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Motorola FOCUS66 Wi-Fi HD Home Monitoring Camera


ThMotorola FOCUS66 7e Motorola FOCUS66 is just what every responsible person needs to be installed in their homes. Get this, if you are always away, there will always be a time when you can’t help but worry about what’s going on in your home.

With the Motorola FOCUS66 you can easily check what is going on at home just as easy as launching an application on your mobile device and to your PC.

With Remote HD Quality Video

Motorola FOCUS66 Wi-Fi HD Camera
Motorola FOCUS66 4
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With Remote HD Quality Video
Motorola FOCUS66 Wi-Fi HD Camera

- Design: 8.5
- Video: 9.0
- Features: 8.5
- Value: 8.5

- It is easy setup using Hubble free App.
- Compatible all iOS and Android devices,
- Features like Motion-triggered Snapshots and Infrare Night vision

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Motorola FOCUS66

Motorola FOCUS66 Wi-Fi HD Home Monitoring Camera Features

The FOCUS66 is the new Wi-Fi HP Home Monitoring Camera from Motorola.

  • Motorola FOCUS66 It streams HD video via Wi-Fi connection
  • It uses Hubble app for Motorola Monitors to turn any of your compatible mobile devices such as smart phones and tables, and personal computers as your video monitoring system for your home
  • It also features motion-triggered snapshots, perfect if you are busy, but wanted to be notified if there is some unusual movements in your house. You may also switch to motion-triggered recorded video if you wanted to record what is going on in your house straight to the cloud storage for easy and instant playback.
  • There is also the two-way communication for when you wanted to stay connected with your loved ones while away. The device is equipped with high sensitivity microphone, it may pick up the even the slightest sound in your house.
  • As an added bonus, the FOCUS66 features in-room temperature display for you to be alerted for when there will have an increase or decrease of temperature;
  • And you will not have to worry about low lights, your Motorola FOCUS66 will switch to infrared light vision automatically when placed in a room with low lights.

When you order this via Amazon.com, the box will include:

  • The Motorola FOCUS 66 camera
  • Power adapter
  • User’s Guide
  • Quick Start Guide and of course
  • The Two-Way Communication and Infrared Night Vision.

Motorola Focus66 Wifi Cameras device

Motorola Focus66 Wifi Cameras Review


  • It is amazing that there are companies that are now turning their heads and are developing products for home security. Of course monitoring cameras have been around for a long time now, but they are mostly made for businesses, targeted to offices and warehouses and are usually monitored and recorded by assigned employees.
  • Motorola FOCUS66 is a convenient device made available for retail for home use, after all, we have built our houses out of our own sweat and tears, it is just fair that we give it this much attention.
  • One notable characteristic that I noticed about the product is its ease-of-use.
  • Setting up the whole thing is very easy. There are no complicated instructions, downloading the Hubble App for Motorola Monitors and hooking it up with your mobile device or PC takes only a few minutes. You are all set and ready to stream just as easy as that. Being able to control your device remotely is a big plus.
  • Its compatibility with different mobile devices prevents the user to feel limited, unlike other products that pushes exclusivity in only one mobile device. With the Motorola FOCUS66, users will not feel that they are being trapped to buy a new mobile device just because it only runs on that device or that the app is exclusive.
  • What I like most among its awesome features is that it sends you notifications via its motion, sound, and room temperature triggers. You can always receive an alert whenever there are slight changes in your house and you can always check it out with your Hubble app for Motorola Monitor. Very convenient when you don’t have time to stream online the whole time. It sends your information right in your phone or other mobile device you are using. When you switch it to record a video, Hubble App for Motorola Monitor automatically save it on cloud for easy playback later.


  • It is too good to be true, that an app developer would let you use his very cool app without a catch. Don’t get me wrong, streaming your videos via the Hubble App is absolutely free of charge. However, to use the record and playback capabilities of the app you have to purchase an additional service from the Hubble just so you can stream it from the cloud.

Motorola FOCUS66 5


All in all the Motorola FOCUS66 is a great product. The overall design is slick, it goes well with the modern home. The microphone is highly sensitive, you can definitely hear any sound even from another room.

The temperature monitor is simply hands-down a genius idea. The video output may not be as sharp as what they advertise on the box (not really a surprise) but simple tweaking should adjust the quality. The infrared mode, does give a nicer output, though. If you are like most people who puts their families and homes first, like myself, the Motorola FOCUS66 Monitor is guaranteed to afford you your peace of mind.



  1. I just bought Motorola Focuss 66. Tried to connect with my home wifi and at work for several hours. Though the camera shows it is connected, I could not access the camera with my ipad or with my Iphone. Though I downloaded hubble for motorola app on my cell as well as my ipad, I could not get it working. Does any one have a secret to operate this device? Too bad that Motorola, being an old reputable company did not make its own app for this device and had partnered with Hubble. I understand from the google search that The hubble monitoring system would be charging a fee to use this device. Should this have been advertised through the media for sales, I would not have bought this.


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