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EEEKit 8-in-1 Accessory Kit for GoPro HD Cameras Review


Product Description and Details

EEEKit 8-in-1 Accessories Kit 1

Buy and save hundreds to thousands of dollars with EEEKit 8-in-1 Accessory Kit for GoPro HD Cameras. The accessory kit includes one chest belt strap mount; one head belt strap mount; one suction cup mount holder, one floating handle grip; one extendable handle monopod; two tripod mount adapter; two GoPro surface j-hook; and one EEEKit pouch.

EEEKit 8-in-1 Accessories Kit 2Application 1: Head Strap + Long Screw Bolt. The head strap is adjustable and works well with all sizes of GoPro cameras. This enables you to use the camera on head or helmet to record those before you. However, this accessory is not suitable for high-impact sports.

Application 2: Chest Strap + J-Hook Buckle + Long Screw Bolt. The Chest Harness Strap Belt and Vertical Surface J-Hook Buckle aids your Gopro camera to shoot and record steadily while on the chest. This application can be used in bicycle and motorcycle riding, skiing, boating, fishing, hiking, and a whole lot more.

Application 3: Floating Grip Mount + Long Screw Bolt. Floating holder is designed to keep your camera which is encased in a waterproof shell (not included) easy to float on the water. It is seen as bright yellow in the water thus, can easily be found.

Application 4: Windshield Suction Mount + Adapter + Long Screw Bolt. The windshield suction cup mount secures the GoPro position. It can also be easily attached and removed. With the swivel mount, the GoPro can be adjusted into various angles.

Application 5: Floating Grip Mount + Long Screw Bolt. Floating holder is designed to keep your camera which is encased in a waterproof shell (not included) easy to float on the water. It is seen as bright yellow in the water thus, can easily be found. The 6.5×4 inch EEEKit Pouch on the other hand, works as a moving pocket where you can place you camera and all the other accessories – finding them right away without jumbling or missing anything whenever necessary.

What benefit can you get after purchase this EEEKit 8-in-1 Accessory Kit?


A List of Essential Reviews:

Let’s take a look at how each item works and how users find them useful through the list of gathered reviews found across the web. While there is a handful of advantages reported, there are also some critical reviews to consider.


  • EEEKit 8-in-1 Accessories Kit 3The EEEkit 8-in-1 Accessory Kit is ideal for almost any kind of sports, in various activities, and even during on the road. It is a perfect starter kit for anyone who intends to use it in whatever purposes, particularly for sports enthusiasts.
  • The head belt strap works well with all the sizes of GoPro camera, and stays secure when clipped on a helmet. It is adjustable and provides great footage of different scenes right in front of your eyes. And because it stays fixed in its place, the head strap can capture every possible moment.
  • The chest belt strap works pretty amazing, too, and does very well during extreme sports like skiing, motorbike riding and biking – giving you a cool angle. It can also get small enough to fit on little objects, like you can attach it on your dog. Along with the vertical surface J-hook buckle, the chest harness strap enables you to steadily shoot and record scenes of different activities.
  • The floating grip is perfectly designed to keep your GoPro floating smoothly above water. Because of its bright yellow color, the floater can catch anyone’s eyes and be seen immediately.
  • The windshield suction cup mount holder sticks perfectly and secures the position of the GoPro camera while the swivel mount helps it to create incredible footages in different angles. Both accessories are easy to attach and remove. They’re simply the best combination for people on the road.
  • The monopod is lightweight, small and compact. It can extend more or less to three feet, hence, providing a bigger background and much better footage.
  • The EEEKit Pouch is one exemplary kit of its kind. It is highly suitable and well-recommended for people who are always on the go. It has divisions where you can place your camera and other essential attachments without messing them around. This is a best pouch for organized individuals who utterly dislike cluttered or disordered things. Whenever you need a certain attachment, no need to crumble since the EEEKit pouch allows you to see right away what you are looking for.
  • At an affordable price, the EEEkit 8-in-1 Accessory Kit is a great deal considering the brilliant attachments it provides – all of which functions well according to its purpose.
  • Most importantly, users have high regard on the said kit, stating that all the accessories are in great quality and perfect condition. And because the EEEkit 8-in-1 Accesory Kit is about 10 times cheaper than the GoPro brand, it ends as a well-spent purchase. It is a great deal as what most consumers have stated.
  • Moreover, the kit arrived earlier than the expected time of arrival, which is another plus point.

EEEKit 8-in-1 Accessories Kit 5 EEEKit 8-in-1 Accessories Kit 4

  • While the head strap can surely be fixed in place, it is not ideal for high-impact sports. There’s a great tendency that it might fall off.
  • There are reports saying that the monopod is not strong enough to hold GoPro in place and the quick clips can’t sufficiently tighten the camera to let it stand upright.
  • The kit doesn’t include a water-resistant casing for the camera. So, no matter how the floating grip hold the camera in place if it is not enclosed in a waterproof shell, the camera can still get wet – as well as might be damaged.


Overall, the EEEKit 8-in-1 Accessory Kit is an amazing deal for every sportsman, considering it is way cheaper than the GoPro brand. So, if you are one of those sports enthusiasts looking for a superb kit to help you create excellent footage of your activities without spending beyond your budget, then this kit is the solution. The attachments are known to function well and come in very good quality.



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