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iClever IC-BTH07 Bluetooth Sports Headphones Review


Before rattling all the numerous features in this pair of sports headphones, do know that they have been uniquely designed to meet all the expectations that a modern athlete has.

During our good old days, we were used to budding headphones that in most instances had no padding. However, that wasn’t much of an issue since that era’s music was full of information and less noise compared to today’s hits.

Unfortunately, not unless you were a die-hard music fan, you wouldn’t stand the discomfort, pain, and heat on your outer ear for prolonged hours. As such, the emergence of comfortable headphones that you can wear for several hours with no unnecessary pains comes as a miracle.

iClever Bluetooth Headphones with Silicone Earhook Secure Fit for Running 1

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In-depth Review Of iClever IC-BTH07 Bluetooth Sports Headphones

It’s very likely that iClever Bluetooth Headphones will amaze you from the word go. The very first thing that previous users loved about this product is the decent packaging box it comes in.

In fact, you would never be wrong with it if all you need is a surprise gift for a friend. It comes packed in a creatively designed gorgeous silver box. You’ll also surely love the lightweight design portrayed light from the packaging. The total weight of all the accessories plus the packaging is much less than most over-the-year headphones.

What’s in the package?

iClever Bluetooth Headphones with Silicone Earhook Secure Fit for Running 2

In the package, you get the stereo headset, 1 Micro USB charging cable, a carry pouch, 3 pieces of ear tips, a cord management clip, and a user’s manual.

Overall Design

iClever Bluetooth Headphones with Silicone Earhook Secure Fit for Running 3iClever boasts an incredible and straightforward construction design that makes it our winning contender in sports headphones.

Firstly, we need to admit that simplicity of use, comfort, and excellent sound are always the key differentiating factors in this niche. Consequently, that’s exactly what iClever seems to have capitalized in when coming up with this unique piece of technology.


To begin with, this unit has a full range of control buttons that aim at offering you an incredible time as you blast your favorite hits. Unlike most of its competitors with unorthodox control schemes, most users appreciate iClever’s simple and intuitive button placement. You’ll find it quite easy to get accustomed to the controls.

These buttons offer to play or pause, track skipping, and volume increase or decrease functionalities. Additionally, these control buttons have excellent tactile feedback that won’t disappoint.


iClever Bluetooth Headphones with Silicone Earhook Secure Fit for Running 4IC-BTH07 is professionally designed for athletes or people who love enjoying music while on the go.

They are, therefore, loaded with excellent features that help them stay put without requiring constant adjustments to deliver the much-needed listening experience.

The package comes with 3 interchangeable rubber tips. All you need to is to try them out and identify the pair that offers you the best comfort. These tips function as sound isolators and cushions to protect your skin from unnecessary discomforts. iClever BTH07 earbuds are also fitted with ear-hangers featuring a 150 angle design.

These aim at providing you a more stable fit especially during high-intensity activities. These stabilizers are made of soft silicon. They are incredibly soft and are smooth-rounded and finished to give you superior comforts.


These headphones weigh utmost 2.4 ounces. This weight ranks them amongst the most portable sound buds we’ll have this year. It also makes it easy to have them dangling in your ears for quite some hours without the slightest form of discomfort. In fact, in most instances, you’ll forget that you’re wearing them in case the music isn’t playing.

IC-BTH07 also comes with an easy-to-open carry case into which you can put the headphones before sliding them into your pockets, backpack bag, or purse. The 2 earpieces are connected to each other by a flexible cable. The cord isn’t overly long. It doesn’t feel or look bulky or uncomfortable. Being wireless, you’ll love it since your hands won’t get entangled as you jog or destroy them during some serious workouts. The earbuds will also not get hooked to something and be yanked off your ears.

Even better, these headphones are IPX5 water resistant. This means that you can continue keeping fit even in the rain without having to pocket the earbuds. Additionally, their waterproof construction design prevents them from drowning in your sweat.

Rechargeable battery

These headphones are fitted with a rechargeable battery. The battery recharges in utmost 2 hours and offers up to 7 hours of continuous music play plus or minus 1 hour depending on the music genre. It also holds its charge for up to 160 hours on standby mode.

This means that you’ll have tons of hours listening to your favorite blasts and making or receiving calls.
Additionally, after pairing, the remaining power percentage will display on your device. Therefore, you’ll always be posted on when the device requires some charging.

Bluetooth 4.1 Technology

iClever Bluetooth Headphones with Silicone Earhook Secure Fit for Running 2This wireless pair of headphones is connected to your music device via Bluetooth 4.1.

Even if you’re not so much into technology, you should know that Bluetooth 4.1 is amongst the recent technological advancements in this field. It makes it easy to pair with almost any Bluetooth enabled device within its range.

The strong connectivity provided here makes it easy to listen to your music without being tied to your mobile phone. Even better, you’ll appreciate its decent wireless range that allows you to answer calls or enjoy your music even while in another room with little to no distractions from the obstructing walls.

Excellent Hands-free calls

iClever BTH07 comes fitted with a built-in HD microphone that has been strategically positioned to make conversations efficient. Uniquely, you’ll be notified of all incoming calls either by vibrations or voice prompts. You’ll also have the caller’s number read out loud for you. This makes it easy to answer, end, or reject calls without having to pull your phone from your pocket.

Decent Noise Isolation Capabilities

When shopping for headphones, we all need a pair that can be used virtually anywhere without disturbing others. iClever BTH07 has been designed to isolate the listeners uniquely even though no active cancellation mechanism has been put in place. You won’t have a hard time using them in loud environments including a gym or in regular commutes.

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