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Jaybird Freedom Sprint Review – The Best Waterproof Bluetooth Headphones?


Have you ever faced this problem while listening to music: The cord of your earbuds snags and forcefully ripping from your head. It’s a big catastrophe and make mad almost instantly. And fortunately, we have an easy way to completely avoid that happen forever with: stereo Bluetooth Headset.

Today, I introduce you to take a look at one such headset and read my review of the Jaybird Freedom Sprint Bluetooth. I’ve used this awesome Waterproof Bluetooth Headphones nearly every day for almost one year, and it’s perfect for my demands.

Finding good Waterproof device is not easy, and even strong reputations big company names in sound audio don’t provide the perfect one for yours desired. But Jaybird has done terrific job to make your wish come true. Today, you will spend much time in a couple of weeks working off with Freedom Sprint headset.

Jaybird Freedom Sprint Review

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The reason I bought Waterproof Bluetooth is for my gym session and it has water-proof and sweat-proof with good sound quality and good bass.


  • Perfect Working with most Bluetooth-enabled gadgets
  • Effectively coordinates with your device for hands-free operation
  • Sweat-proof earbud design
  • Controls sound into the ear for developed recurrence reaction and deep bass. The 6 sets of earbuds give a safe, tweaked fit
  • Gives sound fortification
  • Neodymium magnet
  • With Warm Premium Bass convey effective sound
  • Up to 250 hours of standby time and 4.5 hours of play-time
  • For durable utilization
  • For speedy operation without evacuating the earphones. Level rope helps avoid tangling
  • 20hz – 20khz recurrence reaction
  • 114db sensitivity
  • Gives effective sound.
  • 32 ohms impedance
  • Effectively directs power
  • Magnet-fixed hard shell convey the case
  • Secures your earphones throughout transport
  • There are three buttons that control the play/pause, up/down volume, track nad the great built in mic for receiving a call.
  • Waterproof Bluetooth Headphones


Jaybird Freedom Sprint bluetooth headphones

Jaybird Freedom Sprint is designed for sports athletes and official training of the USA Triathlon, but I expect a better “sweat-proof” fit. And they are working fine if you are not wearing for wrestling alligators or doing gym. It’s designed for water-proof and sweat-proof.

The general fit and feel of this headset is really decent, in spite of the way that the buds are really vast. Besides, they’re much lighter than anticipated – once in your ear, they don’t feel much not quite the same as normally wired earbuds.

Jaybird Freedom Sprint manual
There is not many different sized comes with this earbud, but there is one ear cushion that will helps “locking” the buds in place to stay in your ear while running, working out, etc. At first glance, I feel uncomfortable, but it’s not, it’s easy to get used to. They felt unbalanced for about the initial 15 or 20 minutes, yet in the wake of attempting all the diverse sizes to discover the unified with the best fit, I discovered them to be truly agreeable.
Jaybird Freedom Sprint bluetooth headphones review

All of headset controlling such as power, up/down volume buttons, changing a port that are located on the right of earbuds. The force catch likewise works as an answer/hang up, play/pause, and quiet catch. It should offer the capacity to change playing track, too, yet, as with each and every headset ever, I couldn’t get this to work with Android.

Audio Quality

First and foremost things first – I am no audiophile, which is the reason this survey centers all the more on structure and capacity. All things considered; I am exceptionally satisfied with the sound nature of these buds.

Everything is fresh and clear, yet they’re not failing to offer any low-end whatsoever. That is what awed me the most – the low end is exceptionally display, however its not tyrannical. They truly offer an extraordinary tonal offset. It’s worth noting that the application I use for music playback offers an inherent EQ, yet everything still sounds really great with a  totally even setting..

Call Quality

The call quality is not the experience that I expected from a $79 headset and furthermore is the greatest burden that keeps me from providing for it a robust suggestion.

Battery Life

The question is how long the battery does the last? Retailers said it would go for about 6 hours of music playing; it’s true. I really figured out how to debilitated the whole battery in one day, yet that was a one-time bargain with persistent music streaming. Still, you’ll most likely need to toss this on charge consistently to guarantee its generally primed to go when you require it.

One enormous dissension concerning the battery is a low battery warning. Once the battery hits a certain level (not certain what that level is), it annoyingly beeps at regular intervals. By and by, I wish there were somehow to impair this, as I might simply let me music play until the battery kicked the bucket totally. Rather, you are compelled to put it on charge since you can’t generally do all else with a domineering beep in your ear at regular intervals.

Luckily, the time it takes to charge is extremely negligible. From just about dead to full charge takes about an hour, which is very sensible as I would see it. The one disadvantage, be that as it may, is that they must be charged over USB – and supplied micro USB charging link is just around 12 inches in length. You can utilize a USB connector to connect it to a divider outlet, yet with such a short rope, this simply isn’t common sense.

Jaybird Freedom Sprint Pros and Cons


Jaybird Freedom Sprint comes with great sound, powerful bass with no distortion at top volumes. You have several options of ear tips; you don’t have to worry of exercise because of sweatproof and streamlined, super-secure fit functions.


It’s little hard to control this earbuds while wearing it. It’s not secure fit unless worn behind head with clasp.

Bluetooth: there is no problem of Bluetooth pairing/connection, great working with my iPhone and iPad. But sometimes, it does disconnect and reconnect automatically after few seconds.


Jaybird Freedom Sprint vs bluebuds x

The JayBird Freedom Sprint is Bluetooth streaming earbuds that come with high sound quality and audio performance with a seriously secure fit. This headset is not a best waterproof Bluetooth headphones, but it also has good waterproof function.

So for the most parts, I highly recommend this awesome Waterproof Bluetooth Headphones. It’s perfect device and brings comfortable feeling for you to wearing while jogging or working out and music enjoying.

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