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Forone IPX6 Bluetooth Headphones Review


Forone IPX6 Bluetooth Headphones 1For people who like to work out/run for long distances with some headphones on, listen to audio books or just relax while watching or listening to some good tracks, they might find the Forone IPX6 Bluetooth Headphones awesome and outstanding in so many ways.

For runners or people involved in other vigorous activities, these headphones are perfect because they are designed to fit perfectly in your ears and feel comfortable no matter how many hours you have them on. They are also easy to control and allows one to skip a track while blocking the outside noise thus letting you enjoy some “me” moments whenever you want.

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Also, for people who work or like to be in water environments, these headphones are what you need as they are waterproof hence can be used even during sweaty workouts and they will still work perfectly even after being dropped in water accidentally thanks to the Liquipel Nano Coating. You will also enjoy a broad Bluetooth compatibility and amazing bass with zero distortion even at full volume. These headphones are all you need to enjoy the many miles or running and long hours of workout or just that movie you have been waiting to watch.

Specific Features

  • Comfortable and super-secure fit as it features flexible but firm ear hooks
  • Has gel flex silicone earbuds contributing to their comfortable and super-secure fit
  • High-fidelity sound enabling you to enjoy crisp music that has aptX lossless sound plus Bluetooth 4.1 technologies
  • IPX6 waterproof because its buds are protected by a Liquipel Nanocoating thus can withstand even the sweaty workouts plus any accidental dropping inside the water
  • Easy to use. These headphones are easy to connect to other devices and operate
  • Broad compatibility. The headphones are compatible with iPad, iPhone, Android smartphones, Windows devices, tablets and other devices
  • Noise reduction technology enabling one to shut the outside world and only hear their music
  • Perfect bass for an earbud. Absolutely zero distortion even when you adjust it to full volume
  • Great battery life and easiest way of managing the battery life
  • Lightweight: 0.16 ounces making it easy to use them even when exercising
  • Dimensions: 1.93×1.85×0.51 inches which are an ideal size for use at any time

What makes the Forone IPX6 Bluetooth Headphones stand out?


Forone IPX6 Bluetooth Headphones 3Comfortable Secure fit headset – these headsets were primarily designed to for use during physical activities thus they remain perfectly in place even during workouts. They feature some flexible stabilizing ear-hooks thus stay firmly anchored on the users’ ears while maintaining a comfortable fit throughout.

These ear hooks are uniquely designed to mold on the ears to ensure that there is no need for readjustment especially while running or doing other vigorous physical activities. Thus, the person using them will enjoy their music freely while on other outdoor activities in all seasons.

Having a poor fitting headset means that you will not only have a difficult time listening to your playlist but also get constant destructions during your activities as you might have to keep readjusting them to fit better or stay in place.

Built-in Controls

These are important in allowing you to access the music directly without having to get your phone. You, therefore, eliminate the need for any dangling in-line remote.

All you need is to touch the button, and you will be able to turn your earphones on/off, adjust the volume or change the track and you can also answer, reject, end or redial a call. This feature comes in handy, especially when at the race track and the gym. It guarantees you an interference-free session.

You can run or jump to your favorite track and still answer your phone from wherever you are. Also, you will like this feature if you want to be in different places in your house carrying out different chores.

Forone IPX6 Bluetooth Headphones 2

IPX6 Waterproof Technology

Thanks to this technology, you can be active as you want without the thought of spoiling your headset with sweat ever limiting you.

The waterproof technology protects your headset from Sweat and moisture. Thus one is free to break a sweat. This is heavenly for people who want to listen to their best jams all the time as they carry out different physical activities because you can have these headsets in any environment and they will work perfectly throughout.

Easiest way of managing the battery life

Every buyer’s worry when purchasing any device is if it has the best battery life and how to manage it.

These headphone’s manufacturers made it by incorporating a feature that makes it super easy to manage the battery life.

The headphones feature a new life state technology that interfaces with the latest android devices and apple IOS showing you the amount of battery life left in the headset. You can, therefore, tell when your headphones need a recharge and also estimate how long you can use the remaining battery life based on previous experiences.

High-Fidelity Sound

The Forone IPX6 Bluetooth Headphones has an excellent sound technology perfect for hi-fi music. When buying headphones, the priority task should be getting the perfect headphones for the quality of music you are listening.

With these headsets, you get to enjoy your hi-fi music in the best way possible thanks to their high-fidelity sound. Listening to good music with the wrong set of headphones can make you even hate the song, but with these right here, you will get the best experience ever!

Broad Compatibility

The compatible devices range from iPhone, Samsung Galaxy, iPad, tablets, Android smartphones, and Windows devices, etc. Whatever your device is, you can rest assured that it’s compatible with the Forone IPX6 Bluetooth Headphones and thus you can enjoy using them without a need to incur extra charges trying to get a compatible device.

With these headphones, you can also pair with any two other devices e.g. iPhone, iPad, HTC, Samsung and Android phones. So there is no need to switch headsets if another rings

Noise Reduction Technology

These headphone adopts V4.1+EDRAPT-X audio decode tech enabling the users to distinguish the individual beat and enjoy a cd-like sound quality.

This noise reduction technology enables one to fully enjoy a “me” time with zero interference from without. This is a great feature mostly for people who like to get in “their own world” while on different tasks for different reasons. You can actually forget the real world for a while once you put your headphones on.

If you love headphones, this can be a great choice for either home use, outdoors or any other place. They have great features such as wireless, waterproof, great battery capacity, perfect bass and automatic pairing thus making them stand out from most other headphones. These headphones are also fairly priced, and it’s almost unbelievable that for the price, you get all these amazing features.

The Advantages

  • Easy to use: No dangling cords thus can move freely around the house while listening to your music
  • Comes with a brand new battery with a great capacity
  • Automatically pairing with Bluetooth enabled devices
  • Wide compatibility- pairs with so many Bluetooth enabled devices
    The easiest way of managing the battery life. The earbuds blink a blue led light to indicate that your battery is still ok
  • Perfect bass: Features a noise reduction technology and therefore you can be in your own world even when in the middle of a thousand people
  • Waterproof thus can be used in and around waters such as the beach or in the shower
  • High-fidelity sound
  • Comfortable and super-secure fit. They remain in place even when jumping or running as long as you get the perfect fit for you
  • Perfect size for use at any time and while on any physical activities
  • Lightweight thus making it more comfortable while avoiding adding unnecessary weight when on your daily chores
  • Comes with 3 different size earbud covers thus you can be sure to get the perfect size for you
  • Comes with a handy case to keep them in thus adding to their durability

The Disadvantages

Isolated complain of them not being so good for people with ears on the smaller side.


  • Q. Do these headphones work on a fire tablet?
  • A. They will as long as the tablet has a Bluetooth capability
  • Q. How is the bass?
  • A. Perfect for an ear bud. You get no distortion even when you adjust the volume to the maximum.
  • Q. Are these headphones totally waterproof?
  • A. Yes, they are.


From the features and functionality, the Forone Bluetooth Headphones stands out as the best Bluetooth headphones you can ever own. It is wireless, has built-in controls, it is waterproof, has a high-fidelity sound and features the easiest way of managing the battery life among others.

Whatever activities you will be on, you can use your headphones comfortably and without destructions from outside noises as it also has a noise management technology.

By choosing these headphones, you choose more than just great music, movies, and other audios. You also choose comfort and class. It’s the best little piece of electronic you can ever have.

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