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Skullcandy Air Raid Bluetooth Speaker Review 2015


Skullcandy Air Raid Water-resistant Drop Proof Bluetooth Portable Speaker black 3

Skullcandy Air Raid Bluetooth Speaker is one of the tough looking wireless speakers that can survive over a splash of water and emits loud, clear music sound. The price is very affordable and with the stylish military design, it is a great option for men and even women who want to have a rugged and well-performing speaker. After making research and testing, I came up with this Air Raid speaker review and share with you the assessment and user feedbacks on this particular Skullcandy speakers model.

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Our Best Pick
Skullcandy Air Raid Water-resistant Drop-proof Bluetooth Portable Speaker
Skullcandy Air Raid Water-resistant Drop Proof Bluetooth Portable Speaker
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Our Best Pick
Skullcandy Air Raid Water-resistant Drop-proof Bluetooth Portable Speaker

- I love the rugged military case of this portable speaker.
- Quality sound is amazing, louder than any others speakers for using party on the beach.

Design & Controls

On a very first look, the Realtree design of the Air Raid Bluetooth speaker is very eye-catching. It bears a camouflage green, grey and orange schemes that give a rugged and tough impression to the lookers. The Skullcandy Air Raid Bluetooth Speaker provides buttons on the side and the front side of the unit. There is an On/Off button that you can toggle from the side.

To control the volume, you can press the ‘+’ and ‘-’ located at the front. Between the two buttons, you will find a Bluetooth button. Press it to establish a wireless connection to your smart devices. The rubber shell and flap covers enhance its water-resistant feature. You can put the speaker right next to the pool and enjoy listening to your music as a splash of water would not hurt the speaker.

Skullcandy Air Raid Water-resistant Drop Proof Bluetooth Portable Speaker black

With a dimension of 8.5 x 2.9 x 5.6 inches and a weight of 2.8 pounds, the speaker is quite portable. Sure, there are many other lightweight speakers out there. The Air Raid speaker boasts a stainless steel body and rubber shell to provide a full shockproof ability. Some users commented that the speaker remains functional even after being dropped onto the ground. Due to these high-quality materials, it is no wonder to see such a hefty weight on this speaker. To make up for the heavy weight, the manufacturer included a handle on the side of the speaker. You should be able to use the handle to carry it with one hand.

Overall, the Air Raid wireless speaker is sturdy and compact. It fits well inside your backpack, and you can hang the speaker via the handle to your bike’s handle or inside your tent. Besides the military design, there are also other colors for you to choose. They are black, grey, and olive green.

Sound Performance

When it comes to the sound performance, you can expect Skullcandy Air Raid Bluetooth Speaker to fill your living room or yard with a loud, clear sound. This particular model is famous for its super loud sound. It is thanks to the two-inch drivers. In fact, some users said that it is even louder than some other well-known speakers like Jawbone Jambox. However, the overall audio quality is rather average. It does not have any aptX to boast. If you are an average user, you will find the sound to be pretty balanced, with a nice low and middle range. However, when set to a maximum, you will notice some distortion.

Skullcandy Air Raid Water-resistant Drop Proof Bluetooth Portable Speaker 4Plus, it lacks bass output. It does not have any bass radiator. I wish the manufacturer can improve these two aspects. Regardless of the two drawbacks, I think this speaker is still reliable, especially if you are to use it in the outdoor. The clarity is good, and you can set the volume to the middle level as it is loud enough for you to enjoy your music playlist.

Battery Power

Besides than the loud audio, the battery power of the Air Raid portable speaker is also impressive. It comes with built-in rechargeable battery. You can use the provided wall adapter to charge the speaker. There is a battery indicator that tells you the current status of the battery. On a full capacity, it plays your music up to a maximum of 14 hours. The battery life is better than many other mid-range speakers. So, if you need a speaker than you can use in your party or bring during your hiking or camping, I recommend you to consider this model.

Bluetooth Stability

Skullcandy Air Raid speaker has Bluetooth technology that allows you to connect to other devices wirelessly. It can pair to two devices simultaneously and provides you with a more comprehensive music experience. You can press the Bluetooth button on the front side of the unit to establish a connection to your smartphones, tablets or laptops. If you need to use it with a non-Bluetooth device, you can plug it via the 3.5mm auxiliary port. While the pairing is easy, the stability is not. As far as the wireless connection is concerned, I wish it could be more stable. Some users complained that the Bluetooth connection can drop quite randomly.

User Feedbacks

Thousands of users have purchased the Air Raid speaker online at Amazon.com and majority of them loved the quality and performance of this model. They loved the loudness of the sound and the ease of use. The Bluetooth pairing takes only seconds, and the battery life is impressive at 14 hours. You can expect to use the speaker whole day long before needing to charge it. Plus, they also loved the water-resistant aspect of the speaker. They could use it while having a picnic at the beach or pool party at home. However, there are also some drawbacks that they wished the manufacturer could improve in the future. Check out the pros and cons in this review to learn more.

Pros and Cons

At a price below $80, this Air Raid Bluetooth Speaker is rather affordable. It comes with a set of advantages and disadvantages.
Feel free to put these pros and cons into consideration.


  • Skullcandy Air Raid Water-resistant Drop Proof Bluetooth Portable Speaker 2Built to last with durable materials
  • Super loud volume output
  • Affordable price point
  • Water resistant and shockproof
  • Compact size


  • No deep bass output
  • Quite heavy
  • Unstable Bluetooth connection


  • Resistant silicone boot to resist water
  • Comes with an auxiliary cable
  • Two 50mm drivers
  • LED indicator for battery status
  • Wall adapter for charging
  • 14 hours of playtime
  • Weight – 2.8 pounds
  • Dimension – 8.5 x 2.9 x 5.6 inches


As a summary, I recommend Skullcandy for the outgoing folks who love to enjoy their music in the outdoor, relaxing near water area, and organizing home or beach parties. The loud, booming sound should be able to entertain you and your guests. Plus, the compact size makes it highly portable with the handle on the side for easy carry. It works great with many smart devices as well as non-enabled Bluetooth devices.

Skullcandy Air Raid Water-resistant Drop Proof Bluetooth Portable Speaker black 2



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