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Nike+ SportWatch Review – Best SportWatch Ever


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Nike+ SportWatch review



  • Clear display
  • Integral USB connector
  • Simple user interface


  • Lack of features
  • Basic data options on watch
  • Chunky design

New features

– Walk/Run timer (interval timer as well)
– Avg, Pace
– Improved Mapping
– Set time on the device (no computer needed)
– Incredibly fast satellite connection (even in the city)
– Auto calibration of foot pod
– Faster upload speeds to add your runs
– Integration with Facebook


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Are you looking for the devices for runners, athletes? The Nike+ SportWatch GPS is a good solution with great style, a large face, and cool support software. With the cheap price, Nike+ cost less than many its competing products.

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There is a little chip of Nike+ is acting like a chip on your shoe to ensure the tracking of your mileage. There are some apps for Nike+ SportWatch GPS: Nike+ GPS Running App, Nike+ SportBand and the Nike+ FuelBand.

Today, I want to share my Nike+ SportWatch GPS in-depth review to understand why it’s a GPS watch most runners are seen with these days. Not only tracking your location (GPS), the SportWatch GPS also keeps track of your pace, time, calories, steps, lap/intervals and even heart rate.


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In my opinion, the Nike+ watch is not as comfortable as the Garmin’s products because with the large flat, angular, the watch is overhang smaller wrists slightly.

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None of these such watches are truly suited to commonplace wearing. The replaceable strap is exceptionally secure once on the watch with weights 65 grams, heavier than the Garmin 210 is 13g and 2g more than a G-Shock Classic.

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The 34 x 70 x 17mm watch isn’t excessively expansive contrasted with GPS-empowered gadgets of yore and the 2.4 x 2.7 cm LCD showcase is the clearest we have seen on any game watch, with white numbers and letters on a dark foundation.

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This sport watch is equipped a Nike sensor ShoePod that is an accelerometer to measure footballs to help runners to track their distance. Those distance is based on pace while they are running on a treadmill where they could not receive a satellite signal. This could be affixed to a shoe’s bands with a little transporter or might be embedded in the sole of a Nike good running shoe like the Lunarglide range.

Nike+ SportWatch – Performance

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We took many test for this SportWatch, example for aroud 27 miles, we see the full route, in result, the ShoePod truly carried its own weight in the goes through the underpasses along the river where nears my house.

And sometimes, the satellite signs had dropped out, the Nike+ SportWatch still kept the tracking the mileage via the shoe pod. The different to Garmin Forerunner products here, there is nothing to fall back on. On the screen, I saw the SportWatch showing 27.22 miles where my Forerunner showed I ran 27.29. While it is typical for marathoners to run more remote than the statutory separation as a result of taking wide curves along the course, the additional separation on the Sportwatch could be down to more noteworthy exactness managed by the Shoepod.

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One disadvantage of the Nike+ SportWatch is that you can not store your training or routes against a virtual partner or just view your per mile splits on the watch itself, like the Garmin Forerunner 410 does. The good thing is this SportWatch is simplicity.

The way to turn the backlight on is very simple, just tap the face of the watch. This does away with the unbalanced multitouch bezel seen on the Garmin Forerunner 410 and takes out the requirement for an additional catch that serves as just light switch.to span through the control menu you don’t need to select a catch that says “Menu”, you essentially utilize the top or lowest part catch and the menu simply shows up.

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The recording a run is simple also, just go to training menu and scroll to “Run”, and at this time, the watch automatically finds a satellite signal, a Shoepod, or both and once these are bolted on and you begin running, you can see your separation, pace, time passed, current time or calories blazed.

No wires or dongles are required to synchronize to the nikeplus.com running administration or charge the look as the USB connector is perfectly encased in the strap itself. This recoveries needing to bear heads when you’re progressing and you need to add your workout to the database of more than 150 million runs logged since 2006.


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In the last fifty runs, you will see the Nike+ displays your record over your whole training history, this is nice tricks of Nike. What you can see is your fastest 5k, fastest 10k and view your longest run.

In the event that you attain another record after a run, you’ll be compensated with a celebratory message on the watch – something Nike calls “attaboys”.

Battery life is 8 hours in workout mode and it will most recent 50 days as a typical watch.the Nike Sportwatch additionally sends run updates if a workout has not been logged in five days – something we discovered somewhat send in the wake of running a marathon, however you need to appreciate its enthusiasm.

Other Features

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The customizable of the SportWatch is not as good as its competitions. There is no switching between miles and kilometres. And its impossible to view the mile by mile splits on watch, after running. There is only distance covered available, normal pace, run time and calories smoldered, albeit more nitty gritty data is accessible on nikeplus.com including GPS mapping, aggregate miles, pace and rise information.

We discovered a blemish in the pacing information in that it is excessively responsive. While the Garmin Forerunner 210 and 410 smooth out the pace over a brief time period to exactly transfer to the runner how quick they are moving, the Sportwatch gives a perspective of how quick you are running at that very minute. As such, on the off chance that you ease off to take a gander at your watch, you in a flash get a false perusing, as every bumble, bounce, avoid and flounder is recorded continuously so you’re never certain of your general advancement.


After all, after few months using, I can say I like this Nike+ SportWatch very much. Wearing it every time and every where. One time, while running a half-marathon event, I wore this watch, I could see the distance shown on the watch was only off by 0.006 of a mile. Interesting and Pretty neat!

Shoud You Buy It?

I would have given this a five star on the off chance that it could track my bicycle rides alongside my runs. The gps following is incredible, the client help has been great, and with the discretionary heart rate screen it truly demonstrate your advancement

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