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MEE audioM6 PRO Musician’s In-Ear Monitors Review


Would you like to experience a stunning music quality? Here is the answer for you. MEE audio M6 PRO is a stunning pair of earphones designed to be stylish as you use them. When using these ear monitors, they produce studio quality sound. Noise isn’t a bother, as they have insulation. All you get is a superior quality, versatility, and style.

MEE audio M6 PRO Universal-Fit headphones

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  • Universal-fit In-ear for use on or off stage and noisy places

These ears monitors have a unique design to allow listening to music even in noisy places. The perfection in the style of construction is commendable.  It doesn’t matter whether one is working in a gym, walking on a busy street or relaxing.

They will fit in everybody ears since their heads are detachable. This allows installing different earbuds.

  • Extended durability

At many times, I have tried to search earphones can last for long. Unfortunately, the market is flooded with unreliable earphones. When I first purchased these, I had doubts. But, for now, I can attest their durability is superb.

Cables are reinforced with internal braiding to give them extra strength. Even when I am exercising, they are resistant to breaking. Also, being sweat resistant, cable strength can’t be compromised. Further, when in use they don’t tangle.

  •  Audio clarity

I can stay with these earphones as long as I wish. They are gentle and safe to the ears. They produce a balanced voice to prevent damaging your eardrums. I noticed a big difference when I compared them with original M6.

This one comes with a new ultrathin 5µm diaphragm. Also, the aluminum voice coil generates a super’s clear crystal sound. After use, they don’t cause discomfort in the ears like it’s common with other earphones.

  • Sound-Isolating features

I know external noise while listening g to music is a common problem. I have used earbuds from different brands, but the problem was never solved. The same problem is common among other users.

However, with these earphones, I can walk in a busy street without a worry. They eliminate all external noise almost 100%. Therefore with a small volume, listening music is possible. The tips feature Comply- T-series heavy duty foam insulation that perfectly fits in the ear. Besides, foam offering insulation, they enhance comfort. Once I acquired them, I enjoy high-quality music.

  • Headset cable has microphone and remote

I find these earphones ideal and superior. When compared with others on the market, they are incomparable. Imagine even when busy; still, I can use them without causing inconveniences. All the controls available incorporated on the cable. When somebody is calling, I comfortably receive via the control remote.

The dedicated microphone enables communication while the phone is still in the pocket. Further, when enjoying the media, the same remote enable controlling of media playback. If calling or listening to the audio player, an inbuilt universal volume helps in maintaining ideal volume level.

Why should I advise you to buy these earphones?

MEE audio M6 PRO 1The first reason is the price of this item. Despite having many superior features, its price is very appealing. Currently, it is selling at $49.99 on Amazon inclusive of shipping fee. This price is fair; I had others from another different brand, but comparing features and price. They weren’t matching. However, these you get value for your money.

Buying these earphones is a wise. They are constructed with a stylish design and will not risk your health. Through the balanced voice output, you can listen to music for 10 hours without developing ear complications.  This is contrary to other earphones. Eartips too, are very comfortable. Even if one wears for an extended time, they can’t cause soreness in the ears.

MEE audio M6 PRO 2These earphones are sold with complete accessories. If a pair of ear tips will not fit, you are at liberty to change. This doesn’t call for going back to the shop. In the pack, it has different ear tips.

They can also be changed according to the occasion or size of ear canal. You still get a 6.3mm stereo adapter. It’s gold plated and can compatible with a broad range of other gears. All these items, you won’t carry them with bare hands. They come enclosed on in a compact carrying case. Thus, you can take with you all accessories everywhere you go.

Further, if you adore these earphones and worse happen, there is no need to worry. Getting a replacement of broken part is simple. Thus, it’s a guarantee that your listening to music will not be compromised. When you consider this and compare it with others earphones,  you will definitely land on these.


  • They have a balanced sound the gives a clear sound. This enables the listener to enjoy high clarity sound.
  • The cable has great enhancements like remote, universal volume control. They ease the operation of these earphones. The cable is sweat-resistant and durable.
  • Noise cancellation makes ideal for use everywhere.


  • So far, I haven’t noticed any hitch with these earphones. But some users some users on Amazon reports on to have issues with noise cancellation.


MEE audio M6 PRO 3These earphones feature a careful design to ensure total satisfaction. When compared with original M6, they are superior. The sound output is amazing, and they are enhanced with precision ability.

The improvement was a milestone in elevating the popularity among the customers.  With this version, a comfort, style, and versatility are a guarantee.

On the replacement policy, I find this very impressive. Though you will be charged half the price, it’s consoling. When I evaluated it, I felt relaxed. Other brands don’t have a replacement policy. Therefore when uncertainties occur, that’s the end. You’ll be forced to buy new ones.  Gauging all the benefits and features that these earphones have it they deserve 4.5 though on Amazon it’s rated 4.1.


It’s true that MEE audio M6 PRO earphones are classic. The need to put volume to the highest level is now a thing of past. They are ideal when working due to their strength and their low price make them more affordable. Do not keep struggling with cheap old earphones. Mee audio M6 PRO earphones are the best for noise cancellation.

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[amazonprice id="279"] on Amazon


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