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Mpow Swift 2nd-Gen Bluetooth 4.0 Wireless Sport Review


Mpow Swift 2nd-Gen Bluetooth 4.0 Wireless 1

Who likes wires these days? We are into a day and age when every company is trying to get rid of the wires. Bluetooth earphones and headsets are pretty common nowadays. Since the advent of smartphones, their importance has risen to new heights. However, it cannot be denied that wireless headphones are very simple to use and are very convenient especially when listening to music while exercising or travelling.

The Mpow Swift 2nd-gen is a really cool wireless headphone. The Bluetooth implementation in this headphone is great with the latest 4.0 version. The battery life is extremely good and gives a solid backup time. The headphone will fit in anyone’s ear perfectly and securely.


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Our Best Pick
Mpow Swift 2nd-Gen Bluetooth 4.0 Wireless
Mpow Swift 2nd-Gen Bluetooth 4.0 Wireless
Mpow Swift 2nd-Gen Bluetooth 4.0 Wireless
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- The connection is perfect. I'd used it for 6 months and it always work well
- Maybe you feel uncomfortable while trying it for the first time but you need time to get used to with it
- The sound's pretty loud so you should set 50-60% of max when using it

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  • Wireless connectivity using Bluetooth v4.0
  • Equipped with an upgraded PCB and apt X-tech from the previous version
  • Sport fit stabilizers are also provided for a more secure and stable fit in your ears
  • Excellent battery life of over 5 hours. Takes only 2 hours to fully recharge
  • Comes now with a noise isolation technology is awesome
  • 18-month warranty gives you peace of mind
  • Weighs just 4 ounces
  • Stunning looks

Mpow Swift 2nd-Gen Bluetooth 4.0 Wireless 2

The Mpow Swift 2nd gen is very easy to pair with other Bluetooth devices. It can pair to other devices in a matter of seconds. The interface is extremely easy to use and does not require studying the manual. It can be paired to two devices at the same time. This means that it is very easy to share this earphone with a friend. You may also try using multiple phones if you want. Since it has Bluetooth 4.0, it can be paired with most old and new devices. Once paired, the earphone takes only 4 seconds to connect to your Bluetooth device after its Bluetooth has been turned on. Turning on the power will activate a voice that greets you with a “Powered on” message. The voice feedback also announces certain conditions like “out of range”, “connected”, “low power” and “powering off”.

The controls are present on the outer surface of the right lobe. Lefties would be a bit uncomfortable, but it’s not possible to please everyone. The power switch in addition to turning on and off with a long press pauses/resumes the music too. The volume controls are a bit larger in size and are easy to use.

Mpow Swift 2nd-Gen Bluetooth 4.0 Wireless 3

The battery life of this product is very impressive. It gets fully charged from zero in about 2 hours. The playback time is about 6 hours. Light indicators tell you when the device is charging (red) and is fully charged (blue). The earphone is sweat proof and, therefore, ideal for joggers and runners.

Using this earphone, you can answer or reject calls on your phone. You may also mute or un-mute calls. Redialing is also possible using the controls. Just double tap the volume key and voila! In case you are wondering where the microphone is, it’s below the controls on the right lobe. It is also possible to activate voice commands using this earphone. Thus, it functions completely like a Bluetooth headset. Since this is a wireless device, the range is definitely a concern. So, how far can it really go from the paired device before it loses signal? Well, just like any other standard Bluetooth device, its range is about 10 meters.

Mpow Swift 2nd-Gen Bluetooth 4.0 Wireless 4

Now comes the most important part – the sound quality. All the features mentioned above would feel useless if this earphone has a bad sound output quality. Fortunately, the sound quality isn’t too shabby on this thing. The highs, mids, and the bass are pretty clear and well mixed. While comparing it to high-end earphones is unfair, looking at its price tag, the quality is good enough.  The earphone comes with 3 sets of accessories – three ear buds, three wings and three stabilizers. This is to ensure that people of all sizes can wear them perfectly. The endear design with a sharply angled front fits much more securely. The cable is pretty long. It’s about 22 inches in length. That almost close to 2 feet and that can be a bit too much for most. Without any music playing, cable drag can be heard. However, such noises get buried at nearly 50% of the volume.

Another impressive feature of this product is that it has very low latency. In fact, the latency is so low that very few people can tell when watching a movie using this earphone. The audio-video is very slightly out of sync which is understandable but barely discernible. The volume is pretty good considered that its amp is being driven by its own power source.

For this price, the build quality is superb. The cables are quite strong and the earphone finishing has a glossy look. The textures on the earphone and the cable are quite consistent. It has high saturation coloring.

Mpow Swift 2nd-Gen Bluetooth 4.0 Wireless 5


  • Cheap
  • Good build quality
  • Range is good
  • Looks sporty
  • Noise isolation is good
  • Sound quality is good enough for the price
  • Can serve as a fully functional hands-free headset with a dedicated microphone
  • Comes with a variety of ear buds, stabilizers and wings making it very user-friendly
  • Pairing is easy and fast
  • Controls are easy to use
  • Long battery life of 6 hours and fast recharge time of 2 hours


  • Cable is too long
  • Ambient sounds are almost completely muted – can be dangerous for outdoor activities
  • Earphone fit can be discomforting for some people
  • No battery level indicator is present (except the low battery voice alert)
  • Amplifier is not very powerful

Finally, it can be said that this earphone is quite a good buy for such a price point. The features, controls, range and sound quality are quite good. There are a few cons that can be tolerated as these earphones go pretty easy on your pocket.



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