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Jawbone Up 24 – Shoud You Buy This New Fitness Tracker?


Jawbone UP24 review

Jawbone Up 24 Review

What is the Jawbone UP24?

The Jawbone UP 24 is the second activities tracker product of Jawbone company which aims to make you live better and help you get more exercise, choose healthier food and having good sleep at night.

The Jawbone UP priced is $77 at Amazon, you pay an extra $70 to get the UP24 with Sync technology Bluetooth Connection added to work with iPhones, Android or smart tablets to check any data online.

Jonebone Up 24 is dispatched in 2011 and with any semblance of Samsung, LG and Sony now attempting to take advantage of the wellness following development, is there enough of a change to make the move up to the Up24?



  • Real time Syncing supported by Bluetooth Smart
  • Slim and stylish design
  • Silent Quake up Feature


  • No built-in screen
  • The battery life is shorter than the Jawbone UP
  • Not waterproof
  • App is sluggish at times

Design Of Jawbone Up 24

Jawbone Up 24 video

About design, because by going around of the original Jawbone UP, we don’t see in this new UP24. The UP 24 is by created with a new kind of design and utilized a hypoallergenic and therapeutic evaluation elastic so you shouldn’t, in principle, experience any Fitbit Force-like skin bothering issues.

Jawbone Up 24 manual

There are also three sizes available which are 19g (for small), 22g (for medium) and 23g (for large). All of three sizes are lighter than Fuelband SE smallest version (27g). I tried to bend the band and sink it in water are still untouchable too so its acceptable that the inner parts of the Up24 have to a great extent continued as before.

Jawbone Up 24 12

To setup a Bluetooth connection, you will need to press the syncing button on end of the band, you also can use this for sleep tracking. Jawbone Up 24 is even now opposing on including an implicit screen so at the end of the day you’ll have to depend on your cell phone for a snappy survey of information gathered. Jawbone does incorporate by somewhat sickle moon or blossom symbol to demonstrate the following state.

It’s currently just accessible by many dark colors however it stays with subtle groups to wear throughout the day and during the evening. It doesn’t yell ‘wellness, who need to continue following more careful it without a doubt has that offer.

Jawbone Up 24 Features

Jawbone Up 24 features

In UP24, the Tri-axis accelerometer will help you to track with most of the location, this is similar technology. So there is only one changed is Bluetooth Smart syncing that is giving the standard supporting.

You can likewise log nourishment utilization and workouts to construct a more far reaching perspective of your day. There’s a considerable measure of information to take in so the point of the Jawbone biological system is to comprehend better that information.

One of method for doing this is by utilizing Jawbone’s Insight motor. Maybe the most interesting of the new programming tweaks, the organization has put resources into an information science group to investigate individual information and make proposals to enhance step check and slumber time. These proposals come as little data cards that show up in your UP news stream after information has been gathered for no less than four to five days.

As default, Jawbone sends email on every Monday each week. This email is a summary of step taken in last week and the sleep averages. And in the end of summaries, there is advice of having sleep in a dark room, quite room.

Jawbone UP 24 Apps

Jawbone Up 24 apps

Till now, the Jawbone app is free and available on both iOs and Android devices.

It’s very simple to complete setting up, just switch on the Bluetooth, open the app, press the button on the band, that’s all. Once inside, the interface is commanded by the two advancement bars that show rest and step number. Span down and you’ll discover the UP Feed where breakthroughs and streaks are posted.

There’s a drop-down menu on the left where you can hop into your particular profile, objectives, life saver, patterns, colleagues, application help, inbox and settings. In the upper in that spot’s a symbol to show whether the band is right now matched up. Swipe the screen right and you can see the battery life status. Furthermore, you can physically set Sleep Mode, turn on the stopwatch, set up a force rest, savvy slumber alerts, unmoving alarms and an action caution.

Jawbone UP 24 Performance

Jawbone Up 24 performance

To get the most out of the Up24, its truly about playing the holding up amusement. Living with it for a week is sufficient to see the step information gathered was steady when testing against the Nike Fuelband SE case in point. You are just genuinely going to get a more customized encounter particularly with the Insights motor when it has had enough information, in a perfect world a week, to make proposals.

Rest information is still rich and a standout amongst the most intriguing components of the Jawbone. It feels more significant than the Fitbit approach and conveys some extraordinary data, on the off chance that you recall to hit that rest mode catch. You can see points of interest of your overwhelming and light rest times, the time it took to nod off, to what extent you were sleeping for, how often you woke up and to what extent you were wakeful for. The slumber recuperation mode which is likewise accessible for the first UP helps you fill in the crevices however we’d favor utilizing the vibrating component inside the Up24 to verify you hit that switch.

Notices have an enormous influence of goading you to stay on track yet in the event that you don’t have your telephone close-by that is an issue. The recurrence of warnings is an issue also. Utilizing it on the iphone 5, we generally gained warnings in the morning about slumber and step advance yet nothing else. It was somewhat more predictable running it on the Nexus 5 however. The noiseless alerts and vibrating updates are substantially more viable particularly when you are getting up in the morning or you haven’t moved from your work area throughout the previous 30 minutes.

There are a few issues that torment most movement trackers and that incorporates logging workouts and nourishment following, There simply isn’t a truly strong answer for reliably following these things when you have still need to do them physically. Depending on devoted outsider application backing is Jawbone’s answer and that is going to be your best alternative to dependably blanket these parts of your day.

Jawbone UP 24 Battery

Jawbone Up 24 3

Actually, the battery of Jawbone UP is about 10 days life long, but with the Bluetooth syncing everytime on UP24, the new Jawbone has only seven days of battery life. Based on my testing, my UP24 battery is longer than a week. But there is nothing to worry, because the new UP 24 is taking only 80 minutes to get fully charged.

Conclusion – Should You Buy It?

The band is agreeable. The application and client interface are engaging and alluring. I am amped up for the engineering. Simple to utilize and setup and great battery life.

Acquired for wife. She completely love it. She has modest wrists – fits great. Client interface is magnificent on iphone. In actuality, the sexiest of every last one of wellness trackers. Robust buy. Would suggest to anybody. Cheers.



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