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Garmin GTU 10 GPS Tracker Review – Best Tracking Unit


The Garmin GTU 10 GP Tracker is the live GPS tracking device which firstly enter the market. You will identify the location of this device on your pet or anything your like with just a PC or Laptop. The potential outcomes are about unfathomable. Do you have pets to take care about? to watch over? Or may be anxious about taking care of your children on the party or celeberation, or in the park? What about that young person simply figuring out how to drive? On the other hand maybe you’re a developer leaving exorbitant gear on a development site. In the even they moved to anywhere, you could track their location easily.

Garmin GTU 10 GPS Tracker Review


Garmin GTU 10 tracker Reivew

After purchasing the Tracker, you will have your first one year of services plan. You can track the device location by using the service for all of GPS trackers. That’s why you will pay much cost for many devices and service plans.

Garmin GTU 10 GPS Tracker Review - Best Tracking Unit

There is a standard tracking plan that cost $49.99 will allow you to see on your PC of 10 most recent point of location, renew after a year. A special following arrangement permits to see all of the tracking location following by history.

When you include the fittings and following arrange, the aggregate expense of the gadget is really sensible contrasted with different results available.

Garmin GTU 10 hardware

Garmin GTU 10 GPS Tracker specifications

Look at the images on this page, you can see how “Tracking Unit” is small. The weight is 3 ounces. The product is light and small with wise hardware and simple. There’s a force catch, a LED, and a fold that conceals a scaled down USB container (appeared). See more for Tagg GPS Pet Tracker.


Garmin GTU 10 GPS Tracker Locator

The setup is very easy, just attach the device to your PC. And then, you go to  website: my.garmin.com, and you are set. You will have instruction guides to go more. The gadget is charged through USB, as appeared.

Garmin GTU 10 GPS Tracking Unit review

How is GTU 10 GPS Tracker Working?

You need to keep the power button for few seconds to power the device on. Then you will see the green light while the device connecting the network. When you control the gadget to go off, the light will be Red again.

The Apps

Garmin GTU 10 GPS Tracking Unit 7

There is free available Tracker app on Android and iOS to allow you to see and have a check at any location you want.

The Performance

We tried the Tracker with the assistance of Garmin’s own Tracker application for Android. We enlisted the GTU with the identifier “My Backpack” and appended it to a strap on a knapsack. Hitting the roads by walking, we occasionally checked our area utilizing the application. Throughout the segment of our testing that occurred in downtown San Francisco’s decently thickly populated territory with avenues lined by taller structures, we had some major snags getting an exact bolt on the GTU 10’s area. At the point when the area was accounted for in these circumstances whatsoever, it was off by a piece or somewhere in the vicinity, however all the more frequently we were met with this message: “We are not able to spot My Backpack – Garmin GTU 10 GPS Tracker (could be low on battery force, out of scope territory, or inside). See map for last known area.”

Garmin GTU 10 GPS Tracker battery life

Like most GPS gadgets, the GTU 10 was plainly experiencing issues on account of the structures lining the avenues, so we bounced into an auto and headed to a more suburban range to give the gadget a finer shot at achieving an acceptable satellite lock. Along the way, we intermittently checked the area and saw that the GTU could track the area of our moving auto -notwithstanding, our 15-moment upgrade interim was a long way from constant. Doing some testing in suburban regions in the East Bay Area outside of San Francisco, we could all the more regularly find the GTU 10 on the application’s guide with adequate correctness. All the more imperatively, we were reliably getting warnings when we entered or left the geofences that we’d put.

A large portion of our testing was carried out in the Balanced setting, which guaranteed a 3 to 10 day battery life, yet we found that our battery obliged day by day reviving. This is likely because of our overwhelming utilization of the Tracker application for checking the GTU 10’s area, however we were astounded to see the battery life come in such a great amount of lower than the assessed sum.

Garmin GTU 10 GPS Tracker Pros & Cons:


  • You will have free monitoring service in first year
  • The device is lightweight and small
  • Good valueable price
  • Easy Setup and Tracking on PC.
  • High Correct Location Tracking.


  • Standard following arrangement is quite limited by survey just within 10 day by following history
  • Site and portable application are moderate (takes a moment or two)
  • Android application periodically neglected to recover area


GTU 10 a web tracking service

I had a Dogtracs unit for a year and general I was fulfilled by it, however I required to charge it consistently. In correlation the Garmin GTU 10 GPS Tracker is more modest and sleeker, however it dwells in a bit zippered pack on the puppy’s outfit, which adds to the mass. Set up was simple once I utilized IE instead of Firefox which simply couldn’t appear to handle the Garmin download. Dissimilar to the Dogtracs, the Garmin doesn’t consider an area question from a normal cell content – you have to request an area from a workstation or a cell phone. When an area is asked for it comes rapidly and dependably, at times even with the unit found inside the house. See the device GTU Tracker for yourself.

The main year of observing is incorporated with no association expense and every extra year is $50 – this is a decent esteem contrasted with different gadgets.



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