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Garmin Vivofit Review – Fitness Band


What is the Garmin Vivofit Fitness Band?

The Garmin Vivofit is defined as a fitness tracker of the combination of Samsung Gear Fit, Nike Fuelband SE, and the Jawbone UP24, to get the top position for being in your wrist. This awesome product is developed by the Swiss, and they are one of the best in making tracking hardware like GPS-packing Edge cycling computers or running watches like Forerunner.

Garmin Vivofit Fitness Band is well design with no supporting of GPS and concentrating on numbering by helping individuals people make more steady enhancements to their regular lives. And however there’s still a few issues which make Garmin stay in the top of best tracker hardware.

Garmin Vivofit Review


Garmin Vivofit Review


  • The Battery is long life
  • Accurate, detailed tracking
  • Waterproof


  • Wristband is plain making a little uncomfortable
  • Display has no backlight
  • Other devices offer more features for a similar price

The Design

Garmin Vivofit Fitness Band

The Garmin Vivofit will not fit the bill if you hope for an inconspicuously living fitness tracker for your hand. The flexible band is rubbery that is holding the tracking device looking pretty cheap that reminds everybody with a wider body. It’s stylishly providing the same way as the Fitbit Flex, however the Jawbone Up24 or the Fuelband SE are two device using the comparative fasten to make sure it secure and fit in your wrist.

Garmin Vivofit accuracy

There is one biggest advantage of this product is you don’t even need to remove it when going swimming or in the bathroom. It’s water safe by maximum of 50m under the water and keeping in mind that methods its essentially a best device you can constantly use in water environment, with no committed swimming gimmicks to genuinely benefit as much as possible from it.

Garmin Vivofit bundle

In the case, you’ll discover a little and expansive with similar shade and. Like the recipient included with Fibit’s trackers, it is said to be one of the method for doing the starting setup and adjusting information, for this situation for Garmin Vivofit device. It’s a dinky easily overlooked detail that methods its prepared for another person workstation or turn up while people are testing the device.

Garmin Vivofit Fitness Band 11

Performance and use

The Garmin Vivofit Fitness Band setting up is surprising us pleasantly of the easy progress. We already tried with simple testing by tracking our stats in just about 15 minutes on iPhone 5.

You can download the free app of Garmin Connect that are available in iOS and Android. After downloading, you can quickly create a free account by signing into one of the popular social networks including Facebook, Google+, Yahoo, Twitter, Microsoft, and even LinkedIn. While making a record Garmin Connect requests particular information like age, sexual orientation, stature and weight. The Vivofit utilizes this information to help figure more exact separation and calories-blazed measurements.

Garmin Vivofit Waterproof

Garmin Vivofit manual

The Garmin Vivofit Fitness Band Connect app will ready to pair with the Vivofit after you enter the details. Turn on the smartphone’s Bluetooth, press and hold the Vivofit’s button until the display showed the word “SYNC.”

The application then requested that we enter a four-digit number that was shown on the Vivofit (to verify we weren’t matching with an alternate close-by gadget).

Matching with the included heart-rate screen was as basic as snaring the strap around our midsection and pressing the Vivofit catch to span through until it showed the expression “heart.” A couple of seconds after the fact a little heart image was flickering in the bottom right hand corner of the showcase our heart rate was shown in huge, simple to-peruse sort, and we were primed to begin following our steps.

Garmin Vivofit waterproof

Before you even get the Vivofit strapped on adjusting it demonstrates dangerous. It took a few endeavors to join the band to a Windows 8 smartphone utilizing the ANT Plus collector. Things don’t improve with the cell phone application. It didn’t unite or adjust once when we attempted it with the Samsung Galaxy S5. We had more achievement blending it with the Nexus 5 in the end. Synchronizing the information however frequently slammed the application or it consistently didn’t endure a full synchronize.

Garmin Vivofit Fitness Band 17

As a step counter there’s a few inconsistencies in the information recorded its however for the most part predictable. Contrasting it with the Jawbone Up24 and the Withings Pulse O2, the steps checked figure is bigger than the other two wellness trackers. This could potentially be clarified by the certainty we didn’t need to take the Vivofit off to scrub down in the morning or after a run. The calorie number however is more than twofold what the Jawbone Up24 and Withings Pulse O2 proposes, so there’s plainly some correctness issues in this office.

Should I buy the Garmin Vivofit?

I tell you the two very good reasons why you should buy the Garmin Vivofit Fitness Band, the battery life and the display.
There are two very good reasons to buy the Garmin Vivofit and that’s the display and the battery life. It implies you are not continually needing to haul out your telephone to check the advancement or stress over the Vivofit running out right before you finish your target step objective. A wellness tracker ought to have the capacity to live on out of sight, and the Vivofit succeeds at doing that.

Garmin Vivofit Fitness Band 15

The absence of a backdrop illumination is truly irritating however its an issue exceeded by the baffling background endeavoring to match up and transfer information. As a wellness tracker that can rouse you to move for more in the day, the customized step objectives are more compelling than the latency bar in doing that and this is something different trackers as of now don’t offer.

Its the same cost as the Fitbit Flex and there’s not an incredible arrangement to discrete the two. Both receive the same rubbery, water-safe outline and have the same choices to match up by means of desktop or cell phone. The Vivofit has more implicit gimmicks to rouse clients and could be utilized with a heart rate screen. For transferring and processing information, the Fitbit biological system improves a far occupation and is much less demanding to get to grasps with.

Garmin Vivofit Fitness Band 14

As one of the few wellness trackers with an inherent presentation and mammoth battery life, its the best choice accessible, and that incorporates the Samsung Gear Fit. In the event that you can live without the presentation, the Jawbone Up24 ($116.99) offers more wise information and a more attractive designs.


But that you will. We’re less sold on the strap, which is serviceable, yet not as smooth or agreeable as we’d like. Likewise, the absence of a backdrop illumination (or low-light perceivability) is a minor disturbance. See for yourself at product page.

Finally, the this expensive value may not make it the most unreasonable tracker available, yet from an organization like Garmin, we’d get a kick out of a chance to have seen a couple of more point by point gimmicks, for example, rise/stair following, sustenance logging, a stopwatch/clock or even simply some developed watch characteristics (e.g., a caution, clock.). In case you’re searching for a solid, tough movement tracker that has a tolerable online stage, the Vivofit is those things. In the event that you can live with its minor imperfections, and wouldn’t fret the tasteful, its a commendable expansion to your wellness stockpile.



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