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In-depth Review Of The Mpow FreeGo Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Headset Headphone with Clear Voice


Product Description

Considered as one of the leading single-ear Bluetooth headsets in Amazon, the new version of Mpow FreeGo Bluetooth Headset is very in-demand in today’s market; not only because of its advanced features – but because the upgrade was done to ensure customers’ satisfaction.

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The current Mpow FreeGo Headset is yet another excellent product of Mpow, along with the long line of Mpow exceptional products. It easily connects to any wireless Bluetooth compatible device, working perfectly with a wide range of mobile phones, smartphones, tablets and so on. Not only it has a unique and modern look, it is also sturdy and very easy to use.

With the updated version, you can hear everything clearly and smoothly – from music to calls, to podcasts and so many more. You can place calls or listen to music anytime anywhere no matter what you are doing, such as running, doing errands, studying, and the list goes on.


Technical Details and Features

  • Upgraded chip from CSR8610 to CSR8615: This is to maintain a clear signal with unobstructed range working efficiently up to 35ft.
  • Advanced Noise Cancellation Technology: It has an advanced 6.0 clear voice capture that includes echo cancellation and bi-directional noise suppression for improved audio quality of wireless products. The new Mpow headset also supports a mute function compared to the previous model.
  • Unique and Sophisticated Design: Created in a crescent shape, the new Mpow headset is coated with smooth piano lacquer and rubber, giving you a wonderful stylish experience.
  • Comfortable Ear Cushions: It has three interchangeable soft ear gels that enable a 180-degree flip-boom arm that are easy to wear and use, providing comfort to either the right or left ear depending on your preference.
  • Paired with Two Devices Simultaneously: Establish a wireless connection to any two Bluetooth-enabled devices at the same time, and never miss a call from your two mobile phones.
  • High Compatibility: Works smoothly with almost all kinds of mobile or smart phones, tablets, and with any devices that have a Bluetooth function.
  • Bluetooth Standard: Bluetooth V4.0
  • Bluetooth Mode: Headset, hands-free, A2DP, AVRCP
  • Frequency and Operation Range: 2.4GHz; 12 meters
  • Usage Time: 5-hour maximum usage
  • Standby Time: 120-hour maximum usage
  • Charging Time: Two hours
  • Size: 61.5×23.5×15.5 mm
  • Weight: 0.02 pounds

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Mpow FreeGo Wireless Bluetooth Review – Pros and Cons


  • The new version of Mpow Freego Bluetooth headset can be paired easily to any Bluetooth compatible devices. The manual will walk you through all the essentials step by step, particularly if you are a first-time user of such product. The entire process was said to be a breeze, taking more or less than a minute.
  • The headset can also be paired simultaneously with two devices – whether with a personal and business phone or with a computer and a phone. This great feature allows you to place calls or listen to music conveniently from either device.
  • Because of its advanced noise cancellation that includes echo and bi-directional noise cancelling function, you can hear the person on the other line clearly despite driving on a busy street with open windows. And that person can hear you just fine as well.
  • More so, the noise reduction capability delivers not only clear audio output, but also gives loud and crisp sound all the time.mpow freego2
  • The USB charging adapter is perfect for people who are always on the road, given it is a car-suitable adapter. There’s also a micro USB charging cable that comes with three ear cushions of various sizes (small, medium, large) so you need not worry which size fits you.
  • The latest Mpow FreeGo Bluetooth is widely appreciated by many users because of the comfort it provides even when worn the entire day. More so, the headset with its ergonomically designed silicone ear gels are interchangeable – you can wear it either on your right or left ear, depending on your preference.
  • Because of the ear gels’ texture and shape, they won’t irritate your ears, and they are more discreet-looking than most of the other Bluetooth-enabled headsets. The sound clarity of the ear cushions are very good as well.
  • It can also be paired to a computer if ever you feel like listening to your computer’s music. Since it supports A2DP, you can replay your tracks with ease.
  • The headset’s power button on the side offers a variety of functions. Press it for about three seconds to power it on or off when it is paired with a device. Do a quick press for answering and ending calls. And pressing the button twice will immediately redial the last number called.
  • Every single Mpow product comes with an 18-month warranty. No need to fret as you are guaranteed with outstanding support for more than a year. Nonetheless, this doesn’t serve as an excuse for you not to take good care of your purchase.
  • While the accessories remain the same, the newer version’s signal is strengthened, and offers a longer usage and standby time.


  • With a rated output of only 150MA, the car charger doesn’t allow any handy gizmos to be charged in it except for your headset. This makes the charger exclusive for the headset. There’s no wall charger provided as well.
  • When paired with a computer, like with most Bluetooth music streaming, the headset produces low-quality sound. The audio is compressed and that the music sounds tinny.
  • Although the Bluetooth comes with three ear gels on different sizes, the headset can be a little loose for people who wear glasses and to those with small ears. However, Mpow recommends these individuals to purchase Mpow Edge Wireless Bluetooth 4.0 Headset so that they can experience comfort and convenience despite the issues mentioned earlier.

Mpow FreeGo Wireless Bluetooth Unboxing

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Overall, the new version of Mpow FreeGo Wireless Bluetooth Headset is the best way to keep you connected without the need to hold on to your device for long hours, especially when you are on the go – driving, cooking, jogging and so on. Not only it is super affordable, considering its excellent features, it also gives users with an active lifestyle the convenience and comfort they truly need. Because it easily connects to any Bluetooth -enabled device, users are 100% secured to make and receive calls safely and smoothly. Most importantly, it delivers exceptional sounds that let users enjoy clear and crisp talks on both ends of the call.

For all its wonderful features, product is certainly a bargain for everyone seeking out for a Bluetooth headset.

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    • It looks like a good and light earphone, the review of version 3.0 from Tronfy has a good review ( 3.9 out of 5 ) but this new version mini 4.0 has no review yet, i should have this one and review myself later then, good suggestion. Thanks


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