out. The wire is just at the right length but if you find it too long then you can easily clip it.

 Sound quality: Music plays flawlessly with this device, very clear and sharp. I agree with what they say about the bass, it’s super. The mid-tones and great even on high or low volume. I also tried it with audio and it’s very clear.

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I’ve answered a few calls with this headset and you can hear the person very clearly and there is less noise compared to other Bluetooth headphones with mic function.


  • Get it while it’s on sale, it’s only $44.50 instead of the original price of $69.50.
  • Comfortable and with added ear hooks for added security and stability during movement.
  • Wireless so that gives you more freedom to move.
  • Bluetooth reception is great.
  • Comes with three different sized ear buds so you can choose which fits you best.
  • You can answer calls with this headphones and it has a built it mic.
  • Noise reduction/ filter works great; you can tune out background noise and focus on your music, audio or to the person you are talking to.
  • Flat wires mean fewer tangles with the headphones.
  • Clear music, great bass.


  • Limited colors, only comes in black and green.

Would I recommend the product?

Definitely, the Brainwavz S0 IEM Noise Isolating Earphones are one of the best wireless Bluetooth headphones I’ve used and I would definitely recommend it to my peers. These are great headphones with awesome quality. Music, audio and calls are all clear; bass is great with these headphones and the noise reduction feature is works well to tune out unwanted noise. It has strong Bluetooth reception so you can walk around the room and do your workouts or go to the gym and just place your phone in your bag and you are good to go. It’s very easy to connect with my device as well. As a matter of fact I will be buying two more, one as a spare and one for my fiancé. With the price drop right now it’s definitely worth buying.

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