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Sennheiser HD 335s Review – Portable headphones for DJ style


HD 335s has lightweight design, handy for listening to music on mobile with natural sound quality, rich experience of Sennheiser.

Sennheiser HD 335s - Portable headphones for DJ style

The designs of Sennheiser HD 335s are similar to HD 205 headphones model but is optimized for music listening experience on mobile. Product comes with simple accessories including cables with integrated microphone 1.2 meters long, 3.5 mm adapter.

I have blended sentiments over the configuration/assemble of the earphones – they are to a great degree agreeable and much after long times of use, they didn’t get uncomfortable or terrible to wear.

On the other hand, they earphones themselves did feel somewhat shabby. I anticipate that this is down will the extensive utilization of plastic over any viable material.

This does make me ponder what the future on these earphones is – they benefit an occupation yet as a shopper you need your item to last and to the extent that I need them to I couldn’t see them enduring as long as some “premium” earphones out available that are made with harder stuff.

They are composed pleasantly and look savvy, the dark on silver look is truly very alluring.

Sennheiser HD 335s Review Wire microphone on the HD 335s can be detachable, integrated single key press to receive / cancel the call or play / stop music playback. With tuck clamp design, the microphone can be fixed on lap helps a good conversation even while moving. Sennheiser HD 335s headphones review

These headphones use black cardboard with silver highlights details. Line of products for mobile, but HD 335s with the right earcup design can rotate similar DJ style headphones can help users easily talk with people around. Also, on the ear also equipped with volume control rotation very handy and stylish.

The handsfree versatile integration and the volume modification on the ear mug are pleasant augmentations to these earphones as well, its incredible that there is somewhat additional offering on a moderately modest pair of earphones that is to a degree valuable. I discovered the nature of the implicit receiver to be of outstanding quality – however it does get a tiny bit of foundation commotion, it is still solid enough and my voice could be heard obviously by my guest.

Sadly these are not the most versatile earphones – I would have gotten a kick out of the chance to see the earcups having the capacity to overlap into make them simpler to convey in purses or handbags, however these were not foldable and were just truly convenient if on your head or around yo

Sennheiser HD 335s headphones

According to Sennheiser, the HD 335s have 35 Ohm impedance, frequency response 14Hz – 20kHz Sensitivity (SPL) 112 dB. Similar to other headphones of the same segment Sennheiser HD 335s have powerful bass but not deep enough, mid and treble rounded shoulders, quite level details.

Sennheiser HD 335s amazon

Lightweight design, reliability and convenience are the bright spots in the design of the HD 335s. Regarding sound quality, attractive products with natural sound, rich experience. Sennheiser HD 335s have a reference price is about $89.

Sennheiser HD 335s Review - Portable headphones for DJ style


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