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GalaxyBoard, Self Balancing Hoverboard-2 Wheel Scooter Review



Personal transportation technology has taken a giant leap. Things that were only heard of in science fiction is now being developed and sold commercially. Self-balancing scooters are the new trend these days. Self-balancing scooters also called self-balance wheel or 2 wheel hover board. These so-called hover boards give an impression of hover a couple of inches above the ground. However, they do not actually hover. They actually have 2 wheels like a bicycle. These hoverboards have become very popular with celebrities posting their “hover board selfies” on Instagram and other social media. These self-balancing scooters employ some sensors to balance themselves. A hover board can detect the angle with which a rider leans and balances automatically. In order to change your direction, all you need to do is shift weight towards that direction. The hover board senses this and changes direction automatically. It is almost like a mind reader. Seems expensive? Well, these scooters are of various types and depending on their features, price varies. These scooters start from about $250. Some high-end scooters can cost about $1200. This is obvious as the price of the newest technologies is always more at the beginning. Time eventually brings down these costs. It is best to know the various features and pros and cons before ending up buying one. The Galaxy Board self-balancing hoverboard-2 wheel scooter is a mid-level product with a price tag of nearly $600.

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Our Best Pick
GalaxyBoard 1
Self Balancing Hoverboard-2 Wheel Scooter

- This board looks much better than the preview image, the design is very slick with long battery life. Yotally recommend it!
- This board is such a great deal for someone who starts to ride hoverboard like me. Very stable and easy to use

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What is in the box?

When you open the package, you find the self-balancing scooter, a manual, a charger and a carrying bag. It is all inclusive and works just right out of the box.


It consists of dual motors of 350W rating. Aliglow claims that these motors are made of pure copper and are imported from Germany. Germany technology can be really dependable and astounding in terms of performance and quality. Thus, these motors are really very reliable. They are powerful and provide a stable performance.

GalaxyBoard 2

Build quality

The build quality of this scooter is very good. Its design distributes weights uniformly. The weight distribution is perfect and, therefore, adds to the stability. The scooter can handle crashes. The superior build quality ensures that you do not break it due to a crash.


The scooter has two indication lights in the front. They are usually blue in color. The scooter itself comes in black and blue variants. The design is very good and the scooter appears stylish with all the curves. The wheelbase is thick enough and the tires have a fair amount of grip for better control and braking.

GalaxyBoard 3


This is the best thing about this product. It has a very good battery life of up to 20km when full charged. The battery has a special warranty of 6 months. This product comes with an LG lithium battery. It only takes about 120 minutes to fully charge the battery from zero.

Driving and payload capacity

The maximum speed up to which this scooter can travel is about 12km/hr. That is a very good speed when compared to the average speed of 10km/hr of other products in the market. The scooter can climb and elevation up to a maximum angle of 30 degrees. This proves that the motors have a lot of power. As for payload, the scooter’s design permits it to carry the additional load of 120kgs. This means that a person of any size may ride this scooter easily.

Additional features

This scooter has many additional features. Firstly, it is equipped with a Bluetooth 4.0 speaker system. This means it can also act as your entertainment system. You can listen to music on the go by streaming data into the scooter’s speaker system from your smartphone or any other Bluetooth device. In addition, the scooter is IP54 grade waterproof and dustproof. Therefore, you do not have to worry about it getting wet or while riding through a dusty road. This scooter also features a low battery protection feature to warn you when the battery is about to die (at about 10% of full charge).

Value for money

This is not only your ride but also your entertainment system at only $600. Therefore, it can be safe to say that this is a value for money product. It is safe, reliable and has many additional features and a host of sensors to keep you balanced. Relax while the scooter balances itself and takes you on a ride where you change directions merely by shifting weight.

GalaxyBoard 5


  • Comes inbuilt with lots of features
  • Good battery, standby time and quick charging time. Battery quality is excellent owing to great usability.
  • Comes with equipped with effective Bluetooth speakers which gives you unlimited entertainment
  • 1-year warranty from Aliglow
  • It is waterproof and dustproof with an IP54 rating making it very practical and that more desirable.
  • Equipped with powerful motors of 350W and good top speed of 12kmph which is more than enough and very much usable.
  • This hoverboard hits the right note regarding a very important aspect and that is the payload capacity or simply how much weight can it carry. And that Payload carrying capacity is healthy and stands at 120kgs
  • Sensors are very accurate and ride is safe and very reliable


  • Does not perform well on grass or gravel
  • Needs some good amount of practice

GalaxyBoard 6

About us

We are a team of experienced professionals who specialize in mechanical and electrical engineering. We test various scooters and determine their safety and reliability. We perform some crash tests in order to determine the build quality and test their limits. After rigorous tests, we only pick the best of scooters. We have been doing this from the time this industry was in its nappies. Yes, it is indeed a new technology and people can often be skeptical about its safety. Rest assured, this product has various state-of-the-art technologies in order to make it safe and reliable.

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