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New Extensive List of Brand New Headphones



An extensive list of brand new headphones on the market today with varied features, sound output, design changes, updates, collaborations and many more! The list:


sony h.ear on High-Resolution Audio Headphones MDR-100AAPSony has created waves with the state of the art over the ears headphone the MDR-100AAP. This high definition headphone has an exceptional built quality and the unique design hinge is apt for adjusting to the shape of your earplugs. The ear band can be expandable making it perfect for fit for varied size and shape of the head.  The design is enhanced with the draping of the ear pads avoiding noise cancellation and providing unadulterated high definition and high-quality audio to the listeners. Sony MDR-100AAP comes in six vibrant colors making it a perfect choice for diversified age groups.

The clarity is something that is an inherent feature with this headphone, the diaphragm is coated with Titanium and provides that great sound across that varied frequencies. The inbuilt microphone also helps to make seamless calls making it a great device for hands-free communication. Even the deep rooted bass is delivered with amazing precision by the best in class response control technology. The overall packaging of this product is great and Sony has ensured that the device is portable and can be carried around very easily with the design of the cables that is free from tangles and unwanted knots.


The Onkyo Electronics-Iron Maiden Ed-Ph0n3s 

Iron Maiden and Onkyo collaborate to launch headphonesOnkyo Electronics, Japan has collaborated with Iron Maiden to launch Ed-Ph0n3s headphone. This is ideally targeted at the metal lovers to provide that great sound quality. The design pattern is inspired by the band mascot of Iron Maiden, Eddie and there are inspirations from the iconic Book of Soul.

If heavy rock and metal is something that you are looking at, this headphone is definitely the one that you might get your hands on. Onkyo has is yet to come out with the price for this and if industry sources are to be believed it might be anything within USD$60 to USD$100.

The 40 mm diaphragm is coated with Titanium to ensure better clarity for all the rock and metal lovers. The maximum power input for this headphone is pegged at 800 watts. The impedance of these headphones is of 32 ohms which is customary industry standard. These headphones have wide range of frequency response ranging from 10 Hz to 27 kHz. The overall weight of the package is 245 grams and the package contains a 3.5mm cable of the length 160 cm. A 6.35 mm jack adapter is also included in the package along with the head unit. These headphones are easy to carry and are portable.

Maiden Audio Iron Maiden and Onkyo collaborate to launch headphones

Aurisonics In-ear Headphones

Aurisonics EVA Low-Profile In-Ear Headphones (Polished Blue)

The new Bravo Series of headphones from Aurisonics are here. It is made with cutting edge technology and one of those headphones which are 3D printed.

There are three headphones consisting of the Bravo Series each one of them has their own signature sound output. The design is quite the same for every one of them, but they differ in their taste. They are as follows:

• Kicker

These headphones have their strong point on bass and mid-range which is smooth and has some good space for treble as well. The treble is nicely balanced, but the center stage is given to bass.

• Forte

It consists of a 9.25mm dynamic driver and a very balanced armature to produce some good mid-range. It is made especially for clear vocals and decays. The bass is smooth though not like the Kicker. There is gentle treble and matches the overall presentation.

• Harmony

This is the top of the range in the Bravo series. It consists of a second armature working with the 9.25mm driver which makes its presence felt mainly at the top of the frequencies. The edges are smooth and flow with the overall output. There is warm bass, a neutral mid-range for that perfect frequency response.

Jaybird X2 Sport Bluetooth Headphones

Jaybird X2 Sport Wireless Bluetooth Headphones - Midnight BlackThis is one of the most recent headphones on the market by none other than Jaybird. Priced at $180 there are lots of color variants which come with these headphones. This particular one is the midnight black variant. This is a headphone where you can use your music device anywhere in your body such that it does not foul with anything.

The whole package comes with everything inclusive. It is equipped with ‘Shift Premium Bluetooth Audio’ that is its own audio streaming codec for a stellar audio streaming quality. It also comes with enhanced architecture called the SignalPlus which works perfectly in tandem for outdoor skip-free music and prohibit any type of signal interference.

For those long hours of non-stop music and working it is equipped with a powerful battery which provides 8 long hours of music with added capabilities for calls with remote control option. It is made with active sports in mind and comes with all sweat proof materials and also a life-time warranty against sweat, a custom fit design for uninterrupted music on the go.

The package includes Premium Sport Foam Ear Tips of three different sizes, a silicone sport carrying case and a charging cable.

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Astell&Kern AK T8IE

the AK T8iE In-Ear Monitor

This is brand new headphones from Astell&Kern in collaboration with beyerdynamic. It is the first IEM infused with beyerdynamic’s most popular driver technology names as the Tesla. It is designed mainly for mobile and portable audio.

The sound output is tuned with great care and efforts are made to match it with Astell&Kern new flagship high-res portable player the AK380. The single driver and  the balanced armature setup provides and an absence of cross-over filters offers smooth transitions, strong bass and a very enhanced midrange and treble as well.

The most important part of this headphone is the implementation of the Tesla driver technology. It is known to provide great efficiency in terms of output. The drivers used in this set of headphones is 1/16th the size of previous generation Tesla drivers though the quality of sound output is similar and characteristics are same too. The size of the new driver now stands at 11 mm.

On the outside, the Concha molds are oval shaped making it very comfortable and effortless for use. The cables are covered with a highly durable and heat resistant synthetic fiber known as Aramid.  Astell&Kern headphones are available at a price of 900$.


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