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Samsung Galaxy Gear: 1.63 “AMOLED, 800MHz, 6 colors, 1.9MP, 315mAh battery


Samsung has announced Galaxy Gear smart watch at IFA 2013. This Intelligent watch has ability to operate independently without the need to interact with the phone. Gear Galaxy has 1.63 “320×320 Super AMOLED display, 800MHz processor, 512MB of RAM, 4GB of internal memory and 1.9 MP camera in particular, 315mAh battery. With such parameters, you can totally watch movie on Gear, if desired. Samsung is selling Galaxy Gear in over 140 countries on 25/9 with the various colors: black, gray, orange, yellow, beige and greenĀ Click here to buy at Amazon

Samsung Galaxy Gear 1

To get full advantages of the Gear’s capabilities, of course you would have to combine it with an Android smartphone as S4 or via Bluetooth 4.0 with Note 3. At this time, this Gear will alert the owner when there is a message, call, email, etc. and lets us preview the content. Due to all the major equipment so you can fully accept or reject the warnings directly on the phone. Moreover, if you feel that a message / email should be handled on the phone (Galaxy), you only need to hold the camera up, Samsung Smart Relay feature will display the entire contents of which we do not need to click anything.

Gear Galaxy has 2 noise cancelling microphones and speakerphone that allows you to hear this directly from the phone. Through the S Voice messaging can also create calendars or call without touching the smartphone. Voice Memo is also brought up to Gear by Samsung, allowing you to take pictures, film and transfer the recordings to our phone, displaying them as text.

There are some fun features:

  • Auto Lock will locks screen automatically when it is 1.5 m far from Gear for security , auto unlock when two devices are being together.
  • Find my Devices lets two devices find each other by ordered vibrator , flashing lights or warning cry from the clock.
  • Enables health monitoring via sensors built in, step count , calories, etc.
  • Control your music directly from the phone .
  • 10 clock face and you can download from Samsung Apps .
  • When in danger, pressing the power button 3 times, the phone will send a warning attached to position certain phone number.

Some applications Samsung has been supporting developers on Gear:

  • Evernote for fast shooting to memorize words and transmit clock on your phone, computer.
  • Glympse supports users to share real-time location.
  • eBay purchase payments in real time.
  • Path.
  • Pocket.
  • RunKeeper.
  • Vivino Wine Scanner.
  • Atooma.
  • Banjo.

Specifications :

  • Dimensions: 36.8 x 56.6 x 11.1 mm
  • Weight: 73.8g
  • Display: 1.63 ” Super AMOLED , 320×320
  • CPU / RAM : 800MHz , 512MB .
  • Memory: 4GB .
  • Connectivity: Bluetooth 4.0 LE
  • Sensors : Accelerometer , Gyroscope
  • Battery : 315mAh , taking more than 25 hours.

Galaxy Gear photos

Samsung Galaxy Gear 24

Samsung Galaxy Gear 23

Samsung Galaxy Gear 22

Samsung Galaxy Gear 21

Samsung Galaxy Gear 20

Samsung Galaxy Gear 19

Samsung Galaxy Gear 18

Samsung Galaxy Gear 17

Samsung Galaxy Gear 16

Samsung Galaxy Gear 15

Samsung Galaxy Gear 14

Samsung Galaxy Gear 13

Samsung Galaxy Gear 12

Samsung Galaxy Gear 11

Samsung Galaxy Gear 10

Samsung Galaxy Gear 9

Samsung Galaxy Gear 8

Samsung Galaxy Gear 7

Samsung Galaxy Gear 6

Samsung Galaxy Gear 5

Samsung Galaxy Gear 4

Samsung Galaxy Gear 3

Samsung Galaxy Gear 2


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