Every minute in your workout plan means a lot. While exercising, one needs to keep entertained. However, without proper headphones, inconveniences may arise. Plantronics BackBeat is the pick of the day as it stands out to be one of the perfect. It enables listening of music, in gyms, while swimming and relaxing. It’s a nice stuff worth to buy.

Fitting in your ears is not a problem with these headphones.  Plantronics have modified them to be more comfortable, stylish and lighter than previous sports versions. Also, you enjoy mores features that keep you in motivation. It’s good to share with you the experience after testing this product.

backbeat fit wireless music fro swimming underwater

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As you by a product the expectations are that, it will have as many features as possible. The BackBeat Fit has some of the finest features you can think. Below are some of the impressive qualities.

  • These headphones are waterproof

backbeat fit wireless music fro swimming underwater 1

Forget to remove your earphones as you visit a swimming pool. Now you can train while enjoying the music. BackBeat Fit are the ultimate headphones that are designed to operate while in the water.

They have an IP57 rating on the capability to withstand submersion. This means the headphones can stay under water one meter deep for 30 minutes. For people who are involved in extreme exercises, they are prone to sweating.  However, being waterproof so the same with sweat. The water repelling is through P2nano technology coating applied during the manufacturing stage.

  • Bust proof

Not all headphones are capable of preventing dust entry. Nevertheless, with these, you are guaranteed of total dirt protection.

This eradicates the need for opening with the purpose of cleaning them.  So, if you are working in dusty conditions, the level of entertainment should be the same as when relaxing in the house. International protection certifies the protection from dust by being IP57. It means they are rated at level 5.  The last number present waterproof rating.

  • Bluetooth enabled

These days we are phasing out wires slowly by slowly. Everyone needs to embrace the wireless technology. In fact, it’s cheap and convenience. Now, these BackBeat headphones give a chance of enjoying the wireless environment.

They come with inbuilt Bluetooth that can sense nearby device. Though wires interconnect them, you don’t require headset and phone connection cable. The Bluetooth connectivity is ideal as one can use them for extreme sport.

Further, the headphones are hardy. They can connect with up to different devices at a go. Thereby, you can’t get short of entertainment. One can’t connect with friends when they are exercising.

  • Long lasting battery

Charging time and battery durability are the most aspects people look when purchasing an electronic. Also, it’s one of the limiting factors that can curtail your music enjoyment. Now, all these worries are over.

The Backbeats headphones are equipped with a heavy-duty battery. It gives you 8 hours of non-stop music with a single charge. This extends the entertainment for people with long endurance.

On the other hand, it offers 6 hours of talk time, 14 days of standby time and 180 days of deep hibernation. Tracking the charge level is possible using a smartphone. Charging the battery only takes 1.5 hours. Also, it has quick charging capacity.

It has safe ear tips

They won’t hurt your ears nor cause damaging sound. Most of the companies are concentrating on producing noise cancellation headphones. But this can be unsafe if you are on a busy highway. These headphones ear tips are uniquely designed to fit your ears while leaving the opportunity to hear of the surroundings. It means whether walking on a busy street; one can hear incoming vehicles. Also, the speakers are of high quality enhancing high-quality music sound and calls. Additionally, the dedicated microphone ensures you deliver a super call.

Why buy this product?

backbeat fit wireless music fro swimming underwater 2Wireless headphones are gaining popularity rapidly. They are becoming cheaper and affordable. But, why, Backbeat fit and not any other brand? There are various reasons.

  • Comfort

Comfort is the top most consideration when buying a product. It’s not easy to determine its comfort without first using it. Now, with BackBeat Fit headphones you can confidently buy them. Comparing them with other sports version from Plantronics, they have a lot of improvements. They are properly fitting, without jamming in your ears. You can use them and be able to connect with what is happening externally without compromising your entertainment. Earbuds too are soft; they are made of silicone thus will not pop out of the ears as you train.

The design of cord is perfectly engineered to offer a firm fit without flopping.  Though firmly holding, it is flexible to accommodate your muscles as you train. The slim design is perfect since it doesn’t cause eye obstruction or cause pinching. Also, there is no tangling meaning you can exercise for a long without the wire getting tangled. Also, it’s reflective together with earbuds for your safety in low light conditions.

  • Ease of use

Operating these headphones is easy to use. All control buttons are housed on the headphones. Music control buttons are on the left earpiece. They include play, pause as well as volume adjusting button. This gives the user independence to regulate or change songs without using the phone. Switching on and off button is on the right ear piece while charging is accessed through micro USB port through lifting a small cover.

  • Durability

When talking about the durability of these headphones are durable. You can go with them everywhere, do a broad range of activities without harming them. Having constructed with water and dustproof capability ensures they can last for a long time. As we know water is the greatest enemy to all electrical appliances. Thus, by eliminating water entrance, you are guaranteed of long-lasting headphones.

  • Performance

These are high performing headphones compare to other sports version. They keep you enjoying high-quality music and calls for an extended time. They come with a heavy-duty rechargeable battery. When we compare them with BackBeat Go, their battery life is incomparable. Regarding sound quality, they have better quality than the predecessors. These enable some interaction with the external world, even as you listen to music. This is unlike the previous versions which jam on the ears.

The Bluetooth performance, still, is commendable. It has clear reception, thus a more clear sound with balanced bass. Further ability to connect with multiple devices allows the user to share music with other training mates.

  • Extras

When you purchase BackBeat Fit headphones, there are a lot of extra goodies you enjoy. The first this is the Neoprene armband. It enables you to carry your smartphone during workouts, also useful in carrying small sized items like ID card.  The other extra benefit is free Plantronics app. The application is useful I guiding you how to operate the various headphones from Plantronics. It also allows updating headphones software to the latest. Additionally, if they get lost, you can track them using your smartphone.


  • These headphones are lightweight and will not cause nuisances when working when wearing them.
  • Waterproof and sweat proof to increase their durability
  • They have reflective material that increases safety when using them under low light conditions


  • The band isn’t adjustable; thus, it may be larger than some people due to flopping


backbeat fit wireless music fro swimming underwater 3Basing the review on the qualities that these headphones has, they are perfect for sporting. They are built to provide ultimate satisfaction. Based on the previous sports version by the same company, Plantronics, these one are more improved. For instance, they weigh 0.28 once; this is light to an extent of forgetting you have headphones. The manufacturer could have made it lighter like BackBeat Go 2 which weighs 0.8 ounces.

The capacity to resist water and sweat gives an upper hand than some of the competitors. The headphones can’t be damaged even in an event the user is using them under humid conditions. For people who experience a lot of sweating, these headphones prove useful. No worry about sweat getting in or the dust. This quality gives these headphones competition ability and higher rating.

On sound quality, these headphones are great. They produce a clear and well-balanced sound, gentle to the ears. Due to good receptions by the Bluetooth device, you can’t get muddy sounds. Also, the earpieces are designed to deliver audio direct to the ear canal. They are soft and cannot strain your ears.


The headphones are well engineered with superior qualities, sound, Bluetooth, water and dust resistant, durability and enhanced safety through reflective ability. The only drawback is, they aren’t adjustable, and prices are a bit high. On Amazon, they are selling at $149 while we feel it should be around $90.  However, the headphones deserve 4.5 stars out of 5.


Headphones are crafted to offer high-quality sound. They are designed to fulfill every customer’s desire according to the manufacturer. However, our ways of reception might differ. As we have seen in these headphones, have many impressive features. But, as we all know it isn’t easy to satisfy everyone. Nonetheless, with Backbeats fit headphones we have tested them and proved they are excellent sports headphones.

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[amazonprice id="283"] on Amazon


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