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Samsung Gear Fit Fitness Tracker Review – An Expensive Toy Device


There are dozen smartwatches and fitness trackers on the market now, but could you get the best device that combine both of them. Gear Fit is one of perfect solution as Samsung suggests, a fitness band with a very beautiful curved screen, and a good heart rate monitor, pedometer. Beside that, Gear Fit also has few features of smartwatch. This is no doubt a good product, that’s why the price is $99 for this fitness-tracking smartwatch hybrid. See the limited and unlimited function of this device in my in-depth review.

Samsung Gear Fit Fitness Tracker Review


Samsung Gear Fit Fitness Tracker Review


  • Super AMOLED screen with Gorgeous curved
  • All apps has notifications
  • Touching and scrolling is smooth
  • Software interface is easy to use
  • Cool heart-rate monitor
  • Comfortable to wear


  • Awkward using in long screen
  • Cheap plastic strap
  • Pedometer is inaccurate
  • Fitness features are half-baked
  • Small, proprietary charging cradle

Gorgeous, comfortable design

Samsung Gear Fit Fitness Tracker Review

In 2013, all of Galaxy Gear were bulky smartwatch, but Samsung is very fast on generating the new and better product. While Gear Neo and Gear 2 have solid improvements, the Gear Fit has gorgeous design.

Samsung Gear Fit Fitness Tracker 8

Samsung gives the best design on their Samsung Gear Fit by a curved Super AMOLED touchscreen that has and deep blacks and vibrant colors – even more than LCD screens. Gear Fit still has the traditional fitness band with the 1.84-inch oblong screen and 432 x 128 pixel resolution. It looks extraordinary, and decidedly sparkles on your wrist.

Samsung Gear Fit Fitness Tracker 10

Don’t expect an excess of class however. The band appending it is a rubbery plastic, looking substantially more like a wellness band than a watch. You can force off the band to supplant it with another color, however this won’t ever be a high-end watch substitution, in case you’re trying for class.

In our first hands-on we whined that the base of the Gear Fit wasn’t almost as bended as the top. In the wake of wearing it, regardless we think its a bit thick, however the light weight and little foot shaped impression make it a standout amongst the most agreeable watches we’ve worn.

Measuring weighing 0.95 ounces, the Gear Fit is lighter and thinner than the 1.3-ounce Pebble. The Fit is Ip67-appraised for dust and water, so it can in fact withstand being submerged in up to 1 meter of water for 30 minutes. Then again, Samsung encourages not to take the Fit for a swim.


Samsung Gear Fit Fitness Tracker 7

I did not have any trouble while setting up the Gear Fit. To setup it perfectly, first, you need to have a Samsung Galaxy phone or tablet with Gear Fit app. The Gear Fit is using Bluetooth to connect to change background, notifications app and clock design.

While that is a ton of Samsung rigging, you can’t utilize the Fit with other Android telephones or tablets, which is a bummer.

When you turn the Fit on, it starts scanning for perfect gadgets. Of course, it isn’t obvious, yet you can change this in Settings.


Samsung Gear Fit Fitness Tracker 6

Gear Fit is equipped a 1.84-inch curved AMOLED display and 432 x 128 pixels solution, is plenty bright. Not similar to the black and white e-Ink display of Pebble, Fit use pops color on screen. You can alter the shine from 1 to 6—with 6 being sunshine coherent -however we found that a setting of 3 was sufficient in most circumstances.

By rasing the screen to your face, you can turn it on, or just press the button on the side. But it take a little time to turn on screen by rasing your arm, that’s why we often use the button. Frustrating.

We wish we could tap the showcase to wake it, as well. While you can change the screen timeout from 10 seconds to 5 minutes, there’s no real way to keep the screen on inconclusively, so the Fit is not extremely reasonable as a watch.

The Fit’s default setting has data running over your wrist. This implies that you need to wind your arm to get a decent take a gander at the showcase. Luckily, you can change the introduction of symbols from even to vertical- -we kept it in the recent position all through our testing.


Samsung Gear Fit Fitness Tracker 14

The Gear Fit’s built-in touchscreen is wonderful for swiping between apps and screens. You can even re-arrange the icons on the screen. But there are some complex element that you need to to into the Settings menu to discover battery life data (its something you’ll need to keep an eye on), and the main applications accessible are basically all wellness related, outside of notices.

It’s hard to install custom apps on Gear Fit. Example, there are many special Gear Fit apps in News Republic, but you need to install on your Galaxy S5 first, and sometime, it’s only show on the watch. You won’t have the capacity to utilize it either, not until you likewise introduce the standard, non-Fit rendition of News Republic also. Confused yet?

Many great fitness features supporting

Samsung Gear Fit Fitness Tracker 19

The Gear Fit is pressed brimming with wellness following applications, the vast majority of which join and sync to Samsung’s S Health application. It can track your heart rate with its implicit sensor, and in addition every day steps, resting propensities, running, biking, and climbing. It has a clock and stopwatch on the off chance that you require them, as well.

Battery life


Samsung gauges the 210 mah battery in the Fit will last between 3 to 4 days on a charge, which is marginally short of what the 5-7-day perseverance of the Pebble, and also numerous wellness groups. By the center of the second day of utilizing it- -which incorporated two runs, the pedometer on, and the showcase at 50 percent- -we had emptied the battery to 31 percent.

Gear Fit Apps

  • Gear Fit Manager
  • Exercise
  • Pedometer
  • Smartphone Notifications
  • Media Controller
  • Find My Device
  • Sleep Mode


The Gear Fit is a high tech with gorgeous design, and has an effective interface. But Gear Fit is a poor fitness tracker with shimmer and gloss underneath. Pay for $99, you will get the phone notifications on your wrist. In my opinion, this product is not an awful product. Try it yourself.



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