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Foxx Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Review


The invention of portable Bluetooth speakers has brought a whole new level to music-listening. Not only does a wireless Bluetooth speaker bring out the music in a considerably wider approach; it also works so efficiently that it can be used in special gatherings because of its rich and crystal-clear audio performance despite obstructions from the source.

So, if you’re on a search for the best Bluetooth speakers in the market to fit your music needs, you might as well consider our Foxx Bluetooth Speakers Review to assist you in your shopping decision.

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Product Description

Foxx Worldwide, the maker of the most affordable wireless speaker today as they claim, is a new seller on Amazon.com. Thus, to celebrate their success of finally having been able to have their product listed on Amazon, they’re almost giving away their Bluetooth portable speakers for free. However, that is only applicable to the first 19 buyers who get to redeem their give-away coupons.

Plus, every order comes in perfect condition and they’re all super brand new. Shoppers might think it is a crazy idea, but Foxx Worldwide is doing this marketing strategy mainly for publicity sake and to get some helpful reviews.

Talking about their Bluetooth speakers, it is compact, portable, conveniently sized and operates wirelessly to allow you to carry your speakers wherever and whenever. Its battery is rechargeable and not built-in. This means, it can be removed and replaced in the future should its condition deteriorates.

It has a sleek modern design to fit your stylish music lifestyle. And has a mini SD card slot to give you the freedom from the wireless connection in times you disdain music streaming.

Last but not least, Foxx ensures you are in good hands with their great customer support. The speaker is covered by a full one-year warranty and backed by a no-hassle 100% money-back guarantee should you be dissatisfied with its performance. And as of today, you can avail of its $30.00 off list price.

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Product Features

  • Stylish Design: You will never be left behind with Foxx Bluetooth Speaker’s new design.
  • Rechargeable Removable Battery: Enjoy great music up to 10 hours long at normal volume levels with a recharge time of approximately three hours.
  • Mini SD Card Slot: Not in the mood to stream music wirelessly? With its SD card capability, you can preload music to your memory card and play your favorite tracks anytime and anywhere without depending on any connections or devices.
  • Easy Pairing: It is effortlessly simple to establish the connection with the speaker and to your Bluetooth-enabled device. It works perfectly with any iPhone models, as well as other devices from Apple, Samsung and Nexus.
  • Hands-Free Speakerphone: Have fun making and taking calls without worrying about long cables and cords. Enjoy long and clear-cut conversation on both ends of the call anytime of the day.
  • Bluetooth and FM Radio Modes: Want to stay tuned to your favorite radio station? Just switch modes and you’re all set.
  • Multi-Function Capabilities: Equipped with the latest technology, Foxx Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker is USB drive ready and provides a 3.5mm Aux connectivity to make a connection to a non-Bluetooth unit. It also offers a highly defined 2-speaker output and utilizes a next/last song button to seamlessly communicate with your device.

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Product Technical Details

  • Playback Time: 10 hours
  • Recharging Time: 3 hours
  • Weight: 1 pound
  • Dimension: 9.5 x 3.2 x 3.2 inches

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  • With Foxx Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker, you can enjoy a great deal of portability. It easily pairs up with any of your Bluetooth-capabled devices and works well with almost all Apple and Samsung products. Hence, you can delight in the beauty of nature while you enjoy your favorite tracks.
  • The speaker is pretty light in weight and has an average size that adds to the portability quotient. And because it is wireless, you don’t have to struggle entangling tied-up cords. More so, you can take it anywhere with you and still be able to enjoy high-definition music clarity.
  • If glamour and splendor are what you’re looking for in a speaker, the Foxx portable wireless speakers can absolutely give it to you. Its stylish design is something to be proud of.
  • The unit is well-built, guaranteeing users of long life span in spite of continuous usage and exposure to harsh environments. The casing is made from sturdy materials, which can further protect the entire device from any form of damage.
  • The audio-fidelity is incredible. It is powerful enough to fill an entire room with distinct sound. The speaker is also a great tool for making phone calls. It provides crystal-clear sound on both ends of the call.


  • While charging the battery can only take about a couple of hours or so, there’s no indicator in the device that can signal users when the battery is full. So, there might be a high likelihood of overcharging, which can eventually cause breakage to the battery.

Foxx Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker Unboxing

Foxx Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker 4

✱Wireless Bluetooth Speaker
✱Handsfree Phone Calls
✱SD Card Capabilities
✱USB Drive Ready
✱Next/Last Song Buttons
✱Bluetooth and FM Radio Modes
✱Easy Pairing with Bluetooth Devices
✱3.5mm Aux Connectivity
✱Built-in Rechargeable Battery
✱High Quality 2-Speaker Output


Overall, the Foxx Bluetooth Wireless Speaker is an excellent speaker that won’t break the bank. Not only it is easy on the pocket; it contains advanced features that deliver efficient results. It’s a high-quality device that releases excellent sound regardless of its small size. It’s handy, compact and robust which guarantees users of a fun music experience everywhere they go.

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