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Francois et Mimi Comfort + Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Headphones with Microphone Review


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After using this Francois ET Mimi Comfort Bluetooth headphone for a couple of weeks through all kind of activities and for a whole host of music, I am truly impressed by this wonderful device. The feature list is just perfect for the price. The overall look and feel provides a premium styling to this product. The headphones are really light and the wireless feature makes it that much easy to carry around effortlessly. This would fit your ears with ease as it has done for mine. This has all that it takes to make it a perfect buy for a music lover. We must take into account that it has all that a product requires to be for a value for money proposition.


Headphones with Microphone

Francois et Mimi Comfort Wireless Bluetooth 4.0
Francois et Mimi Comfort Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Headphones with Microphone
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Headphones with Microphone
Francois et Mimi Comfort Wireless Bluetooth 4.0

- Design: 9.0
- Sound Quality: 9.0
- Features: 8.5
- Value: 8.5

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The Francois ET Mini Comfort headphone is designed with great sophistry and compliments the diverse style quotient of individuals using it. The build quality is really good and the quality of plastic used is meant to last long. The black color also adds up to the overall elegance of this wonderfully designed headphone. Francois et Mimi Comfort Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Headphones with Microphone 2The headphones are a perfect fit for the ear plugs and are suitable for a range of activities. I really like the overall handling of this device and this is because the slim and trim get up. I have been using a lot of headphones off late, but this has been one of the best that is on offer considering the price band.  Comfort + as the name suggests is very comfortable for your ears and provides a great audible experience.


I love listening to a different genre of music that would be suitable to different kind of moods. This pair of headphones has been my companion for a whole host of activities and events. Francois ET Mini Comfort+ Bluetooth  is great for your ears, I know it as I have heard a lot of music in it and mark my words it has always exceeded my expectations. I use this headphone on my way to the office and while getting back. The best part of the Comfort is that there is a microphone that is attached with this device. This has been my one-stop solution for a lot answering and rejecting phone calls that had always diverted my attention. The fact that it being wireless also eases the discomfort of irritating wires clinging all around you while driving. This has been a wonderful companion for my regular commute and that is not all I use during my time at the gym as well. I am a fitness freak and love listening to my kind of music while working out on my treadmill.
This truly serves my purpose and is a perfect fit for my ears; the sweat proof really works great. I have tested this headphone all through varied kind of activities and it worked great. It has enhanced my will to work out in leaps and bounds after using this wonderful headphone.

The interface of the headphone is really great, has a simplistic approach to it. Francois et Mimi Comfort Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Headphones with Microphone 4The controls are easy to access and are similar to the control of that of an Apple Device. The design pattern very much resembles that of an Apple earphone. The clarity of the sound is something that will make you feel that the device is of much premium budget than the actual. The beats are really clear even at different kind of volume. You can even make out the lyrics clearly even at a higher level of sound. I had the opportunity to listen to the different kind of music with this device and let me tell you it has carried it really well. You could even listen to Pink Floyd, Elton John, Justin Bieber or even turn to the country classics of John Denver with great clarity. The more you use it the more you will your love for this device grows.  The channel control has been also really easy with this headphone. Just plug in and play. I really do like the fact that the device is devoid of any unnecessary control buttons which have been a problem for most other previous headphones that I have used over the years. This makes the device clumsy and causes a lot of difficulties while exercising or even driving.


Francois et Mimi Comfort Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Headphones with Microphone 3The packaging of the device is really wholesome is a very well packaged device it includes an elaborate user manual,  a USB charging cable, earphones and the removable ear hooks. Comfort+ comes in with the modern state of the art Bluetooth CSR 4.0. This one of the latest Bluetooth technology available in the market. It is advised to wait 20 seconds to a minute before connecting it for the first time. Then the compatibility with an allied Bluetooth device would be as smooth as silk. I never faced an issue with the pairing of this device. I have paired with Tablets and smartphones of different make and of different operating system it worked perfectly fine. A full charge can provide you with unadulterated music for three hours at a stretch and that seems really cool. The operating radius for this device is around 10 metres. Beyond that, there might be audibility issues which might be a concern for some of the buyers.

The earplugs seemed to be of a great fit along with the earphones which make it an ideal device for listening to long music sessions. This headphone is really sweat proof especially when you consider those hot and humid summer months when you get drenched with sweat this is an ideal device that might come handy for all music lovers.


If you sum up all the features, Comfort+ is one pair of headphones that would be perfect for value for your hard earned money. The state of the art look and feel, the superior built quality, seamless Bluetooth connectivity, Sweat proof and, of course, wireless make this device a really special product to own.

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