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Nano Bluetooth Speaker by AmazonBasics Review


AmazonBasics Nano Bluetooth Speaker 2Do you like some music while taking a warm shower or when traveling? If you do, then finding the best shower/travel Bluetooth speaker is important otherwise you won’t have the best time in either of the occasions. There are so many Bluetooth speakers in the market but only the best can do the magic, and this is none other than the Nano Bluetooth Speaker by AmazonBasics.

With this speaker, you can enjoy your music, movie or any other audios in the best way possible as it has all the great features the best Bluetooth speaker. It is small and lightweight but compact thus making it perfectly portable. It’s also splash proof meaning you can use it around water (beaches, shower, at home, doing dishes and laundry, etc.) and any Bluetooth Headsets enthusiast will find it a perfect fit for a carry-around speaker.

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Specific Features

  • Small, lightweight and portable speaker
  • Features a silicon handle convenient for hanging. You can, therefore, use it while on your various chores
  • Broad compatibility. Includes Android and iPhone, tablets, iPad, smartphones, MP3/MP4 players and iPods
    Outstanding connection range (up to 30ft/10M away).
  • Fast recharge (full charge takes a maximum of 2hrs)
  • Great Battery Life. You get 6hrs of playback after a single charge
  • Has a splash/water/moisture resistant design
  • Great Volume & Excellent Clarity
  • Compact speaker design enabling users to use it in any environment without fear of damaging it in case it drops accidentally.
  • Has a built-in mic used while making phone calls
  • Features volume and power control buttons hence no need to reach your connected device if you want to reduce the volume or switch the music off
  • Comes with a USB power cable

What makes the Nano Bluetooth Speaker by AmazonBasics Standout?

AmazonBasics Nano Bluetooth Speaker 1

Obviously, this is the best Bluetooth speaker on the market in this design, and thanks to the following features that make it stand out. They include:

Universal compatibility

With the Nano Bluetooth Speaker, you can listen to music or watch a movie from any of your Bluetooth-enabled devices. These devices include Android and iPhone, tablets, iPad, iPods, smartphones and MP3/MP4 players. Whatever devices you have, you will be able to connect and use the speaker any time you want. This is important because, at times, you might be faced with a choice to either forgo the speaker or buy a new device if the speaker is not compatible with your current devices.

Outstanding connection range (30 feet)

AmazonBasics Nano Bluetooth Speaker 5Most people who go for portable Bluetooth speakers is because they want to be able to use them even when a little bit far from their phones or tablets.

The AmazonBasicsBluetooth Speaker stands out because its connection range is wide and one can still connect to any of their Bluetooth enabled devices as long as they are within 30 feet from the connecting devices. This feature is great especially when you are on different activities, but you want to carry your speaker with you but not the connected device.

Great Volume & Excellent Clarity

AmazonBasics Nano Bluetooth Speaker 3Every time one is about to purchase a Bluetooth speaker, the greatest determining factor for the speaker they choose is volume and clarity.

It beats logic to have a well-looking Bluetooth speaker with all other great feature but poor volume and non-existent clarity. In fact, you would rather have a Bluetooth speaker with narrow compatibility but have great volume and is clear.

The Nano Bluetooth Speaker’s by AmazonBasics volume is wonderful, and its clarity cannot be matched. Thanks to this speaker, you will enjoy your music or movie perfectly.

Super-fast recharging rate

Do you get that feeling of impatience when you are ready to leave but your Bluetooth speaker isn’t because it’s taking forever to recharge? I know it too. It can be so frustrating especially if you are a Bluetooth, speaker addict. However, thanks to the Nano Bluetooth Speaker, you might never have to experience this again because unlike most other speakers that take “centuries” to recharge, it takes just 2 hours for a full charge. Everyone knows how important it is to let any electronic devices charge fully before disconnecting from the charger. You not only get to maintain your battery life but also enjoy long hours of use before getting a “battery low” notification.

Great battery life

AmazonBasics Nano Bluetooth Speaker 4Apart from the AmazonBasics’s Speaker having a super-fast recharging rate, it also has a great battery life. With a full charge that you achieve in just 2 hours, you get to enjoy up to 6hrs of playback.

This is literally half a day playing music without the need to recharge meaning if you are going for a day trip, you will have your music all through thus no boredom. Even for a whole day and night trip, you can be able to enjoy enough music because you can switch it off and on just when necessary. Also, given that the Bluetooth speaker comes with a USB charging cable, you can charge it from your car or laptop when on the go and still enjoy your music as needed.

Small, lightweight and portable

The manufacturers of this Bluetooth speaker had the users’ needs in mind while designing it. It is obvious that when one is looming for a portable Bluetooth speaker they want something small but compact, lightweight but strong enough to withstand any abuse. The Nano Bluetooth Speaker features all these and more. You can carry it to any destination or when on any activities. You can carry it in your backpack since it is small, in fact, the smallest, and can also carry it in your hand because it’s lightweight as you won’t be adding any unnecessary weight to your luggage.

Silicon handle for hanging

Isn’t this awesome! Assuming you take your small Bluetooth speaker with you while doing some around the home chores and you can’t have it on you for one reason or another, won’t be glad if you can just hang it somewhere and enjoy your music as you carry on the chores? Well, with the Nano Bluetooth Speaker by AmazonBasics, this is possible because the speaker features a silicon handle, firm enough to be hanged just anywhere, thus make it even convenient to use. This is exactly what I mean when I say that this speaker was built with its users’ needs in mind.

Splash/water/moisture resistant design

Do you like to listen to your best jams when in the shower or while doing your dishes and laundry? If so, then here is a friend to add to your friends’ list. This speaker is designed to make it water resistant meaning you can use it around water without fear of it dropping in the water accidentally and stopping to work. If you want to take it to your shower room, you can do it confidently as it’s also moisture and splash resistant. Just don’t be carried away and spend forever in the shower!

Built-in mic

How cool can one product be! I mean, these Bluetooth Speakers seems to have it all. Basically, it has everything anyone would imagine a speaker could have. If you like making calls via your Bluetooth, this one here is ideal for you as it has a built-in mic enabling one to make phone calls.

Volume and power control buttons

We all have our lazy moments and for most Bluetooth speaker addicts is when it comes to adjusting the volume or turning off the power. Most Bluetooth speakers lack the volume and power controlling buttons thus one is forced to walk to their phones or tablets to do the necessary. However, with the Nano Bluetooth speaker, the manufacturers saved you the trouble by creating it with the two important buttons thus enabling you to control the power and the volume even when 30 feet away from the connected device.


  • Small and lightweight thus portable
  • Water resistant design
  • Compact design making it convenient for use in different environments
  • Carry-around design- Has a silicon handle convenient for hanging
  • Broad compatibility
  • Outstanding connection range
  • Super-fast recharging rate
  • Amazing battery life
  • Built-in mic necessary for making phone calls
  • Features volume and power control buttons
  • Superb volume and clarity


Isolated complaints of having no way to skip to the next track but you can always do this from your phone/laptop.


  • Q. Is this speaker ideal for a bike ride?
  • A. Yes, it’s perfect.
  • Q. Can it be charged with a micro-USB?
  • A. Yes, it does. In fact, it comes with a USB power cable.
  • Q. How loud is this Bluetooth speaker?
  • A. About ¼ watt r.m.s.

Wrapping Up

If you need some music for your next day/night trip, picnic or whatever outdoor activities, I will recommend this guy as am sure he won’t disappoint you.

The Nano Bluetooth speaker by AmazonBasics has everything you could be looking for in a speaker and can be used in any environment because it’s compact and splash-proof. Also, thanks to its small size and lightweight plus the carry-around design, you will be able to carry it everywhere effortlessly.

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