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Foscam FI8918W Wireless/Wired Pan & Tilt IP Network Camera Review


Product Description

Filling the place of Foscam F18908W, the F18918W IP camera is the newest release from Foscam. It is a wireless or wired, pan/tilt IP camera that functions best for indoor use, whether for home or office security system.

The F18918W features a combination of high-quality video and audio camera, remote pan/tilt internet viewing, as well as a strong web server to deliver clear video to your computer through a local internet connection.


Additionally, it is smartphone-compatible (iPhone, Android and Blackberry) which allows users to view real-time videos through an internet network using the standard Safari browser, without the need of any application. Conveying a speed of 30fps on the LAN/WAN, the high-quality video capture uses an MJPEG format at a resolution of 640 x 480.

With 11 IR LEDS, the F18918W can take distinct images even in complete darkness, reaching up to eight meters of visibility. Users can control, manage and maintain the Foscam F18918W through a standard browser to be remotely set-up and update the firmware.


Foscam FI8918W Wireless/Wired Product Features

  • Added audio input jack for external microphone
  • Has a built-in microphone and built-in speaker for audio output
  • Improved audio quality, no noise when speaking into the camera
  • Enables remote viewing and recording through an internet network through PC and smartphones
  • Supports 300deg. pan angle and 120deg. tilt angle
  • Has multi-user access and password protection to avoid unauthorized use
  • Delivers high-quality image and video with a display resolution of 300k pixels
  • Uses infrared motion detection that triggers the alarm, sends e-mail notifications, and uploads images via FTP
  • Allows eight meters of visibility in absolute darkness through IR-Led illumination
  • Allows IR lights to be turned off manually from the software
  • Has a power indicator lamp and a relocated network light at the camera’s back
  • Easy to setup with a user-friendly interface
  • Supports both WEP and WPA/WPA2 Encryption
  • Based on TCP/IP standard and supports dynamic IP addresses, like dyndns.org
  • Compatible with Internet Explorer, Firefox and other standard browsers
  • Provides two-way audio monitoring, enabling communication between the visitors and the operator/user on the base station
  • Supports both Wi-Fi and wired connection

Packing List Of Foscam FI8918W


Foscam FI8918W Wireless/Wired Review


  • The Foscam F18918W provides a clear manual instruction. Although the setup process can be very typical for any type of web-enabled gadget, the F18918W is much easier to configure, especially with its wireless connection. Therefore, making the camera very user-friendly.
  • It delivers excellent image and video quality both day and night. However, the night vision can be of lesser quality when compared with the day-time images. On the good note, the antenna attached on the camera, along with the IR-LED illumination allows up to eight meters of visibility even in complete darkness.
  • The IR lights can be turned off at the back, which allows easy access for the user. They can also illuminate the entire room with plenty of light to spare. And because of these IR leds, image quality at night is still very clear.
  • The motion detection is fantastic and can provide optimum security throughout the place it covers since it does not only trigger an alarm, but also sends an e-mail notification or upload alarm snapshots automatically depending on how is it programmed.
  • The camera is said to endure the four seasons, extreme temperature and humidity. It can even survive the harsh weather of winter as long as the camera has enough protection when placed outdoor.nueva-camara-ip-foscam-fi8918w-motorizada-wi-fi-audio-2-vias-3794-MLM61180751_5980-F
  • Foscam F18918W is platform independent and works perfectly in both Internet Explorer and Firefox. It functions well in almost all Apple products, as well as usable in Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7 in both desktop and laptop.
  • The camera is very quiet and can be remotely accessed with so much ease. It secures two-way communication – allowing a user to listen from the camera and also speak using the PC microphone, then the camera’s built-in speaker will convey the sound.
  • The package included everything a normal user would want to have – camera, movable and adjustable base, antenna, screws, anchor, cable and power cord.
  • In totality, the camera has a good set of features (as mentioned above). In addition, it has a team of responsive technical support who is very friendly, accommodating and helpful.


  • If you’re not good enough or too lazy in following instructions and not brave enough to interface your router’s software, then Foscam F18918W IP camera won’t work for you.
  • Although the antenna can reach up to eight meters, you need to purchase another one in case you want to increase the visibility further away.
  • Many users encountered minor difficulties concerning the camera’s software, such as the current version couldn’t implement the UPnp correctly, continuous errors on password and incompatibilities in browsers. However, the technical team guarantees that any concerns on the firmware will be looked after so there’ll be no more problems on future firmware.
  • A kid’s room is not the best place for this type of camera since the IR bulbs’ bright-red glow can attract attention. Even though the IR is turned off in the settings, the lights are still visible and can be a bit distracting for children. This also makes it pretty obvious to intruders.
  • The wireless connection uses a different IP address with the wired Ip address. However, a solution is found on the supplied software.
  • The embedded speaker produces poor-quality sound, but there’s a mini jack connector that allows high-quality sound for external audio.


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How to setup Foscam FI8918W on Mac



While there are several drawbacks encountered by many users, a solution is always on-hand and the technical team provides answers promptly. As a final word, this camera is the easiest to setup and has the most user-friendly interface that makes performance and control of various functions effortless and uncomplicated.

Foscam F18918W is a much better investment than those traditional cameras, the clear images it delivers day and night, and the surveillance it provides to your household.



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