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Customer Review Of Motorola S10-HD Bluetooth Headphones


If you are going outside or exercising, the Motorola S10-HD would be a great option for listening to music. They are most likely not a displacement for higher end earphones when you only need to listen to music for a delight.

Last year, the predecessor of Motorola S10-HD was the S9-HD that surprised us with a clear, bright, good sound and strong bass, but it not comfortable to wear. This new product costs only $44.99 and offers a step up in comfort. Some customers complained about its sound, let’s see my review to find out why.

What’s in the box

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After purchasing Motorola S10 HD, you will get the headset with three extra sets of ear gels, an instruction manual and finally is micro USB charger.

Product Features

  • Compatible with most smart devices
  • wide-ranging supported
  • Sweat-resistant design
  • Waterproof design
  • Characteristics hydrophobic cross section material, silicone seals and encased speakers to bail keep out dampness
  • Low-profile design
  • Talk time is about 10 hours
  • Music time is about 9 hours
  • Long battery life
  • Propelled acoustic configuration
  • With computerized tuning and improved bass for rich sound

Design and Fit

Motorola S10-HD Waterproof Bluetooth Headphones WaterProof

The S10-HD has upgraded in design compared to S9-HD. These headphones has 4.9 x 1.8 x 5.1 inches and the weights 1.1 ounces, little heavier than before.

S10-HD made from matte plastic, and soft rubber. That’s why these headphones has sweat resistant and waterproof for you to walk in the rain. The speakers themselves are currently recessed in their lodgings, with new ear pad interfaces and a recently created hydrophobic acoustic cross section to keep the speakers sweat evidence.

In this device, the antenna performance is improved. Motorola already changed the button arrangement to make easier to press, there is not stiff button as the S9-HD. There are three rubberized buttons on each side that are: play, pause, skip controls at right and volume buttons, multi-function call at left.


Motorola S10-HD Bluetooth Stereo Headphones 6The most important of S10-HD is the slightly more comfortable to wear with a true in-ear design.

That said there’s more flex in the configuration now, and the ear tips are softer. Likewise, the plastic band sits lower on the neck than some time recently. Subsequently, it was presently conceivable to kind of lean back in my work area seat without pushing them totally out of position, which was one of the all the more disappointing parts of the S9-HD. The S10-HD still moved enough to oblige rearrangement once I laid back in the seat, however. Furthermore after about 30 minutes, regardless I needed to take the headset off, much the same as I do with the S9-HD.

The S10 HD is very comfortable for anyone who wears glasses, you don’t have to push down on your glasses behind your ears.

Sound Quality

In Motorola S10 HD, the audio streaming is supported, it means you can connect headset to smartphone ( Android phone ), and stream your music from phone to headset. All of the controls as play/pause, skip and go back a song can be used.

Call Quality

In S10-HD design, we can see the microphone that is located at right hand of earpiece. This feature is not good point of S10 HD because it is hard to have clear conversations.

However, this headset comes with good quality stereo, we could really hear and calls well. The sound is loud and clear.

Music Controls

The Motorola S10 HD is truly intended to be a stereo earphone which can likewise accept calls. Music quality was truly only OK with the Motorola MOTOROKR S10 HD. A wired stereo headset at the same value point will just about dependably give better sound to your music. Music over Bluetooth is simply a touchy thing. An alternate issue was that this headset does not play noisily enough for a few circumstances. On the off chance that you were running or cycling in movement and wearing these (which is likely not the most secure thing to do) the sound was excessively delicate for my tastes.

The Motorola S10 HD was additionally failing to offer any considerable bass reaction. Mids were alright and high frequencies fail to offer the subtle element of wired headsets.

Motorola S10-HD Waterproof Bluetooth Headphones  Specs

Motorola S10-HD Pros and Cons


  •  Great sound: I have tried to listen to a bass-heavy music, the result is beautiful for phone calls, listening to music, or watching videos
  • Securely fit: It’s fit and don’t come loose. Someone said it uncomfortable but I feel ok.
  • Easily pairing: I got the drop only few times.
  • Sweat-resistant and Waterproof.
  • Light weight enough for me.
  • Good performance: I can use it for music, gym, running, calls during workouts.
  • Long Battery Life.
  • Good Range
  • Easy Controls.


  • Power button is bad: it’s not working properly after time.
  • Pairing issues: Sometime I got drop connection
  • Charging and powering stopped sometimes.
  • Not loud enough

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