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Earbuds Mpow Bluetooth Wireless Sports Headphones Review


Earbuds Mpow is a great wireless sports headphones for music lovers and active folks. It provides optimum comfort, ease of use, great audio sound, and long battery life. If you are looking to purchase the best wireless sports headphones without breaking your bank account, I would like to recommend you this particular Mpow Wolverine in-ear headphone from Mpow. I have done some research and assessment on this product and will share my insights in this review. Make sure to read this article till the end to find out more about the features and performance of this headphone.

Mpow Bluetooth 4

Design & Features

The Earbuds Mpow Bluetooth Wireless Sports Headphones comes in a stylish and durable aluminum casing. This Mpow Wolverine earphone is also robust and highly waterproof. Due to this water-resistant feature, it is in the category of sports headphones. The earpieces have the standard size with a soft silicone cushion by default. However, you will also receive two other sizes of ear pieces. It has an ergonomic design and it fits comfortably inside my ears as I put it on. On the cable, there are inline control buttons. The three buttons include Volume Up, Volume Down, and a multi-functional button that situates in the middle of the button panel. There is also a small LED light on the control panel. On top of the right earphone unit, you will see a charging port. At 0.3 ounces, it is super lightweight!

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Our Best Pick
Mpow Bluetooth 4.1 Wireless Sports Headphones In-ear
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Mpow Bluetooth 4.1 Wireless Sports
Running Jogging Stereo Earbuds Headsets with 8-Hour Mic Talking Time

- It's totally fit with my ears. The sound is perfect and the bluetooth connection is very quick

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You can expect the latest technologies and high-quality material on this durable Bluetooth speaker. It boasts the advanced Bluetooth 4.1 technology that ensures stable wireless connection and seamless music streaming from your device to the headphones. With it, it has little to none transmission delay in the streaming. It also comes with a built-in noise cancellation feature. It is not only great for the music playing but also comes in handy as you speak on the phone wirelessly via the headphone. There is no need to run into a quiet room when you try to talk to your family or friends with this headphone. The people at the receiving end will also be able to hear you clearly.

Interface Controls

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Besides working well with Apple smartphones like iPhone 6, iPhone 6 Plus, and iPhone 5/5S, it also works with Samsung Galaxy S Series, Samsung Note, iPad, HTC smartphones, Kindles, and other Bluetooth-enabled devices. Connecting to the Bluetooth is also simple. All you need to do is to press the middle button and look at the built-in LED light. When you see it flashing blue and orange light, you should know that it has been paired and ready to play the music. I have tried to play around with the buttons on the headphone. It turns out that I can access Siri on my iPhone 6 Plus by pressing the multifunction button and volume up (‘+’) button simultaneously. Once connected, I can easily establish phone calls by giving phone commands to Siri. The sports headphone is also connectable to two different devices at the same time. It is a great selling point of this Mpow earphone as it is very difficult to find such dual connection in any other 20-buck sports wireless headphones!


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The wireless sports earphone from Mpow stays well inside your head as you move or jump around actively. I have tried wearing them on while jogging in the park and doing some jumping jacks. While my old earphones could easily fall from my ears, this one surprisingly stays intact inside my ears. It does not slip out, which can make you focus as you perform your rigorous workout routines. It is also the best sports headphones as it comes with a waterproof feature. You can use the Mpow sports headphones while running under the rain or breaking sweat heavily in the gym. The outer part can deter the moisture and protect the interior parts from any water-related damage. The long cord that rests on your neck has an ideal size. It is not too long or too short to the extent that it pulls out the ear pieces when you turn your head. The cable is also light and soft. It does not feel heavy on your back at all.

Sound Quality

I found the quality of the sound to be as best as sound emitted by a wired headset. The streaming connection is very stable without any interruption. However, this Mpow wireless headphone lacks the aptX technology. Therefore, it does not have any pure, wireless sound that some other high-end headphones can provide. The bass is average and not as pumping or booming as I had wished. Nevertheless, with the affordable price of about $20, you can still enjoy pleasant wireless audio and sheer comfort for outdoor purposes.

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Battery Life

Earbuds Mpow Wolverine Bluetooth Headphone has a long battery life. On a full power juice, it can last up to eight hours of continuous usage. If you are to use it once in awhile, it can last up to a week before needing a charge. The charging time is also quick at about one and a half hour. On a standby mode, the headphone can stay on for as long as 175 hours.

Wireless Range

On the product specification, it states that the headphone can operate up to 25 feet before losing. However, I believe it depends on the layout of your room. If you are to move from one room to another, you will notice the signal to be a bit unstable due to the blocking of the wall. Nevertheless, I tried to move away as far as 15 feet away from my iPhone 6 Plus smartphone, and the connection is still clear. I can hear the music loud and well enough.

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The Goods 

Consider the positives points of this sports headphone and choose it as one of your accessories while jogging, running or working out in the gym.

  • Lightweight frame
  • Comfortable earpieces
  • Cheap price
  • It packs the latest Bluetooth 4.1
  • Strong battery power

The Bads

Besides the goods, you should also consider some of the negative points of this product before making your purchase.

  • Mediocre bass performance
  • Acoustic sounds a bit washed out
  • Some users have reported that the ear stabilizers can be too big and rough to the ears.

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As a summary, Earbuds Mpow Bluetooth Wireless Sports Headphones are the best earphones that you can consider for your workout routine. It is very comfortable and practical as it feels good in your ears and stays inside your ears for a very long time. The sound might not be as great as the one on Bose or Sennheiser but at such a low price of about $20, it should be able to please you with the good overall sound quality.



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