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MPow Armor Portable Wireless Outdoor Speakers Review 2015


The Armor portable wireless speaker from MPow is a specially-designed speaker that suits well with the active lifestyle of outdoor goers. In this speaker Bluetooth review, I will take a look at this speaker closely and see how well it performs. Hopefully, this review will help you to make a proper consideration about this MPow speaker and choose it as a portable speaker for your camping adventure.

The Design

Premium Bluetooth Speaker

Mpow Armor Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker
Mpow Armor Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker 11
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Premium Bluetooth Speaker
Mpow Armor Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

- Design: 8.5
- Sound Quality: 8.5
- Features: 8.0
- Value: 8.5

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 MPow Armor Portable Wireless Speaker looks tough and rugged with the black radiator grilles. The body is of solid plastic material. On the rim, you can see an orange lining that enhances its aesthetic look further.  While many other low-end speakers come with a simple design, the MPow speaker is far from simple and boring. You can even put it in your living room and have it acts as one of your interior decors – just to show you how nice it looks! Besides the control buttons on top of the speaker, there is a USB port on the side for charging. You will need to open the plastic flap that covers the port. When you purchase a unit of this on Amazon.com, you will receive a USB cable. You can plug the cable into the port to charge it. Once fully charged, the speaker is ready to operate. With the compact size and lightweight (it weighs only 12.8 ounces), you can carry it anywhere with you. It should fit well in your backpack or luggage. Another feature that the manufacturer has chosen for this portable speaker is the waterproof functionality. The body can deter a splash of water. Therefore, you can use it near a swimming pool or under the rain without worrying about damage.

Button Controls

Mpow Armor Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

 If the design of the Mpow speaker Bluetooth does not indicate any simplicity, the button controls sure do. It promises easy usage and quick controls of the music and sound. On top of the speaker unit, you will find three small buttons. The middle one is the Power button that you can press to turn on the speaker. There are also the ‘+ and ‘-’ button that you can press to turn up and down the volume. The manufacturer also integrates music tracking on these two buttons that allows you to skip a track. You can use it to go to the next song or the previous one on your playlist. You will not find any Bluetooth pairing button on this one as it is always on by default. This automatic Bluetooth feature creates a much simpler control of the speaker.

Battery Power

One of the strong features of MPow Armor Portable Wireless Speaker is the battery power. It packs an impressive 1000mAh battery. You will need to charge it for several hours before it packs the whole power. Once it reaches its full power, it can operate for as long as 10 hours! Music lovers will find it highly satisfying. There are no more short moments of music while you are out in the outdoor enjoying the sun or hiking the hill. One thing that I find very cool about this speaker is the functionality of an emergency power bank. Besides than playing your music, you can also tag along this speaker with you to charge your smartphone. With these two features – high capacity battery and power bank – I think MPow Armor Portable speaker makes a great outdoor entertainment device. I highly recommend it to those who would like to be able to enjoy nature and their favorite music simultaneously.

Mpow Armor Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker 6

Music Quality

Now, here is the truth moment. Even though it may pack a solid battery power, it is still a speaker after all. A good speaker should be able to provide you a highly satisfying music experience. It should be able to output a well-balanced stereo at all levels – low, mid, and high. Can you expect all these from this speaker? I would say, yes! The MPow Armor may be small in size, but the sound is anything but small. The built-in 5W speaker works well together with the bass radiator. Plus, it also comes fully equipped with the A2DP/AVRCP technology support for a balanced audio distribution. As a result, they pump a significantly high-quality stereo audio. Even if you play the music at a low volume, you can still hear it from several feet away due to the powerful output. At this output level, the bass is deep enough for you to appreciate. As you turn up the volume, the audio output gets even louder. The manufacturer has beautifully chosen the internal hardware that pumps out bombastic bass and clear treble details, which ideal for the outdoor usage! Many users loved the sound quality of the MPow Armor wireless speaker and highly suggested it for outdoor enthusiasts. In this case, I agree with them.

Mpow Armor Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker 7

Bluetooth Connectivity Quality

This MPow outdoor wireless speakers features the latest Bluetooth 4.0 technology. It works well with many types of gadgets. You find it easy to link it to your iPhone 5, iPhone 6, Samsung Galaxy S5, and Samsung Note 4. To connect the speaker with your smartphone, you simply need to turn on the Bluetooth on your smartphone and the phone automatically searches for the MPow speaker. The Bluetooth 4.0 technology also provides an extensive wireless range, up to 15 feet away. You can use the Armor waterproof speaker with other non-Bluetooth devices via the 3.5mm Aux input.  However, it is missing an output port. Meaning, you cannot link it to other speakers or devices and share the music output.

The Advantages

There is a set of speaker Bluetooth review out there that rated this speaker as somewhere between seven to a ten-star rating. Perhaps, it is due to the following advantages.

  • Loud and clear music output, with little to no obvious distortion.
  • Stylish and rugged design that can survive over water, dust and excessive shocks.
  • Compact and lightweight for easy carry.
  • Waterproof feature.
  • Powerful battery and extra functionality of a power bank.
  • The price is cheap and very affordable for students and beginners.

Mpow Armor Portable Wireless Bluetooth Speaker 8

The Disadvantages

 Even though it comes with a several strong features, MPow Armor still has lots of rooms for improvements. Below are some of the disadvantages that I have listed down for you.

  • Lack of aptX support technology for a more immersive audio output.
  • There is no built-in microphone for you to use it to pick up phone calls or give voice commands.
  • The 5W speaker may seem insufficient as there are other mid-range portable speakers out there that pack a higher set of driver power.


As a summary for this speaker Bluetooth review, the MPow Armor  is a reliable outdoor speaker and portable audio device that will not disappoint any average users, it is the best wireless speakers i have ever owned It has a neat and stylish design that can make others think that it is an expensive speaker. The audio performance is also great. You can use it for your indoor as well as outdoor parties without any problem. Whenever your smartphone reaches its minimum level, there is always MPow Armor as a rescue with the extra power bank feature. When you purchase it on Amazon.com, you will receive a comprehensive warranty of 18 months and 45 days money-back guarantees.

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