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In-depth Review Of Coosh CBT791B Bluetooth Speakers


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If you have a budget of only $30 and are window-shopping online for one of the high-quality portable Bluetooth speakers that cost around that budget, chances are you would bump into Coosh CBT791B Bluetooth Speakers.

The unique look might be able to catch your attention, but we bet that the price and its sound quality are the features that will make you more excited to purchase it.

However, before you do go and purchase it, why not read this Bluetooth speakers review until the end and learn more about this cool product.Perhaps, it is more than meet the eyes!


Product Descriptions

Coosh CBT791B is a portable, rugged and excellent wireless speaker that produces highly satisfying audio output and bass performance. It features a Bluetooth 4.0 technology and is connectable to many smart devices such as iPhones, iPads, Samsung tablets, smartphones, computer and MP3 players.

The main material of the casing is rubber, and this gives a firm grip on the body and extra cushioning protection – a light drop on the ground would not hurt this speaker! The Bluetooth portable speaker measures 8.6 x 2.8 x 2.6 inches and weighs at 15.2 ounces.

Inside the speaker, you will find a built-in microphone as well as noise-cancellation technology. It uses 6-watt speakers and comes with a 3.5mm Auxiliary port.

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Plus, the wireless speaker comes with a rechargeable battery that can operate up to 6 hours of non-stop music. On top of the body, there is a control panel that locates several touch control buttons.

You may turn on the power, pick up a phone call, control the volumes, and select your playlist forward or backward by touching the buttons lightly on this panel.

Plus, it also boasts an NFC technology that allows users to pair the product with an external device via touching. On Amazon.com, this product costs only $49.95 per unit.

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Product Performance

Coosh CBT791B Speaker is a small-size speaker that produces loud and big audio output! The 6-watt speaker delivers deep bass and smoothes overall sound for your satisfaction.

Besides its lovely audio quality, the speaker also has an excellent Bluetooth connection. By turning on the Bluetooth on the speaker and your smartphone, both devices will get instantly connected, without much struggle or effort.

This ease of use is great for new users as a complicated connection process will only frustrate them. In terms of its looks, this portable Bluetooth speaker features a rugged and stylish design.

On a first look, it looks like a car tire, and that indirectly portrays its durability. The male users might find this rugged feature interesting! Another winning point of this speaker is its cheap price tag.

With a price of only $49.95, you will be able to own a great and fully functional wireless speaker!

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The User Feedbacks and Pros & Cons

Coosh CBT791B Bluetooth Speaker 4With the remarkable feedback on Amazon.com, we can say that Coosh CBT791B wireless speaker is one of the most affordable and best Bluetooth speakers out there.

The rating is 4.8 out of 5 and 90% of the buyers rated the product as five stars! We have compiled some of the written feedbacks in this Bluetooth speakers review for your reference.

  • Feedback #1 – Albyati said that the sound quality of the speaker is amazing and powerful. The casing is also sturdy, and its design is very cool and stylish!
  • Feedback #2 – Sarah Lee commented that she did not face any trouble to connect the speaker to her devices (iPods, LG phone, and Samsung Galaxy Tab). Plus, she can even plug a device without Bluetooth to its 3.5 Auxiliary input.
  • Feedback #3 – Trishada said that that speaker is great for boys due its rugged and dark look. Plus, the touch buttons on the speaker provides easy control of the speaker.

Besides than the written feedbacks, we are also providing you our list of pros and cons that we think you should consider before buying the product.


  • The price is very cheap at $49.95, but it does not mean that the speaker does not have any quality.
  • It is capable of producing high-quality audio sound, just like any other much expensive speakers.
  • The Bluetooth connection is very easy to operate, and a newbie will not face any difficulty to get it functioning.
  • The speaker provides a smooth and great audio experience to the listeners.


  • The speaker has several touch buttons on the panel and according to some users, those buttons can be rather unresponsive sometimes.

Product Summary

Coosh CBT791B Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker is one of the cheapest and best Bluetooth speakers that you should consider. It is suitable for those who are on a tight budget and still would like to get a satisfying audio experience.

It is a very sturdy, compact, light and reliable speaker. It allows you to enjoy your favorite music or movies, without any problem or issues! Why pay more when you can get similar excellent audio output with this speaker?



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