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In-depth Review Of GLCON GS-09 Mini Lightweight Headphones


GLCON GS-09 Mini 1GLCON GS-09 Mini is a stylish and comfortable Lightweight headset that provides pure audio enjoyment to active folks and music fans out there. It features wind-noise and DSP-noise cancelation that produce clean, deep and rich stereo sound.

Besides its high-quality build material and satisfying stereo system, this Bluetooth headphone allows you to enjoy your favorite music without having to plug the headset to your device. Its wireless connection is stable and is not easily interrupted. Let us take a look at other features included in this sporty headphone!


Main Product Descriptions

Bluetooth technology has allowed headphones manufacturers to discard the use of long, easily tangled wires that can cause nuisance to its wearers. GLCON GS-09 Mini  is one of the sporty headphones, produced by GLCON Company, which takes advantages of Bluetooth’s wireless technology.

It comes with a firm and flexible cords that you can easily rest on your neck and will steadily remain there while you jog or run. Its soft, silicone-made earbuds produce crystal clear sound, thanks to its noise and wind cancelation technology.

It comes in several color variances such as black, white, blue and red. GLCON Company also equips this particular model with a multipoint pairing ability. You can link this GS-09 headphone to two different devices simultaneously – one for listening to music and another to answer phone calls!

On top of the multi-pairing ability, this sports headphone is also intuitive. It comes with independent in-line controls that compile all music functions together in a single access point – on the headset.

GLCON GS-09 Mini 5

The controls include sound volume adjusters, to pick-up or end a call, to select the previous or the next song in your playlist or pause and play. Out of the box, you will get three different sizes of earpieces, and you may choose the one that fits well to your ear size.

If you wonder about the durability of this headphone, worries no more. The earbuds are sweat-proof! It can withstand water and suits well to your active lifestyle. With a weight of only 0.5 ounces, this wireless headphone can stay firm inside your ears with its ear stabilizer clip.

Furthermore, this sports headphone is compatible with many types of devices. Those gadgets are the iPhones, Samsung smartphones (e.g. Galaxy S5, Note 4), iPad, Android-based tablets as well as other Bluetooth-enabled cell phones and laptops.

GLCON GS-09 Mini – The Performance

GLCON GS-09 Mini Lightweight Bluetooth Wireless Headphone is a rechargeable headset that offers long operating hours. On full-charged battery, you can enjoy your music or talk on your phone for a continuous five hours. When being left on a stand-by mode, the headphones can stay on for a whole 180 hours.

GLCON GS-09 Mini 4

When it comes to its wireless range, you can leave your smartphone on a bench and move as far as 10 meters, and still will be able to enjoy high-quality audio experience.

GLCON GS-09 Mini 2

This GLCON GS-O9 headphone boasts a Bluetooth V4.0 technology, and it can provide continuous and undistorted wireless connection.

Even with a cheap price (as stated on Amazon.com), this headphone does not disappoint when it comes to the produced audio, durability and battery life. It is a perfect wireless and sporty headphone that can satisfy the audio needs of those who are on a tight budget.

Customer Feedbacks: GLCON GS-09 Mini

GLCON GS-09 Bluetooth Headphones receive a satisfying three and a half rating star on Amazon.com, and almost a third of the customers gave a 5-star rating to this portable audio device. Many pointed out its good audio quality, its ergonomic earbud design, intuitive music controls and of course, its price!

Feedback #1 – Bryan Torres mentioned in his feedback in Amazom.com that the sporty GS-09 headphone stays in his ears while having an intense workout and produces fine acoustic sound. The headphone also has long battery life as it survives five 60-minute workouts, without running out of power!
Feedback #2 – Natalia loves how easy and fast it is to link the headphone to her iPhone. She also loves the sound quality and the price!
Feedback #3 – Donald Blake loves the sound, the product finishing as well as its price.

However, he did complain about the tips that just would not stay fit inside his ears, regardless of the sizes that he used.

GLCON GS-09 Mini Comprehensive Guide

The Advantages

  • With its offered price, this headphone is a must-have wireless headphone. The bass and acoustic sound is very deep and clear, and its overall sound quality is applaudable.
  • The ear cord is soft and flexible. It rests well on your neck without adding any extra weight on it.
  • The customer service is excellent, and you do not have to worry about being ignored should you report any issue.

The Disadvantages

  • The earbuds can cause quite an issue as the size provided might fail to fit your ears.
  • The control puts extra weight to one of the earpieces and this cause it to fall out of your ears easily.

GLCON GS-09 Mini 1



If you are looking for a cheap, high-quality and highly-durable wireless headphone, GLCON GS-09 Mini Lightweight Bluetooth Wireless Headphone is a perfect headset for you. With a price below $20 and its 10-meter Bluetooth range, you should be able to enjoy your music playlist, without having to be tied up to your smartphone or laptop.

Plus, it is sweat-proof, so you do not have to worry about breaking its system or having a worn-out earbuds or ear cord!


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