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Panasonic RP HC200 K Review – Best Noise Reduction Headphones



Panasonic RP HC200K Review

Panasonic RP HC200 K Pros & Cons

  • Affordable price with impressive audio performance
  • Strong bass response without distortion
  • Passive mode output audio



  • The noise cancellation is just normal.
  • Working with an AAA battery rather than a rechargeable cell.


  • Panasonic RP HC200 is high performance
  • Comfortable wearing from soft headpad
  • Easy carrying with fold-flat
  • There is compact carrying inside
  • It supported by plug adaptor
  • The slide adjustment is easy
  • Comes with AAA battery for 60 hours long operation time

The Design

Panasonic RP HC200 K noise cancelling headphones


This Panasonic RP HC200 K Noise-cancelling Headphones is rounded decidedly like rectangular cups. The headphones come with various color. The design of circumaural of the headphones just scarcely encases your whole ear, yet the cushioning on the glasses and underside of the headband are truly agreeable.

The RP-HC200 only uses a single AAA battery instead of using a rechargeable cell. And the battery is located on the compartment with the Noise Cancellation On/Off switch from the left earcup. Panasonics usually claims for a 60 hours of battery life, but the battery lifetime is also depended on the battery brand. The Panasonic RP HC200 K does ship with one AAA battery, and additionally a plane jack connector and a drawstring defensive sack.


Panasonic RP HC200 manual


The RP-HC200 is modest on its noise-reduction capabilities. While you don’t play the music, you should switch on the noise cancellation by one button to turn on the significant ambient noise environment. It is not in the same group as more compelling commotion wiping out sets, then again, in the same way as the AKG K 490 NC $249.95 at Amazon. The Panasonic RP HC200 is compelling to a certain degree, yet it’s not going to make you be grateful you didn’t use more cash on the Bose Quietcomfort 15 $299.00 at Amazon each time you switch it on. We should set this aside for a minute, in any case, and look at the RP-Hc200 as a standard pair of earphones.

The Sound Quality

In fact, this pair of headphones with $34.99 price always offer a good quality audio experience to surprise customers. With this cheap price, when playing with deep bass, you still can have the distortion at high volumes or maximum volume. Some piece of the explanation behind this is that they don’t get as boisterous as most different earphones do, paying a little respect to whether they’re in uninvolved or dynamic modes. In this case, you can use the RP-HC200 in passive mode, while other models of Bose can not provide this convenience. The contrast in sound execution between the two modes is scarcely observable. At $80, if clamor dropping is a piece of the mathematical statement, something’s got to give—there’s simply not sufficient plan for both quality commotion undoing and quality sound in this value range.

Panasonic RP HC200 K Review


So in my opinion, Panasonic totally focused on the audio performance that is the strong point of these headphone’s company brand. And you can feel the rich, articulate low-end and crisp highs from some deep bass tracks. These headphones did not bring the disappointing to listeners who enjoy the robust bass response. The bass response brings the extreme enjoying for everyone, for sure.

These Panasonic RPHC200 K become a nice balance between the low-end and higher recurrence substance as vocals and percussion while playing the rock, hip hop or electronic music.

I see only one advantage from these headphones that is the highs are so bright at times, the things never sound tinny because of the quality multiplication of the lows and mid; however, a few times horns or higher stringed instruments can sound a tad savage. This, notwithstanding, is decently normal in this value range.

Bottom Line



So, after the in-depth review of Panasonic RP-HC200, we conclude that these headphones are the solid pair of headphones with affordable price. With the Noise cancellation feature that is considered as a bonus, a priority of Panasonic RP-HC200. Capable Planet’s Clear Harmony Nc1050 is additionally an extraordinary pair, however, these are much more unmanageable than the RP-Hc200. On the off chance that $34.99 is your plan, you can purchase this pair realizing that its a champion in its lower-valued class, simply don’t want firecrackers. See more details at Panasonic Site


Panasonic RP HC200 amazon



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