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Philips ActionFit SHQ1017 Review / Unboxing Headphones


Three years ago, I purchased the first pair of Phillips ActionFit headphones, I was amazing and love it much. So this is my second one, I decided to buy the Phillips products one more time. In my experiences, this pair has not been great because the left earbud got cracked after short time but the headphones still plays sound good.

Philips ActionFit SHQ1017/28


But after all the time, I feel great because I was able to find the headphones that fit my ear comfortably. While the apple headphones is getting damaged of my sweat, these headphones are staying in place and dry. The short cord for arm band is the one I love. The in line remote appeared somewhat enormous from the start, however it doesn’t act as a burden and I utilize everything the time. It’s extraordinary how I can keep my nano bolted (so the screen doesn’t keep pivoting and use up the battery) and control it from the remote. I can modify the volume, stop/play, and even go to the following melody with a twofold press of the catch.

Earbud fit/comfort

Philips ActionFit SHQ1017/28 review

These headphones are not noise isolating, that is why you can hear traffic, other runners, cyclists, etc on the trails I run. You will feel very comfortably with the rubber contraptions that come with these buds.

Water/Sweat resistance

Philips ActionFit SHQ1017 Review / Unboxing Headphones

There is not any problem with this feature of Philips ActionFit SHQ1017, especially with the result I tested after running with too much sweaty. Microphone sweat resistance is explicitly stated as a feature, so I’d expect/hope not.

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Philip ActionFit in-ear headset at a glanceRemote control

It’s too hard, big and too heavy to press buttons while running.

Cord length

Truly stupid. I comprehend numerous individuals run with their gadgets in armbands. Bravo. I don’t, I utilize a waist cut as I discover the armband diverting. These buds accompany a short 60cm link to unite with an arm-united gadget. In the event that the damn thing was only 10-20cm more extended, it could achieve my waist-cut iphone and still abandon me with a full extend of movement. The pack-in growth link is likewise 60cm, abandoning you with an abundant excess line. Surprisingly more terrible, the female container of the growth link is HEAVY.


The remote is heavy and the cord is long. The connectors and a clip are heavy also. The clip is useless and goofy.

Audio quality

These things play your tunes. Very nearly disregarded that. They are satisfactory, nothing more, and genuinely, that is what I’m searching for. I don’t need brilliant while I work out, or I’ll get diverted. I’d say they are a bit jumbled sounding, highs appear a bit cut however bass is worthy.


There are some reasons that the Philips ActionFit ear buds are perfect for:

  • Never falling out while exercising because of good fit ear designed.
  • Moisture resistant – water-resistant – sweat-resistant.
  • Extra length extension cord.
  • Volume control and iPod control on upper line close to my neck is convenient while riding.
  • Does not by any means piece sounds like autos or discussion clamor, so I can even now hear around me.
  • Great sound quality.


  • Sometime the connector reacted to my sweating.
  • The color of connector become gold after short time.
  • The plug is easily corrosion.


I had the previously generation in same line with the set that had the rubber caps the size of a nickle, that is why I choose this product to fit in my ear properly or comfortably.

These headphones fit perfectly to my ear with different sized caps (pieces that stop sweat) for various ear sizes.

I cherish how cozy they were and they didn’t shake around throughout my run, the length of the rope is simply right so its not obstructive. On the off chance that you need a more drawn out rope, the earphones accompany a broadening. The main problem I have is that the sound quality is somewhat poor, there’s no bass and even my general iPod earbuds sound better. Anyhow for the cash, you can’t happen. I might suggest this item for dynamic individuals who sweat a ton and who don’t like fiddling with their earphones while they workout.



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