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Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity Review – Should You Buy?


Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity Review

The latest activity-tracking wearable device is arrived in my home is Fitbit’s Flex.

Fitbit’s Flex is a wireless activity and sleep wristband that allow users to track all of things like movements, steps you have taken.

With Fitbit, you will have the serious tracking by devices as: great mobile app, physical fitness tracking minute-by-minute. And there are bunch of accessories for the devices, we will talk detailed in the future.

PRICING: The price of Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity + Sleep Wristband exactly is $99.97 on Amazon, The costs recorded are substantial at the time of composing, yet can change whenever. Click the connection to see the precise most recent estimating for the best price option, or head over to other tracker called: Garmin Tracker.


What’s in the Fitbit Flex Box

  • Fitbit Flex Wristband
  • Cable for charging.
  • USB wireless sync dongle

Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity + sleep wristband review
Before openning up the Flex’s box, I did not know what to expect, but it comes with pretty to tracker your workout or going fitness easier.

In the box, first of all, you will see the Flex can be with two wristbands (with two different sizes), a charging cable, and devices to giving access to your smartphone device. I’m using a HTC ONE, so I installed the tracking application on my phone, on Firefox on my PC, and then the sync progress is going well.

Fitbit Flex Review

I thought that it was mind boggling that Fitbit incorporated the majority of this in the container; possibly its ordinary with wearable wellness trackers, yet this inspired me. The remote sync dongle is a marvelous expansion, as is the more diminutive wristband.


  • Unpretentious look and feel
  • Remote sync to chose telephones
  • Great battery life


  • No elevation sensor for stair following
  • Slumber following hit and miss
  • Somewhat costly

How to wear and use the Fitbit Flex?


Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity sleep band

The Flex is designed with black or slate color that very flexible wrist band. And you can purchase separately for additional bands for many of colors.

Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity tracker

You can adjust the strap to switch for for many size, depend how much you adjust the metal clasp. In all trustworthiness, I dislike the strap outline. I think that it is not so easy to take it out without help. The tricky is to press into the openings.

Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity sleep tracker review

Fortunately, the Fitbit Flex come with water-proof. That implies whenever you wear the device, you can abandon it on… actually even taking a bath or make a go at swimming. Be that as it may, the device need to be evacuate it at regular intervals day to charge it.

Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity 18

You can remove the tiny tracker out of the wristband to plug to another one or just for charging it. The tracker device is really small as you can see on the photo.

The tracker also come with a column with 5 led of green color. This is the main “features” on the Flex. The Leds demonstrate how you’re given day by day with the same objective. Each one light speaks to 20% of your objective. You can pick steps, calories, or separation.

Fitbit Flex wireless activity + sleep wristband Features

Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity 8

To use Flex, first of all, you need to ensure it’s charged already. To do that, you have to remove take the tracker out. And then connect it to the USB port of your computer. It appears abnormal with the dongle is needed for adjusting as opposed to having the capacity to utilize the Wifi functions. When its all said and done, Fitbit Flex also work very well with the Bluetooth inherent for the cell phone synchronizing peculiarity.

Whenever you make the Flex full Charged, just put it up on your wrist and begin piling on steps. Be that as it may without a real show, how would you see information about your exercises?

Fitbit Flex Wireless Activity 14

Another useful feature of Fitbit is sleep tracking, just remember you can recollect and keep the Flex by slumber following when you take a nap. Just take the quick action by tapping the Flex. You’ll have to recall to flip go into movement and do the same whenever you wake up as well. Utilizing the constructed within, the device can catch how rapidly you nod off and how frequently you are up throughout the night


I feel great when using the sync from my home computer and my cell phone. Working perfectly with my fitness pal. I purchase for the band comfortable to wear it all the time, even for sleeping, without complaints – extremely agreeable when I sit at my work area and sort throughout the day.

Completely love it!



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