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Customer Review: Motorola S305 Bluetooth Stereo Headset Review


If you are searching for awesome Bluetooth stereo headphones for Galaxy S5, the Motorola S305 is a good option with a wireless headset function.

Before, Bluetooth stereo is just only stereo audio sound, you cannot experience your music truly. But today, headsets are upgraded with many better features for people to enjoy much better in music, comfortability, etc.

One of best Bluetooth Stereo Headset is Motorola S305.

Motorola S305 Bluetooth Stereo Headset Review

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Motorola S305 – What’s in the box

In the box, we have Bluetooth headset and a micro USB charger with an instruction manual.

Motorola S305 manual

Pairing the S305

Just push and hold the Power button until you see the green light and put the S305 around the back of your neck with the ear hooks over your ears and the padded speakers on your ears.

The first time you turn the Motorola S305 on, it automatically enters into pairing mode. You should check this again by taking a gander at the pointer light and verifying it is glimmering red and green on the other hand.

On your Galaxy S3 , HTC EVO 4G LTE or HTC One X or other Android device, just:

  • Choose the Bluetooth settings
  • Go to Scan for devices
  • Select the Motorola S305 from available devices
  • If any passcode require, just type in 0000

Motorola S305 Bluetooth Stereo Headset Review

If you want to make automatically pairing from Motorola S305 to another device, the step is holding the Power button and Volume button together until the green or red flashing on.

And to remove all of the paired devices in this headset, just press the Play/Pause button with the Volume button together for five seconds.

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Motorola is providing the A2DP built in function for Bluetooth stereo streaming music in S305. Of course, the AVRCP built in functionality for remote control is also available in this device.

You have the Volume up (+) and Volume down (-) controls at the right of this speaker that is near Power button.

The Call button is located at the back of the right speaker for initiating voice dialing, phone calls or answering a phone call.

Over the ring from the Call catch is the Play/Pause catch. To Pause or Play the music, just press one, to stop the music, just hold the button.

Crosswise over from each one in turn on that “ring” of controls are the FF and RW catches.

RW is button for previous track of music.

FF is button for the next track of music.

Press and hold each one catch to Fast Forward or Rewind inside a specific track of music.

You can launch voice controls on your telephone by pressing the Call catch.

On the off chance that your telephone has charges to play music, you can utilize your voice likewise.

On the off chance that you are listening to a tune and a call comes in, the music will stop, permitting you to accept the call.

When the call has finished, the music begins move down.

To acknowledge a call coming in, press the Call catch, to reject it, press either one of the FF or RW catches.

You can likewise Mute a call by pressing the Play/Pause catch while on a call.

Press and hold the Call catch to redial the last number you called.

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In comparison, this Motorola S305 is completely different to S10-HD, at the results that I tested few weeks before.

These headphones come with the hard headband in designed to float on the back of customer’s neck.

In my opinion, S305’s designed much more comfortable than many other in-ears design because there are soft ear cups that make people feel much better than hard gel tips inside their canal.

The crucial issue of the headband that is kind of an ear hook that goes behind the ear is not excessively uncomfortable, yet it did push down a bit on my glasses.

I discovered I could wear the S305’s for amplified times of time.

They were exceptionally agreeable and more agreeable than wearing something profound in my ear trenches.

The main genuine downside from a solace point of view is that drawn out wear did make my ears sweat a bit underneath – which could be both terrible and uncomfortable.

motorola s305 best buy

Call quality

First of all, we review the Motorola S305 designed, the microphone is located at the bottom of the right hand earpiece to make more comfortable.

But this comfortability is not brought the good conversations, the microphone is close enough to the mouth, that’s why it was tough for callers to understand what I was saying.

But, that’s just only small disadvantage; S305 still brings the good quality stereo, I could really hear calls well, the sound was cloud and clear.

motorola s305 vs

Music quality

The Motorola S305 help A2dp sound streaming implying that when the headset is associated, you can stream your music from your Galaxy S3 or other Android telephone right to the headset.

You can likewise Pause/Play, Skip and about-face a tune in a Playlist or collection by utilizing the Music controls.

I was charmingly astonished at the music nature of the S305.

I had not been excessively awed with other Motorola Bluetooth headsets (or an excess of Bluetooth headsets by and large) as to music quality.

The bass reaction was sort of needing and unquestionably did not have the “punch” of a true brilliant headset. On the other hand, the mid and high frequencies were truly really great.

Vocals sounded clear and extremely “present”, and cymbals and strings and wind instruments were clear.

Frequently, when listening to music over Bluetooth stereo earphones I don’t feel especially enlivened to truly sit and listen to my music – it is even more a comfort than a charming knowledge.

The S303’s were distinctive, and I truly did appreciate simply listening to my music through these. The wrap up The Motorola S305 was a truly decent astound. I did not want much, and I was agreeably shocked.

Music quality is really great, and these are fundamentally for listening to music and optionally for taking care of telephone calls.

Call quality sounded great on my end yet was only reasonable for guests on the flip side attempting to make out what I was talking.

Motorola S305 Bluetooth Stereo Headset specs

The good

  • Convenience with No wires
  • Good music quality, good sound quality, strong bass
  • Comfortable wear with lightweight

The bad

  • Call quality was simply OK
  • Earphones don’t overlay for travel
  • Delayed utilization does make ears sweat

The verdict

After reading my review, what do you think of this S305? For me, I have to tell that I prefer this headset than other Motorola Bluetooth headphones. Because this device is more comfortable with headphones on my ears and the music quality is good. Buy it now!!!

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