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JETech H0780 Universal Bluetooth Headset Honest Review


JETech H0780 Universal Bluetooth Headset Product Description

Manufactured by JETech Design – a fully dedicated and trustworthy mobile technology maker – JeTech H0780 Universal Bluetooth Headset guarantees a fun and wonderful experience to its users. This Universal Bluetooth Headset works perfectly to nearly all Apple iPhone models, particularly to iPhone 4/4s/5/5s/5c/6. It also functions quite well with Samsung Galaxy S3, S4, and S5, as well as with LG products. More so, the H0780 headset operates smoothly in a variety of personal computers, laptops, and in other Bluetooth-enabled devices.


Being approved and licensed by Apple, JETech always makes sure it goes beyond Apple’s standards and expectations so that customers are fully satisfied. The company aims to provide all the best products in the mobile technology market, ensuring every single item is 100% risk-free and hassle-free so that customers will keep on coming back and will be looking for more.


Product Technical Details

  • Item Weight: 0.5 ounces
  • Shipping Weight: 4 ounces
  • Item Model Number and Color: H0780 Black
  • Included in the Package: H0780 headset, ear hook, Micro USB adapter charger, user-friendly manual

Product Features

Noise-Cancelling Technology:
With its noise-reduction microphone, all unnecessary background noise is eliminated – allowing you to make calls or listen to music clearly. The headset also comes with a stylish, comfortable and super soft silicone ear tip that is sure to fit securely in either your left or right ear.

Active Pairing: Establish a speedy wireless connection to your smartphone (Apple iPhone and Samsung Galaxy) and to other devices that are Bluetooth compatible. The H0780 also includes a Multipoint technology and an advanced battery status indicator using LED.

Extensive Battery Life: Through its unique deep sleep mode, the headset’s battery life extends to longer hours more than expected. Its standby time can go up to 14 days; usage time for calls can last to 11 hours; and users can play music to a maximum of six hours.

Automatic Battery Meter: The battery’s meter displays automatically on the screen for both iPhone and iPad. Android users are advised to download the battery meter through Plantronics My Headset App.

High-Quality Sound: The H0780 Universal Headset has an improved sound clarity for wideband-enabled smartphones, allowing users to enjoy long and clear conversations on both ends of the call.

In-Depth Review – Pros and Cons


  • Since the H0780 is created by JETech, an Mfi certified and an Apple licensed mobile-technology manufacturer, this simply secures customers that the product they are buying are 100% safe and reliable. Additionally, JETech is staffed with very friendly and prompt customer support, so in case you got issues with your purchase, you can always contact them immediately and have your problems resolved in no time.
  • Aside from all its wonderful features, the H0780 package includes everything you need. Its cables are flat for a tangle-free and hassle-free experience, especially when you are travelling. The cables are also protected and coated by durable cable jackets to avoid kinks and tangles on the ends and at the cores of the wires. This universal headset is also equipped with heavy-duty conductors that are specifically designed to handle charging for Apple products (iPhone, Ipad and iPod).
  • The Advanced Noise-Cancelling Function lets users have clear and crisp talks whenever and wherever – allowing you to hear and be heard by the person on the other line despite being on a busy road or having a loud background noise.
  • Because of the new deep sleep mode, the battery’s life can last for a longer period of time. It can last up to two weeks without being used, and you can enjoy long conversations to a maximum of 11 hours. And if you are a music lover, you can enjoy listening to your tracks up to six hours.
  • For Android users, no need to fret how your battery’s status is. You can download the app as mentioned above, and the headset’s battery meter automatically shows up onscreen.
  • The H0780 is widely appreciated by most customers because it can be paired easily to any Bluetooth-enabled devices such as with Apple and Samsung products. It also has a user-friendly manual where all instructions needed to function the headset can be found – being laid out systematically.
  • The headset is built with sturdy components so you are sure it will last for a lifetime. Although it weighs light, the texture and form look and feel robust and well-built. Since the headset has a super soft ear gel, it is very comfortable even when worn during the entire day. Moreover, it fits securely on both ears.
  • A lot of buyers have high regard to its shipping method. The product arrived before the time expected, it came just as it was described, and every item mentioned in the package comes full without any problems.


  • While the product seems to be a perfect piece among its kind, there are still some minor issues or drawbacks that customers have noticed. The H0780 somehow lacks bass capability and it doesn’t cover a long range. There’s also a great chance of static when listening to music. Although you are sure your calls are clear, the headset doesn’t produce high-quality sound for music tracks.
  • The multi-function button on the ear piece can be a bit confusing to first-time users. However, there’s always the manual you can check and spend time reading on. The button despite the variety of function it provides, it doesn’t offer playback controls.
  • Some users have complained as well that the headset doesn’t function well with the radio, particularly for AM stations. While it delivers excellent sounds when paired with bluetooth-enabled devices, the radio is not highly-suitable for this headset – which can be a bad news for AM radio listeners.


To conclude, the JETech H0780 Universal Bluetooth Headset is a highly-recommended product for people who live an active lifestyle. They can make and receive calls as well as listen to their favorite music whenever and wherever they desire. Because of its advanced noise-reduction function, users need not worry if they can be heard well by the person on the other line when driving on a busy street, doing some errands or perhaps working on their favorite pastime. What’s even better is that it functions outstandingly in almost all smartphones, computers, laptops and in other Bluetooth compatible gadgets.

The JETech H0780 is one excellent Bluetooth headset considering all its amazing features and its cheap price.



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