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Honest Review of RevJams Active Sport Wireless Bluetooth Headphones


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I’ve had a number of bluetooth headsets in my keeping but I was still looking for that one bluetooth headset that’s the best in terms of price, quality and function. I’ve come across the while looking for a replacement for my headphones on Amazon. The reviews are quite good and the product itself looks promising.

A brief introduction of the product

Revjam has been into the bluetooth headset market for quite a while and the RevJams Bluetooth Headphones are one of their most sellable and best headphones.

According to Revjam, this bluetooth headphones reviews are:

  • Stable in terms of active wear since it has Sport ActiveFit® Ear gels unique to the product.
  • Lightweight and wireless allows you to do your activities without the hazards and troubles of tangles using the usual headphones.
  • Offers premium sound quality with high quality drivers. Rich and precise audio for music lovers.
  • It uses the bluetooth 4.0 technology for seamless connection.
  • Long battery life with up to 6 hours of continuous audio play time and with over 150 hours during stand by.

Earbuds with Noise Isolation and In-line Microphone

RevJams Active Sports
Photive PH-BTE50 Bluetooth 4.0 Wireless Sports Headphones 3

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Earbuds with Noise Isolation and In-line Microphone
RevJams Active Sports

- Design: 8.5
- Sound Quality: 8.5
- Features: 8.0
- Value: 8.5

- Sport active headphones with S,M,L size for best ear fit.
- Good battery play time
- Good Bluetooth range long.
- It is a cheap earbuds noise isolation bluetooth headphones.

Product Description and Features

 The RevJams Active headphones have all the features of a bluetooth headphone but have also improved their design in terms of comfort and additional functions:

  • Noise isolation and in line microphone. This is perfect for people who would like to focus more on their routines without the distraction of noise. The noise isolation feature makes sure you will be able to clearly hear your music while filtering unwanted sounds. It also works great while answering calls especially in a noisy or busy environment.
  • Lightweight and wireless to make sure you can move around without being too conscious of your headphones.
  • Audio compression with the AptX technology for that seamless music experience.
  • Crystal clear sounds with undistorted highs and rich lows.
  • ActiveFit ear gels that come in small, medium or large to make sure your earphones stay locked in to your ears while you hit the gym.
  • Continuous playtime for up to 6 hours and rechargeable lithium batteries for easy charging.


Revjams bluetooth headphones content


1 x hard travel case

  • 3 x ActiveFit ear gels (small to large)
  • 1 x USB cable
  • 1 x sizing clip to adjust length

Pros and Cons of the product

Here is my honest take on the product. I was able to get a hold of the item for two weeks and this has been my personal experience:

Revjams bluetooth headphones

Revjams bluetooth headphones2

  • The sound is clear and doesn’t get distorted even in the highest volume setting. The RevJams Active Sport are my gym buddies especially when I go to the local gym for exercise. They are great for exercise and even strenuous activities such as lifting.
  • I was able to connect the headphones to my tablet in an instant. Once your device is paired you don’t have to do it again.
  • The company included three sets of ear buds in the box. It comes in three different sizes: small, medium and large. This is for people who want a better fit for their ear buds when the default ones aren’t for their liking.
  • The headphones are lightweight yet sturdy and the battery life is also good. I was able to use the headphones for 2 hours a day and at the end of the week there’s still battery left. It takes a good two hours to charge the headphones but it’s all good. The led indicator will tell you if it’s fully charged since it will turn to blue.
  • I also like that it comes with a travel case for your convenience, it’s small and easy to store.

I can’t think of any cons as of the moment since the RevJams Active wireless bluetooth headphones works great for me. And to compare with Pecham Sport Music headphones, RevJam deserve to be the better one, but if you do have some query regards quality of product, please contact Revjams support.

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What I think of the product

The RevJams Active adds a touch of style to their headphones. The first thing you’ll notice is the half-moon shape design on the headphones. It’s the first time I’ve seen a design like that on a headphone.

The design follows the natural curve of your ears for added stability while you are doing your activities. I thought it looks uncomfortable but it’s actually pretty comfy on the ears. I like doing parkour and you know the sport, it requires lots of jumps, twists and turns but not once did the headphone dislodge from my ear.

The active fit gel material is amazing, unlike the other ear buds I’ve had, these ones stay in place and doesn’t irritate my ears on the long run. The sound quality is very clear and I can’t seem to find any fault in it.

It’s one of the best headsets I’ve ever had in a while and I’m thinking of giving one to my girlfriend since she also likes to hit the gym a few times a week. It’s great for active wear and it can really keep up with any activity that you do.

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