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HMDX Jam Plus Speaker Review: $35 Never Sounded So Good


HMDX Jam Plus review

hmdx jam plus manual

The Advantages and Disadvantages of HMDX Jam Plus


  • With an affordable price and better sounds, the HMDX Jam Plus is totally better than its original Jam.
  • HMDX Jam Plus has nice and fun in design
  • You can purchase the second speaker to completely create the wireless pair of true stereo speakers.


  • There is no speakerphone abilities.
  • The speaker still sounds thin and mutilates at higher volumes.


The Design

HMDX Jam Plus portable speaker

All of products that come from HMDX can be described of small, lightweight and colorful, especially for HMDX JAM PLUS. Jam Plus is the upgrade version of HMDX Jam for clarity’s sake.

So what are the new of Jam Plus, what is different while comparing to HMDX Jam? I’m also a technology lover; I love all of the Jam speakers, I got the answer for you. HMDX Jam Plus is 5-inches taller and 3-inches wider with abundantly bright color choices. And of course, they still have the same function as its brother – HMDX Jam that is conjoined into a stereo pair. Aside from that they’re viably the same speaker, brandishing a comparative outline and Bluetooth connectivity.

HMDX Jam Plus wireless speaker

Jam speaker is covered within a plastic container, and they are looking like a candy than a consumer electronic. Because of a candy aspect, this product is making fun feeling and the cost is about $35, you can buy it from Amazon store with discount coupon code.

Each speaker has the pausing/playing buttons and volume adjustable button in designed. There is a rubberized button that is a power button of this HMDX Jam Plus speaker. Making a stereo pair obliges that you hold down the force catch on every speaker – verify one is situated to L and the other to R – for 5 seconds. If the stereo matching is finished, you’ll hear a steel drum commotion. In my testing, blending takes something like 20-30 seconds – you’ll hear a fast progression of tones between every speakers showing that the HMDX Pluses are conversing with each other.

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The Pairing

hmdx jam plus 12

It’s very easy if you want to pair HMDX Plus to a phone or tablet, just turn the speaker on and select the profile from Bluetooth menu of your devices. And don’t forget to set HMDX Plus to mono if you want to listen with one speaker. In my experiences, the pairing of HMDX Plus is extremely fast, even fastest and easiest.

That isn’t to say matching a Bluetooth speaker is testing, yet even the tech unwilling have figured out how to combine their telephone with this speaker(s) in a matter of seconds; there is no Bluetooth catch to push or a mixture of catches to hold.

In my opinion, HMDX Plus is nothing shy of solid for it’s building standpoint. Because the cost of this speaker is only $35 that is suitable for the largely plastic one. That as a top priority, I’d settle on two of these over UE’s Mobile Boombox, as a stereo match effortlessly surpasses that speaker’s sonic abilities, but just expenses $20 more (note: you can get the HMDX Plus for $30 each on Amazon, which implies a couple of them is the same cost as UE’s Mobile Boombox).

Sonically the HMDX Plus is very amazing. While its not fit for arriving at the UE Boom’s range – a speaker that expenses 3.5 times as much – a stereo pair handles a moderately huge sound stage with room filling sufficiency. I’d be hard pressed to make the HMDX my at home go to the speaker, yet for travel they’re more than suffice for inn room stays, treks to the beach or park.

The Battery

The 4 hours is the life of Jam Plus’s battery, and you can extend it to 8 hours by using one at a time. If you want to have a added battery for a single speaker, you should go for an AUX cable that is supporting to extend the HMDX Plus’ battery to 12 hours. Luckily, for charging, just plug it to ubiquitous microUSB.


HMDX Jam Plus review

With an attractive design, cheap price and the combination ability of a second Jam Plus to create a left/right stereo pair, you should buy this worth Jam Plus Bluetooth speaker.

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