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PLAY X STORE Waterproof Headphone Stereo Sports Earbuds Review

PLAY X STORE Waterproof Sport Headphone Wireless Bluetooth Earphone Earhook Headset With Dual Microphone
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Are you looking for budget friendly sports ear buds with great features? Then the PLAY X STORE Stereo Sports Earbuds make a great company for those who are active and want a headphone that can keep up with them.

Price: Bought this on Amazon with 60% discount since it’s on sale. From $99.99 down to $33.99 with free shipping already! Fast transaction and delivery; really no hassle got it 2 days after I ordered it online. Packaging is good; all the contents are secured in the box. I opened and tested it at once and it was working well.

Comfort: Its ultra-light-weight and small, very comfortable and secure when worn. It has three sets of different sized ear buds; it’s very soft and comfortable. Medium sized ear buds fits my ears well. You can choose which size fits your ears best, since we have different sized ears then it’s a great that the manufacturer included different sized ear buds.

Once I placed them on my ears, it didn’t budge as long as you place it properly. Allow the ear buds to create suction in your ears and secure it so that it won’t fall off even during rigorous activity. I only have to adjust mine a few times in a span of at least 3 hours while wearing them in the gym.

Design: The earphones have hooks to enable it to stay on your ears even when you are active. The cords are very slim; it comes in lime green and black. I like how light weight it is, the plastic casing looks like it’s made of high quality material. It’s very compact as well.

Versatility: This is a wireless ear bud, it has a Bluetooth feature that allows you to connect to your device as well as take calls.

What I like about this is when I take calls I don’t need to reach out to my phone, I can answer it right away with this ear buds since there are controls. Pushing the right button pauses your music and lets you answer incoming calls to your phone. I was able to take calls even from the other room in my house; the other person in the line can hear me clearly as well and vice versa.

PLAY X STORE Waterproof Sport Headphone Wireless Bluetooth Earphone Earhook Headset With Dual Microphone 2

Battery life: This product runs on battery and it has a very long battery life. You can use these headphones for 7-10 hours which is quite a feat compared to my previous Bluetooth headsets that run for only 4-6 hours. I was able to use it for the whole day, but with breaks in between, didn’t need to charge it.

Sound quality: I was able to connect this to my iPhone and it paired in just a couple of seconds without any issue. The sound quality is pretty decent, did not experience any distortion when using these as long as I was within range of the device. The mid-tones are good, the bass is okay; I use these headphones to listen to music when I am out or when exercising. There is noticeable noise reduction from the surroundings.

PLAY X STORE Waterproof Sport Headphone Wireless Bluetooth Earphone Earhook Headset With Dual Microphone 3

Would I recommend this product?

Yes, If you are deciding to use on land sports because it’s just only sweat-proof! The PLAY X STORE Stereo Sports Earbuds is great especially for people who are living an active lifestyle and is looking for a pair of good quality headphones that will fit their budget.

No, If you are planning to use it for swimming, despite the fact the product said it was waterproof, i have use it just once underwater then it stop working unless i plugin the charger. Check for others water-proof bluetooth headphone that we have reviews.

But still its super light-weight and it feels like you have nothing on. You can stuff it in your bag; don’t worry since it won’t tangle up that easy. It’s very easy to use and connect with my phone and laptop. As for the functionality, I like that it has a microphone feature which you can use to take calls even when you are away from your phone.

When it comes to sound quality, all I can say is it’s on the person’s preference. I like the sound quality and find it good enough for me; the music just serves as a distraction and allows me to focus on what I am doing. I can clearly hear the music even with the noise at the gym.

The PLAY X STORE Stereo Sports Earbuds still is a great buy for me, you can purchase it on Amazon and take advantage of the sale.


PLAY X STORE Waterproof Sport Headphone Wireless Bluetooth Earphone Earhook Headset With Dual Microphone


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