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Philips DOT Wireless Bluetooth Portable Speaker Splash Proof SB2000A/37 Review


Product Review: Philips DOT Wireless Bluetooth Portable Speaker SB2000A/37 review

Product Description

Released in February 2014, this splash proof portable speaker from Philips connects wirelessly to devices and is compatible with any stereo that has a bluetooth device. It also has a built-in microphone for hands-free phone calls, as well as a convenient auto-sensor for music on and off. Because of its rugged and splash proof design, the device works perfectly both indoor and outdoor.

Philips DOT Wireless Bluetooth Portable Speaker review


Product Technical Details

Brand Name: Philips

Available Color: Blue, Black and Pink

Item Weight: 1.2 pounds

Product Dimensions: 3.6 x 4.8 x 4.8 inches

Item Model Number: SB2000A/37

Connectivity Technology: Wired and Wireless

Philips DOT Wireless Bluetooth Portable Speaker Splash Proof SB2000A/37 Review

Philips DOT Wireless Bluetooth Portable Speaker Splash Proof SB2000A/37 Features:

  • It connects wirelessly to devices without the need of cables and works with any compatible stereo bluetooth device.

  • It has an audio-in for easy portable music playback.

  • It has 3 inches big driver that delivers loud and clear sound for outdoor use.

  • Philips DOT Wireless Bluetooth Portable Speaker has a 5-watt output in a small package.

  • It has a built-in rechargeable battery for music playback anytime and anywhere, without the hassle of entangled power cords and the inconvenient search for an electrical outlet.

  • It has a built-in microphone that allows the speaker to work as a speaker phone. Whenever a call gets in, the music is put on hold, and the user can talk via the speaker.

  • It has a convenient auto-sensor, as well as a 3.5 mm audio-in that allows easy connection from any portable device and computer.

Philips DOT Wireless Bluetooth Portable Speaker Splash Proof SB2000A 37

Philips DOT Wireless Bluetooth Portable Speaker review (Pros and Cons)


  • Philips DOT Wireless Bluetooth Portable Speaker SB2000A/37 easily connects to any stereo bluetooth device without needing a cable wire, hence faster and more convenient music streaming at home, during a long drive, at the beach, or anywhere outdoor.

  • Because of the splash proof and rugged design of Philips DOT portable speaker, you can take it anywhere and anytime without having to be scared of getting it wet. The rubber coating allows it to be splash and water resistant, so you can place it beside the pool, on the beach side, or anywhere near water.

  • The device is solid, well-built and can be easily carried by one hand. The rubber protection not only provides good gripping but also lessens any damages on the outside, such as scratches and bumps from happening.

  • There’s an additional loop strap at the back so that the device can be hanged or clipped on a hook or into a backpack. And because it is sturdy and has a good weight to it, the device naturally angles its way down as how you would prefer it to be.

  • Not only does it create very clear and loud sounds, it also offers a great range. You can be meters away from the device and still get a good signal through the walls or be upstairs and still hear the clear music through the ceiling.

  • Being a portable speaker itself, this device unexpectedly makes pretty amazing low, mid and high sounds, as well as a decent bass. Unlike most cheap portable speakers that create awful metallic or hall-effect sound, Philips DOT sound is super clean, clear and static free.

  • Philips DOT Wireless Bluetooth Portable Speaker Splash Proof SB2000A/37 Review can surely get loud with its great volume. Even if the device is placed inside the room, the sounds can reach your next-door neighbors. What’s even better? Despite reaching the peak volume, the sound doesn’t get distorted as what you usually experience with other portable speakers.

  • The hands-free call-receive speaker and the built-in microphone work impressively and function very easily. Even if you are an uninterested user of this feature, this is a brilliant bonus that adds convenience for most regular phone users.

  • The built-in rechargeable battery charges quickly and runs for approximately five hours, allowing you to enjoy great music of your choice anywhere and anytime.

  • Philips DOT Wireless Bluetooth Portable Speaker doesn’t have an offensive L.E.D. Light. It lights blue when the speaker is on and red when the battery is low.


  • While the speaker produces really good music, it doesn’t have the ability to repeat sound tracks unless you paired it with a device – such as an Ipad, tablet, or a smartphone. The wireless feature is such an amazing one. However, you need to have the paired device at an arm’s length whenever you need to repeat or skip a track. So, if you’re upstairs or at your lawn busy doing chores and a song you hate played, it leaves you with two choices: either you run to the device and change it quickly or listen to that dreadful music until the end.

  • The headphone plug and the usb charging cord are on the same wire. Philips could have supplied two separate cords. There’s also no AC adapter, hence you need to buy one or better yet charge it through the computer.

  • Although the device has a square back, it tends to roll easily. Its round shape sometimes makes it a little hard to use in an unleveled spot.

  • Because of its bulky size, it is better left at home or permanently set in one place instead of carrying it on a bag. It just takes so much space in an average-sized bag.

  • According to the speaker’s manual, it should not be exposed to direct sunlight, naked flames or heat. So, during a daytime pool party, make sure it is placed on a well-shaded area, as well as far from flames or heat of any kind during a nighttime party.


Overall, Philips DOT Wireless Bluetooth Portable Splash Proof Speaker (SB2000A/37), from the complete name itself is an excellent value for money considering its high-quality sound, wide range, and other exceptional features. The speaker functions as designed and operates with convenience for both indoor and outdoor uses.

You get to have a rugged water resistant portable speaker that connects easily to any device that has a bluetooth. While it is unavoidable to have drawbacks, this product from Philips is well-recommended by many users and simply worth the price.



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